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The Lottery Office Exposed — Licensed and Regulated Online Lottery Agent

The Lottery Office is an Australian online lottery provider, operated by Global Players Network Pty Ltd and licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. Global Players Network Pty Ltd. is located in Darwin NT, Australia, and has been licensed since 2003. The Lottery Office can be reached by live chat, Messenger, or by email at Lottery Office was founded in 2014 and was re-launched in 2018 with a different business model. It offers tickets for eight government-licensed Australian lotteries. When customers buy a ticket in these lotteries, The Lottery Office then buys a matching overseas lottery ticket. If the ticket wins, they pay the customer the same prize amount as the overseas lottery. They also offer lotto syndicates and lotto combos. As claims, “Since 2003, in excess of 1.1 Million payments have been made to lucky winners around the world, including a number of lucky jackpot winners. Our total winner’s payouts to date are well over $42 Million”.

The Lottery Office Review

The main page of

When you take a look at the Lottery Office’s website, you’ll probably be impressed. It’s clean, it’s functional, and there are promises of supporting local charitable causes through the games that you play.

Speaking of local, this is an Australian online agent and operator, enabling the purchase of tickets for some of the world’s biggest games. So, what makes it unique, if there’s such a thing at all? The following The Lottery Office review will try to answer these questions and then some more.

Whether it is playing their regular games or one of their syndicates, this down-under company has a straightforward site that explains what they offer and how to get your winnings. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Games at gives customers access to the jackpots of 8 international lottery games. To win from these lotteries customers buy tickets into the Lottery Office’s Government licensed lotteries, which are:

USA Mega Lotto (matching tickets are bought in the US Mega Millions)

Mega Lotto

USA Power Lotto (matching tickets are bought in the US Powerball)

Power Lotto

European Millions (matching tickets are bought in the EuroMillions)

European Millions

Italian Super Jackpot (matching tickets are bought in the SuperEnalotto)

European Jackpot (matching tickets are bought in the Eurojackpot)

La Primitiva (matching tickets are bought in the La Primitiva)

UK Lotto (matching tickets are bought in the National UK Lottery)

Irish Lotto (matching tickets are bought in the National Irish Lotto).

They also offer syndicate options, and these regularly change from draw to draw, depending on what big jackpots are available at the time. There are four different lottery combos to choose from. The USA Combo gives tickets to the USA Mega Lotto and USA Power Lotto. The Euro Combo gives tickets to the European Millions and European Jackpot. They also offer entry into the 2 USA lotteries and the European Millions with the USA/Euro Combo, and the All Lotteries Combo gives entry into each of their lotteries.

Winning at Lottery Office

Winners do not have to travel overseas to collect any big winnings themselves, as is the case with some other online lottery services. The Lottery Office collects all winnings from the matching overseas lotteries and pays winners the same amount that they collected. For players who win under $10,000, their money is transferred directly into their Lottery Office account. Jackpot winners and wins over $10,000, winners are contacted directly to discuss the arrangements. Winners remain anonymous so that their privacy is protected.

Winnings that are withdrawn from accounts will be paid by bank transfer, and this can take 2-3 business days.

There are no commissions, and all lotteries are Australian tax-free. Of course, some of the lotteries are taxed in the countries where the matching tickets are purchased, however many of their lotteries are tax-free. Customers don’t need to be worried about dealing with the overseas lottery taxes, however, because The Lottery Office collects the prizes, minus any taxes, and then pays winners the same amount.

Also, keep in mind, that their jackpots are advertised in Australian dollars, and not the currency of the matching overseas lotteries.

The Lottery Office’s App

There is an excellent Lottery Office app that lets customers play anywhere on their iOS or Android devices. It’s very clear and simple to use, even for beginners. It has all the same features as its website and lets customers login with a PIN code. It can be downloaded from the App Store (for the iOS version), Google Play (for the Android version), or The Lottery Office website for both.

Lottery Office Customer Service

The Lottery Office has a live chat, which operates from 9-5 AEST, Monday to Friday. They also have an email (, a Get in Touch form, and are available on Messenger. Even though we contacted them outside of support hours, they responded within 10 minutes with a helpful reply, which is very impressive. With these kinds of options, it’s pretty easy to get a hold of someone to answer your questions, though the site itself is pretty clear, with an extensive collection of FAQs. We were able to find the answers to almost any questions we had with these.

The Lottery Office has an affiliate program. If you’re interested in promoting its brand, a commission rate starts at 18% and rises over time.

Who is

To make the review comprehensive, we also need to take a look at the company behind the project.

The Lottery Office is owned and operated by the Global Players Network Pty Ltd, which has been registered and licensed in the Northern Territory and the Australian Government since 2003. It’s not affiliated with any specific lottery but facilitates the purchase of lottery tickets online.

If you want to get in touch, there’s an address on the Lottery Office website. A contact form is also available for you to fill out and expect a response to your inquiry.

