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Customer Support: Exposed — Every Three Minute Game! Exposed Review

Every three minutes – over and over and over again. I was just sitting here trying to figure out how many games a day are actually played. That’s! It’s an online website to simply play keno and yes, a new game is played every three minutes – 24 hours a day.

Games at

There is only one – well, there are different ways to play it, but Keno is a straightforward game. It involves a total of 80 numbers – yes, 1 to 80 – with twenty numbers drawn each game. What makes this different from the usual lotteries is there is a range on how many numbers you want to choose from one number to forty numbers. Payouts differ depending on how many numbers you want to play. The largest jackpot seems to be the 10 number keno with a jackpot payout of One Million Aussie Dollars or more depending on what you’ve bet. Players can bet between $1 to $4999 per game. The more numbers you choose i.e. 20 or 40, the jackpot decreases but then your probability odds increase. Then there are the smaller ones and again, they have smaller wins. You can actually bet on one number though it only pays out $3 on a $1 draw.

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How Many Games Are Available on Keno?

The most games you can play/pay for at any time are 200. I did some quick calculations and that works out to about 600 minutes or 10 hours. Mind-boggling!

Add Heads, Evens, and Tails

There is a bit of a simplified version where players choose Heads, Evens, or Tails. A Heads $1 bet means you are guessing that more numbers are going to be drawn from the top part of the game sheet or 1 to 40. Tails mean you are guessing that more numbers are going to be drawn from the bottom half of the ticket or 41 to 80. Evens means you figure that the 20 numbers drawn are going to be equal on the top and bottom. Heads & Tails pays out double your bet. Evens pays out four times your bet.

And There’s More

If you’re really into this, has an advanced card where players can do combinations of – well – I don’t get it all but there is a heap of other ways to play and win. Keep in mind, that this is ongoing every three minutes. Just writing that last sentence another game was played.

Customer Support at Keno has telephone numbers and an email address. There is no online form and no snail mail address posted in their contact details. They are owned by Tabcorp which is an Aussie gambling entertainment company based in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

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A Game Every Three Minutes

Different Ways to Play

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24/7 Games every Three Minutes

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Is Keno Legit?

This could be a lot of fun at the same time, I have no idea how you keep up on your winnings given that games roll out every 3 minutes. I actually can’t figure out how I’d get anything else done while watching the games over and over again. I mean step out to get a sandwich and five games would have rolled by.

Sorry folks, doesn’t get a thumbs up or thumbs down because only people in Australia can play there. It does look like some fun.

  1. Very Corrupt. I have played Keno for the last 20 years and never had a problem with it until Tabcorp took over it. I was at my local club today and spent $180 dollars on Keno, I didn’t even get a run not even 5 out of 6 or 4 out of 5. Obviously run by a very corrupt organisation!

  2. keno is a scam it is stealing millions upon millions of dollars off people it`s programed to to steal if there was an a investigation into actually how much money keno has cheated out of people you would be shocked and the public would be demanding it be shut down and fraud charges against keno.

  3. The problem is I’m pretty sure in each pub the keno machine is a closed circuit machine. Meaning it’s not like tatts lotto where a single set of numbers are drawn and everyone around the country checks their ticket. With keno (from what i know, correct me if i’m wrong) you’re playing one separate machine located in a single pub with pre defined algorithms. If you’re the only player in the pub you’re sure to lose. It’ll give you a few wins of low outcomes. But its a computer program designed to take tour money. If five or ten ppl are playing I would see what everyone else is betting and bet opposite of the higher stakes and your bound to win. I.e if some else in the pub bets $500 on heads or red etc.. you bid $20 on tails or blue.. and it’d be a sure thing! Unless it goes 00, which is likely if an opposing bet is too high.

    • Yip totally agree! Up until about 8 years ago (or thereabouts), it used to have live results from all over the state and you could see big winners straight after each game for each game, which was may more exciting. Now they just post the same random big winners from who knows how long ago. It’s a big booooo from me

  4. Сustomer service is poor.

  5. I am betwixt and between on this one. On one hand – wow – games one after the other. On the other hand, games one after another all day – every three minutes. I am afraid I could get hooked on this one. And all the choices of the ways to play. I think I’m going to stick to my regular online lottery playing!


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