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Numbers to Pick: 5/45 + 1/20
Days of Draw: Thur., Sun.
Average Price: €1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 24,435,180

Greece’s Joker Lotto Exposed — 8 Options to Win and Record Jackpots?

Greece’s Joker Lotto Exposed

Joker Lotto Review

The country that’s given the world ouzo and Greek mythology (in that order of importance) has also produced something quite fun for lottery fans from all parts of the globe to enjoy. The Greek Joker (Tzokep) lottery features 8 ways of winning a prize plus an impressive jackpot that can reach slightly over 19 million euros.

The Joker is an exciting game and a fun option for winning big bucks, but are the odds ever in your favor? Let’s go through the most essential characteristics of the game to find out.

Is WinTrillions Legit in Greece?

What Is Joker About?

The game was launched in 1997 by OPAP. It came as a second lottery on top of the National Greece ΛΟΤΤΟ. OPAP is the Greek organization of football prognostics. It sounds complicated, but this means it’s a public company that operates and manages lotteries in the country.

How to Play?

To play Greece Joker, you need to choose 5 main numbers out of 45 possibilities and 1 additional number from a pool of 20. Obviously, to win the jackpot, you’ll need to have the correct combination of 5+1 numbers for the respective draw.

The additional number is known as The Joker, hence the name of the lottery.

You can either go with your own numbers or select the random number picker. The software will choose the numbers randomly and generate a ticket for you.

On top of buying a traditional ticket and choosing a 5+1 combination, you can also go for a system. In the case of system playing, you’ll be choosing more than the numbers necessary to win the jackpot in an attempt to increase your odds of winning. When playing a system, you can choose anywhere between 7 and 15 numbers. The bigger the set of numbers you choose, the more expensive your Joker ticket will be.

Odds, Jackpot, and Prize Tiers

Since Greece Joker features a system of 5+1 for winning the jackpot, the odds of hitting the correct combination aren’t that favorable. Your odds of getting the correct numbers and winning the jackpot are 1 in 24.435 million.


DivisionsMatchWinning Odds
1 Prize5+11:24,435,180
2 Prize51:1,286,062
3 Prize4+11:122,176
4 Prize41:6,430
5 Prize3+11:3,133
6 Prize31:165
7 Prize2+11:247
8 Prize1+11:53


The guaranteed minimum jackpot is 300,000 euros. If the jackpot isn’t won, the amount will roll over to the next draw. This is why the largest jackpot ever won is 19.2 million euros.

The second prize tier is for having five correct main numbers. The odds of getting these numbers right are 1 in 1,286,062. There were seven winners for the particular tier during the latest draw, and the award pool was 53,156 euros.

Award pools for all of the other tiers are fixed. People that match 4+1 will win 2,500 euros, those having 4 correct numbers – 50 euros, 3+1 correct numbers – 50 euros, 3 correct numbers – 2 euros, 2+1 – 2 euros, and 1+1 correct numbers – 1.5 euros.

Keep in mind that Greece is a country that taxes lottery prizes. Any prize that exceeds 500 euros will be subjected to a 20 percent income tax. Suppose you live in another country and you plan to try Greece Joker. In that case, you may want to acquaint yourself with local regulations in an attempt to avoid excessive taxation or violating regulations.

All of the awards are paid as a lump sum – there aren’t options for annuity payments over a certain period of time. The time limit for claiming your prize is three months after the drawing.

Can You Buy Tickets Online?

Greece Joker is open to international players through online lottery platforms. These websites have representatives in all countries whose lotteries they make available to international players. You submit your numbers, and you make the payment online. When the payment is confirmed, the local rep goes to a local vendor and purchases the ticket on your behalf.

Why You Should Play The Joker


Affordable ticket prices

Open to international players

There are 8 options to win an award (a few of the prize tiers actually being quite lucrative)

Two draws per week

The jackpot rolls over in case of no winner

Joker features system playing options that increase the odds of winning

This all sounds great, but you may still be undecided about giving the Joker a try. Let us help you by presenting a few of the shortcomings, giving you a balanced view of the lottery:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play The Joker


The odds of winning the jackpot aren’t particularly favorable

The minimum guaranteed jackpot is only 300,000 euro

Lower-tier prizes aren’t impressive (because the lottery is cheap to play)

No special draws, multipliers, or other options to increase your prize

Is Joker Legit?

OPAP was founded back in 1958, and it’s a state-owned company. As such, it runs and operates national and legal lottery games. Currently, OPAP runs six numerical lottery games and three sports betting games.

Joker is a 100 percent legitimate opportunity to win some prizes if you like to receive your cash in euros. There’s no need to worry that the lottery is a scam – it’s been around for a long period of time, and many people have already enjoyed lucrative prizes (that they’ve probably spent already, but such is life)!

Joker is a game that we most definitely recommend. If you wait for the jackpot rollover amount to accumulate, you may end up winning a really lucrative sum.

Greece Joker can have a very nice jackpot if the sum rolls over for a couple of drawings. If you want to win millions of euros, the lottery will most definitely present you with a viable opportunity. However, the odds of winning the jackpot aren’t as favorable as what some other countries may have to offer.

The ticket price is very affordable. Thus you may want to test Joker a couple of times for yourself. Get a feel for the game – you have this opportunity regardless of your location. There’s nothing to lose as long as you’re responsible in terms of ticket buying and you don’t go over the top. Good luck!

  1. Taxes plus a low minimum threshold doesn’t make this that attractive. Add to that the odds, probably not my first choice of lotteries to play. At the same time, it is an official lottery and once it does start growing, it can be worth some good winnings.


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