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Georgia Lottery Exposed — Georgia on My Mind…

Georgia Lottery Exposed

Georgia Lottery Review

Georgia has always been famous for peaches and pecans (Cue Justin Beiber’s hit song “Peaches”), but it’s making a name for itself in the lottery industry. And why wouldn’t it when Georgia’s one of the states that provide opportunities to play games of luck online?

Is the Jackpocket lottery app legit to purchase lottery tickets in Georgia?❗

Georgia Lottery, (also popularly known as GA Lottery) games are readily available online through the official website and the Georgia Lottery apps. Do these ensure a perfect experience, however? That’s a whole different story worthy of some investigation.

If you haven’t played Georgia Lottery games online before and you’re curious, we’ve done the homework for you. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Games Are Available at Georgia Lottery?

Georgia Lottery Mega Millions and Georgia Lottery Powerball are obviously the two headliners of the show. Can you play these games online? The answer is a reassuring YES!

What’s even better is that the cost of tickets is the same on the retail network and online. You can easily try out the two biggest lotteries in the US from the comfort of your home without having to pay extra for that convenience.

Apart from the pan-American games, the Georgia lottery online makes it possible to try out some of the local lotteries. Online players can test out Fantasy 5 GA and GA Lottery Keno. If you’re from Georgia, you know there are several other state games. These include Fantasy 5, KENO!, Cash4Life, Jumbo Bucks Lotto, Cash 3, Cash 4, Georgia Five, and Print n Play. If you go to the Georgia lottery website, you’ll see a “buy now” square next to the name of each game on the menu. This square indicates the lotteries you can participate in through the website.

Georgia Lottery Review: Diggi Games

In addition to the games mentioned earlier, Georgia Lottery offers a selection of games that are solely available to play online. The selection is huge, and there’s a free trial version (demo) you can check out without spending any money.

If you pay attention to the reviews above this article, you’ll find out multiple people claim the Digi Games are rigged, and they’ve never won anything from them. While we can’t confirm such claims’ accuracy, they could be something to take in a month before giving the Diggi Games a try.

How to Buy a Georgia Lottery Ticket

The website is very clear about tickets not being sold via email. Tickets to Cash Pop, KENO!, Mega Millions, Powerball, and Fantasy 5 tickets are sold on the Georgia Lottery’s website or via the mobile app, and players must be located within the state of Georgia.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Reward Programs

Unlike many other Lottery platforms that we have reviewed, one thing that stands out about Georgia Lottery is that they do not offer ongoing bonuses, promotions, or reward programs. The website’s terms and conditions state that registered players are entitled to loyalty programs and discount promotions upon availability. While we don’t know how often such promo opportunities become available, they sound like a nice perk.

How to Claim Your Prize in GA Lottery

After checking your Georgia lottery results, collecting your winnings is pretty simple. It’s important to note that for GA Mega Millions, GA Powerball, Georgia Decades of Dollars, Fantasy 5, and other daily lotteries, winnings must be collected within 180 days of the draw. Instant tickets are valid for 90 days after the game ends.

Online players who win sums smaller than 600 dollars will have that amount deposited directly to their account. It’s up to the player to determine if they’re going to cash out the money or use it to buy tickets in the future.

For larger sums bigger than 600 dollars, an email will be sent to the player to cash out their winnings personally at Georgia Lottery District Offices. This process happens by appointment only, and you can schedule your appointment online. It is important to note that you need to present two forms of identification before you can claim your prizes. The website has a very detailed explanation of the prize claim process, and we recommend going through this information.

Georgia Lottery Review: Who Can Play at Georgia Lottery?

That’s the big question.

Online Lottery Georgia seems like an enticing opportunity to test out local opportunities, regardless of your location. Unfortunately, most state lotteries in the US impose geographical restrictions even on online gameplay. Yes, that sucks a lot, but it has to do with local regulations (and these have remained unchanged for a long, long, long time!).

The Georgia Lottery website has a detailed registration process. To purchase tickets through it, you’ll have to verify your age and prove you’re older than 18. Also, you have to be physically located within Georgia. You’ll be asked to provide your address, phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number.

In other words, out-of-state lotto enthusiasts and those abroad can use Georgia Lottery online solely for informational purposes.

Who Owns The Georgia Lottery?

The website and the official app linked to it are both developed by the entity responsible for organizing games of luck in Georgia – The Georgia Lottery Corporation.

The corporation was founded in 1992, and it’s one of the most successful lottery enterprises in the US. Each year, it generates a turnover of more than one billion dollars. Half of that money goes to prizes, and a third is dedicated to funding education initiatives in the state. One of which is the Pre-K Program which provides Georgia’s four-year-old children with high-quality preschool experiences in order to prepare them for kindergarten.

So, you can rest assured that the website isn’t a scam. It’s an official channel for playing the lottery, and there are whatsoever no red flags.

Website and Mobile App

Georgia Lotto’s online experience is pretty simple and straightforward. There isn’t very much to it. Unlike other lottery sites that include their payment options, Georgia Lottery doesn’t seem to have that information available on its website. The cool thing, though, is that they have a mobile app for players who don’t want to play games on their website.

Why You Should Register With Georgia Lottery


Organized by an official lottery entity, completely legitimate

A mobile app is also available apart from the website

There’s a good selection of games to play online

The cost of online tickets isn’t higher than getting yours from the retail network

A range of digital-only games is available to test out and have a bit of fun

A simple and straightforward prize claim procedure

Registered online players are promised discounts and loyalty programs

Why You Shouldn’t Register With Georgia Lottery


Not all Georgia Lottery games are available to play through the online platform

Larger prizes have to be claimed in person

People from other states and other countries cannot use Georgia Lottery online

There have been some customer complaints about the website (check out the comments in this guide for more information)

Would you mind rating

Is Georgia Lottery Legit?

