Homeless Lottery Winner isn’t Homeless Anymore—Oh the Warm Fuzzies!

Homeless lottery winner

Homeless Lottery Winner Gets a Home

Maybe you’ve heard of the YouTube personality, MagicOfRahat who creates prank videos. His pranks have been overshadowed by the two videos which feature a man by the name of Eric. Eric’s jump into YouTube fame came when Rahat “pranked” Eric with a winning lottery ticket, and Eric wanted to share the winnings with Rahat. Because of Eric’s generosity even though he was homeless and could have used the money.

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Since then, the video has gone viral with over 12 million views, and because the deed garnered such a positive response and thousands of requests on how to help Eric from his millions of viewers, Rahat created a crowd-funded project. The goal was to raise $20,000 to help Eric get back on his feet.

Within two months, Rahat and the internet raised over $40,000 for Eric. With that money, Rahat was able to pay for an entire year’s worth of rent on a home, fully furnish it, and then also set money aside to pay bills and other odds and ends.
Money for homeless Eric

The Prank

When Rahat went to visit Eric to check up on him, Eric informed Rahat that he had just been hired at the local 7/11. This was the perfect opportunity for the prank. Rahat invited Eric out to celebrate the job, but first said he needed to stop at home to pick up something. It was then that Rahat invited Eric inside the house to take a look.

This is Your House

When Eric walks inside, Rahat is thrilled to tell Eric the news.

Words cannot express Eric’s joy and the emotion that you feel when you watch the video. If you didn’t have faith in humanity before, perhaps after viewing the video, some of it has been restored.

To go from a homeless man to a homeless lottery winner, and now a man with a home; these past few months have certainly been a turning point in Eric’s life. This was all made possible for him, partially because of the lottery and being a generous person down on his luck, and partly because people pulled together to help someone in need.

It just makes you feel good to know people do care still.

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