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Grenada Lotto

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Numbers to Pick: 5/34
Days of Draw: Fri.
Average Price: $2 (Eastern Caribbean dollars)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 278,256

Grenada Lotto Exposed — Such Impressive Winning Odds!

Grenada Lotto Exposed

Grenada Lotto Review

If you ever have the fortune to travel to Grenada or you already live there, the time may be right to test out one of the most popular local lotteries. That’s right, Grenada is yet another country that has a lottery by the highly specific name of Lotto.

Is the Grenada lottery worth a try? Will you ever get rich by playing Lotto? So many questions, so little time! Let’s try to address a few of the most prominent inquiries.

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Grenada Lotto: Introduction

Grenada Lotto is one of the flagship games in the portfolio of the National Lottery Authority (NLA).

The Grenada National Lottery Authority was set up back in 1982, and over the years, it has added a range of games to its portfolio. In the very beginning, NLA offered solely scratch and bingo games to the public. With time, Lotto came into existence. Grenada Lotto is the only local weekly jackpot game.

Today, Lotto is the main and the most popular NLA game. Because it has a rolling jackpot, Lotto has produced some of the biggest prizes in the history of Grenada. While there’s only one drawing per week, the game is still highly beloved and worth testing out.

How to Play Grenada Lotto

Grenada Lotto is relatively simple to play.

To test your luck in the Grenada lottery, choose five numbers from a pool of 34. Yes, that’s a pretty small set of digits for a national lottery, and the resulting odds are also quite impressive.

Grenada Lotto drawings take place once per week, on Friday. To enter your ticket in for a chance of winning the jackpot, you have to be prepared to spend two Eastern Caribbean dollars (approximately 0.75 US dollars).

Apart from the five digits, each ticket also has a special symbol printed on it called “the free ticket letter.” If you match the free ticket letter for the particular drawing, you’ll be entitled to an additional prize.

If you don’t have your set of lucky numbers, you can have a random ticket generated for you at the retail venue.

Grenada Lotto results are drawn each Friday and broadcast live on TV. If you miss the drawing, you can get the latest Grenada Lotto results from the NLA official website.

Grenada Lotto Prizes and Odds

Because of the small set of numbers, Grenada Lotto comes with excellent odds of winning the jackpot. The statistical probability is 1 in 278,256 – much better than in the case of other weekly national lotteries.

NLA has the Grenada Lotto starting with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 40,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars. If there’s no winner for the particular drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one and increase the size of the jackpot.

Over the years, the Grenada National Lottery Authority Lotto has produced a range of impressive jackpots. In fact, since 1999, the NLA has handed out more than 33.5 million EC dollars in the form of prizes.

In November 2016, a jackpot worth 322,000 EC dollars fell, and it was one of the biggest prizes in the history of the game. Kathy Marshall, a Clozier resident, said she was a passionate NLA player when she came forward to claim the prize. She said that she hadn’t won anything before and that she’d use the money wisely – to invest and to help members of her community in need.

The biggest jackpot in the history of the game was won a few years before Kathy’s accomplishment. At that time, the sum had reached 415,000 dollars.

Apart from the jackpot, there’s an additional cash prize for the players who get four out of the five numbers correct. Since Lotto is a pari-mutuel game, the prize amount is dependent on the number of people who bought tickets for the respective drawing and the number of winners.

As previously mentioned, the ticket is also going to feature a letter known as the free ticket letter. In each drawing, there will be five main numbers selected, as well as one of the numbers of the alphabet. If the drawn number matches the one appearing on your ticket, you will win a free ticket for the next drawing.

Can You Play Grenada Lotto Online?

The Grenada National Lottery Authority has a well-established network of retail agents. These are easy to distinguish due to the sticker and the NLA branding elements. At the time being, the physical retail locations are the only ones offering players a chance to buy Lotto tickets.

Grenada Lotto does not offer an online ticket buying option. If you’re interested in this possibility, you may want to keep track of the NLA website and the official Facebook page for new announcements.

International lottery agents that enable players from all parts of the world to get tickets do not support Grenada lotteries either. If you live in another country and you’d like to give Grenada lotto a try, you will have to travel to the island nation.

Some Information for Grenada Lotto Winners

To claim your prize, you have to sign the back of your ticket and also produce a valid form of national ID.

Players have 90 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim, regardless of the amount they’ve won.

Prizes of up to 250 Eastern Caribbean dollars can be claimed at any authorized NLA retail agency. The payout is going to be immediate. If you win a more substantial sum, you will have to visit the Grenada National Lottery Authority head office in St. George.

All of the jackpot prizes are made in regular installments. Winners will be provided with more information about the payment schedule.

Lottery players in Grenada have to keep in mind that by buying a Lotto ticket, they agree to have their name announced in the event of winning. There’s no possibility of maintaining anonymity after claiming a large Grenada Lottery prize.

Grenada does impose an income tax on lottery prizes. Be prepared to have 15 percent of the sum withheld.

Is Grenada Lotto Legit?

If you’re not from Grenada, you’re probably learning about the Lotto for the very first time. Hence, a logical question arises – is Grenada Lotto safe to play or is it a scam?

As already mentioned, the Grenada National Lottery Authority has been around since the 80s. National decrees and a regulatory framework stand behind its formation. The government of Grenada is actively involved in the organization of lottery games, and this is the main reason why you shouldn’t worry about testing your Lotto luck.

NLA has an extensive network of agents and a portfolio that consists of multiple games. While Lotto is the most prominent, it isn’t the only one. Grenada has a range of additional national lotteries to offer to locals and visitors of the island country – Daily Cash 4, Daily Pick 3, Play Way, Bingo, Super 6, and Scratch games.

Grenada Lotto is entirely legitimate. To be on the safe side, don’t go overboard with ticket purchases. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on testing your luck and don’t exceed the sum – that’s what responsible gaming is all about.


Grenada Lotto is far from the most impressive lottery on the face of the planet. It doesn’t give you a chance to become a massive millionaire or billionaire. It doesn’t have bonus games and additional perks that increase the excitement level. Still, a few distinctive characteristics make the lottery worth testing out:

Why you Should Play Grenada Lotto


It’s a national lottery run and operated by a legitimate entity (under governmental guidance)

The odds of winning are incredibly high in comparison to other lotteries

There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot

The jackpot will roll over in the event of not winning a prize

You can easily win a free ticket as a nice bonus

The price of a single ticket is meager in comparison to what other national lotteries have to offer

A few of the most prominent shortcomings worth noting include:

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Why you Shouldn’t Play Grenada Lotto


There is only one drawing per week

The jackpot amount isn’t the biggest one out there, even after a few roll-overs

There’s only one additional prize tier on top of the jackpot

Grenada does impose an income tax on lottery prizes

Online ticket-buying options aren’t available at the time being

If you’re happy with favorable odds and you’re not looking for the biggest jackpot, you’ll be pleased with Grenada Lotto. Give it a try if you’re on vacation and the experience could quickly become a whole lot more pleasurable.

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