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Interlotto Exposed — Doesn’t Answer but Raises Questions

Interlotto Review is a company that provides online lottery access for games around the world. They act as agents purchasing tickets locally for you. We’ve reviewed a variety of sites and one of the first things that struck us about this one was ‘the noise’. It’s crowded with way too much information and color – and yes that immediately made our team suspicious.

Who is Interlotto? is regulated by OSA (Overseas Subscribers Agents) and has been in online since 1996. The site is not licensed by any gambling affiliation or government and lists The Netherlands as its postal address.

Games at offers a range of international lottery games played in Europe, USA, Japan, and Australia; as well as Scratch Cards. It also offers a range of combinations of lotteries through subscriptions though strangely all their prices are in US dollars. They accept payment in 2 currencies, USD and EUR and do not accept players from The Netherlands, Pakistan and The Philippines. Payment options include most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB credit, and debit cards

Interlotto Customer Support

Customer Support is offered by Live Chat and an online form, a telephone, and fax number for OSA plus snail mail address. claims to be affiliated with Camelot Group, who operate the National Lottery in the UK, but Camelot denies any involvement –

Complaints at

There have been quite a few doubts and suspicions raised regarding the site, including dubious affiliations with other questionable sites and the lack of security of its own site (not verified by VeriSign). Our team also revealed that it is possible to insert false details whilst registering, which raises suspicions of Phishing [].

More Concerns

Our team has discovered that safety testing results for turned out to raise more questions:

Trustworthiness – Poor

Vendor Reliability – Poor

Privacy – Poor

Child Safety – Poor –

In reviewing the site, our team’s security system was alerted to something ‘attacking’ one of the computers to ‘look’. Still not sure what that was about, but they got out of the site pretty quickly.

Be afraid, Be Very Afraid

Due to the numerous complaints and suspicions aroused by many customers and visitors on the site, our team has reason express concern that cannot be trusted until it is able to provide answers to the many questions arising from its operations, security and challenges to its reputation. On top of all of this, it appears its security encryption has not been verified.

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The Bottom Line

In our opinion, doesn’t do enough to prove its credibility within the global online lottery market. The site doesn’t answer but raises questions.




Safety & Security of Site In Question

Outdated Winners’ News

Annoying Pop-ups

So be wary and on your guard! Our Team gives a thumbs down. There are a lot of other options out there for online lottery playing and we suggest you consider where you are going to play your games carefully.

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