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KayaMoola Exposed — A Format Known So Well

KayaMoola Review

KayaMoola Review

If you’re looking for an opportunity to buy lottery tickets online and participate in your favorite games of luck from across the world, you’ve probably come across platforms like KayaMoola. Unfortunately, it’s not the one that will give you such an opportunity.

The entire website has been organized to have you thinking that you’re participating in a favorite international lottery like Powerball or EuroMillions. However, when you dig into the terms and conditions, you’ll find out that the service provides something else.

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So what exactly is KayaMoola, and should you be checking it out? That’s what we’re about to unpack today, digging deep into the specifics of the platform and everything that it has to offer to members.

Games at KayaMoola.co.za

Before checking out the international lotteries listed for sale on KayaMoola, let’s take a quick look at the website’s terms and conditions. They state the following:

Virtual ticket means a virtual play slip purchased by the User in order to place a Bet on the result of an official Lottery.

 In other words, you’re not participating in the actual lottery. You’re betting against the results of the drawing. It means that if you match the numbers needed to win the US Powerball jackpot, you’ll get a prize determined by KayaMoola. You’re not going to have an actual entry into the real game. If this is something you fancy, you can go ahead and proceed with the platform.

The range of lotteries that you can bet on is pretty good. There are 21 international games, but as already mentioned, you wouldn’t be playing them. You’ll be doing a bit of online betting. It’s interesting to point out that the actual prize pool isn’t announced on an individual lottery page at KayaMoola. Instead, the website presents the anticipated jackpot for the respective drawing (which furthers the deception).

KayaMoola and Claiming Your Winnings

You can bet on lottery results, choose virtual scratchcards and win some money both ways. What happens if you do?

Go to the terms and conditions portion of the website – you’ll get a lot of important information about payouts there. The section also features a formula used to determine the prize for each type of bet.

In the event of winning a smaller sum, the money will be credited to your account directly. When this happens, you’re free to withdraw the sum using a payment method of preference.

For sums exceeding 50,000 euros, the KayaMoola team will contact the player to complete verification. This process aims to confirm the identity of the winner. As per the website’s FAQ section, players who win such sums can anticipate a call from the customer support team that will shed more light on the payout procedure.

Who Can Play at KayaMoola.co.za

Since it allows online betting, Kayamoola has several membership conditions and requirements.

You have to be of legal age to participate. And you really cannot cheat your way through the system. The identity of big winners needs to be verified. If the information doesn’t add up, the prize isn’t going to be credited to the player’s account.

Also, you have to live in a country that legally allows online betting and gaming. If there are local regulations against such online activities, the chances are that you wouldn’t even see the KayaMoola website content or get to sign up for an account.

Is KayaMoola Legit? The Company Behind the Website

To determine if Kayamoola is a scam or completely legit, we have to check out the entity behind the project.

KayaMoola is a South African service provider. As per the terms and conditions, Kaya Moola is licensed by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator. It operates under the National Gambling Act of South Africa (plus several other relevant regulations). As such, you can rest assured that your rights as a platform client will be protected.

The website is owned by MP Gaming Ltd. There’s an office address, a phone number, and some additional contact information you can use to get in touch with customer service. All of that is good news – we have done some service reviews in the past, and we’ve found out the operator’s identity is completely concealed. The availability of public information about KayaMoola gives website members peace of mind, and it adds to the credibility of the service.

Other Bits and Pieces

As already mentioned, KayaMoola isn’t just about the lotteries. There are also digital scratchcards – a quick and easy gaming option that appeals to many people.

Currently, there are nine digital scratchcard games to choose from. Each one has an entry price ranging from 1.5 to 30 rand. The prizes that players can win depend on the entry cost and range from 8,500 to 100,000 rand.

Also, there’s a KayaMoola VIP club you can join if you wish to do so. According to the presentation, being a VIP member allows you to access special deals and promotions that wouldn’t be available to others.  There are gold and platinum membership tiers. The first one gives you access to monthly rewards like free scratchcards, a free lottery betting opportunity, and others. The second one enables weekly rewards. Gold membership costs 999 rands per year, and platinum membership costs 1,499 rands per year. These two will make sense for those committed to using KayaMoola extensively.

Those are pretty much the other essentials you need to keep in mind.

We did seek out KayaMoola reviews to determine if anyone has used the service and is happy about it. The KayaMoola Facebook page doesn’t have any reviews, and there isn’t an awful lot of community activity there.

Hence, we cannot verify if someone has played, won, and received money via the service. If you have some experience and want to share it with others, please leave a comment under this guide.

Let’s sum up the pros and cons of Kaya Moola.

Why You Should Register With KayaMoola


A good selection of lotteries

Detailed terms and conditions that outline all aspects of the interaction

Good design, relatively modern user experience

VIP membership options are available

Promotions and discounts are available

Several customer service options

Why You Shouldn’t Register With KayaMoola


You’re not playing an actual lottery; you’re betting against the results

KayaMoola determines what prizes you’d be paid

Would you mind rating KayaMoola.co.za?

Is KayaMoola Legit?

KayaMoola follows a model that many other online service providers seem to have adopted recently. While there’s nothing illegitimate about it, the whole format is a bit weird. By looking at the homepage, you may think that you’d be playing actual lotteries. This isn’t the case.

Should you play the lottery via KayaMoola? That’s really up to you. Just like any other service you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll have to be careful. Do your research, perform a small test and if you’re happy with the outcome, go ahead and become a loyal client.

  1. Firstly it is so easy to deposit money but so hard to withdraw it. I have won R24 245. to be exact but first asked for my I’d documents and proof of address. which I’ve submitted. further I was told I can only withdraw R4000 a week. And to go even further I cannot access my account nor can I play with my winnings. I have sent countless emails but no reply. The contact numbers provided do not work. I would not advise anyone to use this platform

  2. When can I expect my payout!!!

    • Hi Judy,
      Thanks for your review!
      Your withdrawal was initiated on 05.08. and you should have received your funds by now.
      If any queries, please contact our support team.


  3. I am in South Africa. Only won R1000. Got a mail stating the money is sent to my acc and approved. Still waiting. Nothing in my account. They don’t answer my mails nor my phone calls…..bottom line…. won’t use them again. Be carefull

    • Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your review.
      Your withdrawal request was initiated accordingly. You can check closely your withdrawal status in your KayaMoola account.
      If you need any assistance you can always contact us and request detailed information.


  4. I’m also waiting for my pay out and verificatin of my account they don’t answer my emails either.

    • Hi Kaamilah,

      Thanks for your comments. After checking your account we see that our agents are in close touch with you helping you with the account verification.
      Once your verification is completed, your withdrawal will be processed right away.

      Have a nice day!

  5. Hi to whomever at Kayamoola that cares,

    So let me tell you a bit about myself and then you’ll understand why I am missed off.

    After my sister and I spend 150k remodeling a broken home for the two of us and getting screwed over financially by the builder we were both in debt and depressed, to the point of contemplating suicide but luckily we both realized that we have come too far and we lifted ourselves up.

    Then I came across your site and I thought if I could just make some money I could try to dig us out of this mess. I won a good amount of money but why I should wait 3 days for money to me is ridiculous then I’m told that I cannot have all of it I can only withdraw 4k each week?

    What the actual hell.

    I’ve read alot of the reviews on this site and I see that Kayamoola responds 10000 years later.

    Now please do not tell me to email your non existent support email address because that’s been done.


    A woman tired of the lies

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for your review.
      We are really sorry to hear you are not satisfied with our service but would like to thank you for the constructive comments.
      You will receive a call from one of our agents shortly.
      Have a nice day!


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