Guess What? I Won the Jackpot! —SYKE! Oh, Those Lottery Pranks…

Lottery pranks

Everything is Funny as Long as It Is Happening to Somebody Else

Do you remember that heartwarming prank MagicOfRahat played on Eric, the homeless man? Well, I should say ex-homeless man now since Rahat and thousands of his YouTube followers banned together and raised money to get Eric home for a year. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the pranks that involved the lottery had such a great outcome?

Unfortunately, not all pranks end so happily. Here are some lottery pranks that are funny, shocking, and even cringe-worthy.

Sharing the Christmas Joy

Christmas time is big on holiday scratch-offs. In this video, a woman gives her siblings scratch-offs as their Christmas gift. Who knows the lottery could bring out the religious side of you? Seems like Mom was in on the prank too!

Happy Birthday to Me!

A group of co-workers comes together to celebrate a woman’s 50th birthday. They all have scratch-offs, but the Birthday girl is the only winner. Watch how quickly she turns from a quiet birthday girl to a grabby gal.

News Reporter Wins the Lotto—Or Does He?

Watch what happens when the weatherman thinks his colleague wins the lottery. Just before airtime!

Prank Goes Public

Watch as one woman celebrates her birthday at a restaurant and reveals her safest hiding spot for the ticket.

I Hate Ch’all!

Another Christmas gift went awry. Since when has Christmas become the new April fools?? After this video, you will surely cringe!

A Practical Joke Even Sounds Proper!

Do you know how people say that anything spoken with an English accent sounds proper? Even when a practical joke is revealed, the victim sounds charming.

A Prank of a Prank?

I’m still trying to decide if this particular video is supposed to be a parody of all the lottery ticket pranks, or something like this really would happen…

Oh, if there is one thing I have learned from watching these videos is not to mess around with people when it comes to the possibility of winning a large amount of money. When they find out it’s a joke, it’s almost painful to watch. Such disappointment… It’s too much for this little heart of mine to take!

What would you do if someone gave you a prank ticket? 😉

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