Other Bits and Pieces

The Lottery Office Australia reviews don’t point towards something troublesome. Naturally, there are some complaints, but we didn’t come across anything major as far as the reputation of the entity is concerned.

We need to check out a few additional functionalities and features of the Lottery Office app. It does offer syndicate play if you want to join efforts with other lottery enthusiasts and improve your odds of winning a prize.

There are both domestic and international lotto syndicates, and you can learn more about these opportunities by going to the respective page on the website.

Why You Should Register with the Lottery Office


No Commissions

Great app

Excellent customer service

There are also syndicate and combo plays

There is a simple process for receiving rewards, regardless of their size

Regulated by Australian laws, completely legitimate

Why You Shouldn’t Register with the Lottery Office


Only available to Australia and New Zealand customers for now

Overseas taxes on some lotteries

The selection of international games is relatively limited

Is the Lottery Office Legit?

This Australian online lottery provider is a safe and secure way for Australians and New Zealanders to win from huge overseas jackpots. It’s easy to find and contact, and their FAQs answer most questions. They are registered and don’t hide behind multiple locations all over the world. There is nothing shady or illegitimate about the service.

Our team gives a thumbs up. They stick to tax-free lotteries, which do make things easier when it comes to taking that jackpot to the bank!

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Share Your Experience: What’s Your Take on The Lottery Office?

Have you recently tried your luck with The Lottery Office? We’re all ears! Whether you snagged a win, enjoyed their customer service, or have some suggestions for improvement, your experiences are gold to us and fellow lottery enthusiasts. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s build a community where everyone’s insight helps shape the best lottery playing experience. Don’t hold back—every piece of feedback is a step toward making The Lottery Office even better for all of us!

  1. Hi,
    This is Charles.
    Generally, I am using Pay Pal for money transfer, it is safe and quick transfer within a second. Which I am using whenever I buy tickets from Tattersalls. I haven’t face any problem to transfer the money through Pay Pal. Why this option is not available in Lottery Office?
    Yesterday 23/04/2021 I have signup Lottery Office and deposit some money in my Lottery Office account through Bpay. And the money already debited from my account on same day. Next day when I tried to play and buy the tickets then, it is showing NO BALLANCE in my Lottery Office account.

    I don’t know where my money gone? Even I had transfer the amount in same Biller code and Ref number provided by Lottery office.

    Also some of my friends told me that, in past, no one won the lottery through Lottery Office. Is it right?
    Please reply as I want to buy ticket for USA Mega lottery.

    • Hi Charles,

      Thank you for your feedback. We do not currently offer Paypal however we do offer other secure payment methods such as Bank transfer, POLi Pay, paysafecard, Bpay, Visa/Mastercard credit, and debit cards. Your connection to The Lottery Office website is secured by 256 bit encryption technology, ensuring your personal information is protected during transmission to our website.

      Bpay transactions can take approx. 2 working days to go through. Your recent Bpay transaction successfully deposited today. If you have any further queries relating to your payment, please contact us at support(at) and we’d be happy to help.

      You can read some of our most recent winner’s stories here:

      Cate – The Lottery Office

  2. I have played this lottery 3 times and noticed that each time I get exactly the same numbers!! How is that possible? I would think my numbers would be random. It makes me suspicious that this is a scam

    • Hi Franz,
      As our Customer Support has confirmed via email with you, clicking ‘Play again’ in a Results email will put those same numbers back in your shopping cart for a quick and easy purchase.
      You can edit/change them in there if you still wish to do so. We are not a scam, we are licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory of Australia and 100% Australian owned & operated.
      Cate – The Lottery Office

  3. I’ve been trying to download app but does not work????

  4. I have just started playing lottery office, so far all is good and very easy website to use, great feedback from lottery office with my purchases. Just got to win the big one. Cheers. Re Eugene

    • Hi Eugene.
      Thanks for the great feedback! Fingers crossed for a big win soon!
      Cate – The Lottery Office

  5. had a read in facts check and the way I read it is that we are not playing the USA Powerball and USA Mega Millions but we’re playing an Australian drawn lottos with slightly different names called USA Powerball Lotto and USA Mega Lotto. Basically in that FAQs reading piece, it says that they draw at the same time as in the USA. Please read it and let me know if I’m wrong. Look if I can win through The Lotto Office the same amounts even if it’s not the true USA draws then I don’t have an issue. It’s just that I don’t want to be told I’m taking part in an overseas Lotto if it’s not.

    • Hi Johannes,

      You are correct! Our players purchase tickets in our Government licensed lotteries E.g. USA Power Lotto and we purchase matching tickets in an overseas draw E.g. the US Powerball conducted in the USA.
      We use the same numbers and if the matching ticket wins, we collect the prize money from the overseas lottery and pay you the exact same amount.

      It’s a great way to legally benefit from the massive draws of overseas lotteries but still play with a local Aussie owned and operated company.

      Cate – The Lottery Office


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