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Latari Exposed — All Important Information Is in Persian

Latari Review

Getting into Terms and Conditions versus where online lottery providers place the information on how they operate, we took a look at this week and got into an argument. Latari has most of their information in their Help Center and it is only available in the Persian language. So what do you think? Let’s take a look at what they actually do.

Games at

Latari offers players 12 lottery options for play. Well, actually it’s only 9. EuroMillions is offered from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium. SuperMillions is played twice a day – morning and evening. Each of the draws has different packages available depending on how many draws take place a week. Take US Powerball – Players can choose to play 1 draw, 4 draws, 1 month (8 draws) and 12 months (104 draws). Go for the 12 months/104 draws and get a 10% discount.

Latari and their Syndicates

There are four syndicates at – Perfect Powerball, Killer EuroMillions, Crazy Mega Millions and Luck SuperMillions E. Each offers a different combo of monthly draws with a ratio of 7 chances/95 shares for 8 or 9 draws. This is no information on how they choose the ticket lines or what “7 chances” actually refers to.

Getting Your Winnings

If you’re a resident of Iran, up to USD 200 million will be deposited into your account. For sums up to USD 2 billion, a user needs to establish more bank accounts in different names and they say the winnings will be deposited within 1 week. But you will probably have to go to Turkey or the Emirates to discuss this with a qualified lawyer. If you’re a non-Irani resident with an international bank account, Latari says they will simply transfer the winnings to your bank account.

Help Center

There is a little button on the right-hand side that opens the “Help Center”. But – yes the big but – it is only accessible in Persian/Farsi (a language of Iran). One of the menu options does open up an online form. Try replacing the /fa with /en and for a second English does appear – and then disappears. Finally, at the bottom of the page, there is an email address and UK phone number available from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm though no time zone info. But this is buried in the bottom of their help center – in Farsi. There is a weird address in Curaçao that actually refers to a data collection center. The company is registered there.

Latari’s Terms and Conditions

Under their “Terms and Conditions”, has limited information. One of the paragraphs that caught my eye was “The Company has the right at its sole discretion to open, maintain and/or close your User Account. The Company can withhold, seize, and/or retain all or parts of the funds held in your User Account and recover and/or forfeit any and all Winnings paid to you and/or to which you are entitled. Any decision by the Company or any other decision by the Company in connection with the Services, tickets and/or winnings is final and not subject to dispute or appeal.” I think this speaks for itself.

Who Can Play at

It appears all you have to be is 18 years or older, or at least legal to play wherever you are. Players simply register on the site providing the usual personal information.

Would you mind rating and the Bottom Line

I’m not happy here on the fact that most of the information on how this site operates is in their help center (in Persian) and not in the terms and conditions. Add to this, Latari says that they can take your money at any time – I’m not saying they are going to do it – but why write this in.


International Lotteries Online

Anyone Can Play

Appears No Commission


Information on How to Play only in Persian

Terms and Conditions versus Help Center

What is 7 Chances regarding Syndicates

This site gets a thumb’s down. The whole Help Center versus the Terms and Conditions plus the fact that most of the important information is only available in Persian says to me play somewhere else.

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