We didn’t find anything troublesome or disturbing about Georgia Lottery online. It’s a pretty standard website that offers a user-friendly opportunity to buy lottery tickets. They are also fully licensed and have their certifications at the bottom of their website.

If you’re a Georgian and you can’t be bothered to go to a shop for a lottery ticket, the online platform would be a good choice for you. Everything there is outlined in the terms and conditions – check the document out before registering. And if you already have some experience with Georgia Lottery online, do share it with us!

  1. I downloaded the app and played some of the diggi games. The win rate is so low that there simply isn’t any fun to be had playing. I have ample disposable cash, love gambling, and would be an avid player in the Ga lottery if the win rate wasn’t so blatantly low. I’m deleting the app and putting my $ in crypto – at least that format has some degree of excitement.

    • Totally agree with you!! I don’t have disposable money unfortunately, even though I’ve played as if I do.. to come to the conclusion- I’m just handing my money to an app😤😤 Glad to see I’m not alone! And thanks for making it easier to undownload!!

  2. I have been playing the Diggi games for about four months, now. I will only say this just once…RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE GAMES AS POSSIBLE!!! I have dumped so much money into these games, only to get NOTHING!!! Sure…they will bait you in at first, by allowing you to win a few, in other words…they will take two or three hundred dollars first, then they will give you back ten or fifteen! It’s a SCAM and I dare them to honestly say that it is not! They will pay in the end! I have tried every Diggi game online. These people cannot or will not make themselves accountable to the players at all. They will take your money with a smile and feel no sense of fairness or integrity, whatsoever! They are no different than the thug on the streets! I only play for entertainment but I can’t even enjoy the games due to having to be made to feel as if I am literally being ROBBED!!! SHAME ON YOU, GA LOTTERY!

  3. I agree with a lot of what’s been said. I have so much to say about Georgia Lottery and Its Not Good. I see the intention switching of Numbers in the drawings. It is so Blatant till it’s DISTURBING!!!!! If Georgia Lottery stops sending our winning numbers to Texas then we might get back to winning in Georgia. Yes….you heard me a!!! Georgia now helps Texa with their Lottery to help improve their players hip because Texas Lottery used to suck. They also print their scratch off tickets for them here in Georgia. Yep!!! That’s right. The Ga Lotto think we are slow in Georgia. But we are not. We play because we want to and we play to win. I agree with the statement that we need to call for an investigation of the Ga Lotto due to major discrepancies. Not just on The state level but on the Federal level as well. I see some activities that appear very nefarious, to say the least. O used to win all the time. Now I see all my winning numbers mysteriously pop up in Texas and South Carolina. I lived in both of those states so I know the truth about what is going on. They intentionally change the numbers so that the players don’t win so that they keep us playing. The Old,” Bait n Switch”!! Routine. Even Vegas gives you better odds and lets you win more than Ga Lotto. I am so sick of it. I have been playing this game for 25 years since it started and I have never seen this much stealing and cheating going on. This is A Criminal Enterprise now. Except for its Legal thanks to The State of Georgia. They get thumbs down from me. I can talk about this madness all day and night. But until we start checking these people and paying attention and calling for oversight and accountability, then nothing is going to happen. We need to first call for accountability and make them know how serious we are by stopping players’ help statewide and calling for a Boycott, yes I said it!! A Boycott of the Georgia Lottery until positive progressive change and improvements occur and oversight if conducted independently to assure that this crooked behavior does NOT continue!!!! I’m sick of them throwing us Doggie Bone Numbers to keep us quiet. 127 – 216 – 331- 122- 123- 678- Etc etc etc….I can go on fore days. Tell me I’m lying if I’m wrong. You can’t because everybody that played Ga Lotto for years knows what I’m talking about. They don’t even play the big cash 4 numbers like they used to. And don’t even wait for a Quad or triple to show up. You will be a mummy before that happens. It’s mathematically impossible and defies the laws of physics to tell me that a Quad 1111 9999 never came in 25 years and that all the others only come every 10 to 15 years. Be for real. It’s impossible. You could never prove bow this happens mathematically or realistically. Thanks for reading my review. I am open to all comments. Remember #BoycottGeorgiaLottery

    • Right, something should be done!!!

    • Hi, I am so glad I came across this site and page because you’re absolutely right, I’ve been playing scratch offs and numbers for years and I have YET to hit a major Top prize and I play often and frequently!!! Not only that, I play in different cities and counties and the results are the same, little to nothing or minimal which is almost unbelievable unless there is something devious or malicious being done to manipulate the games!!!!! There was a time I could almost walk into any gas station or convenience store and see a big winner for 5,10,15,20,25,50,100 and even 500k on the bigger games but not any more but they’re still producing and printing these tickets knowing you will be lucky to hit for $100 or $500!!!??? Yes, something definitely needs to happen and be done because it’s not even fun any more continuously giving your money away with nothing in return!!!!!!

  4. I play a lot of Georgia lottery. It use to be good but since the government got into it it’s gone downhill. First off the state taking over the in store slot games and refusing the store owners the ability to pay cash for payouts ruined everything! It might have been ok if you could actually win money from the lottery tickets you now have to trade your payout for. You use to be able to win $500 to $1000 every once and while. Especially buying $20 and $30 dollar tickets. Hell 10 years ago you use to hit $500 on 5 and $2 dollar tickets. Hell you lucky if you even win a ticket nowadays. Put it this way. I sat at one store and bought out 3 rolls of $30 dollar tickets and the total of my winnings was somewhere around $150 dollars and that included 3 free tickets. If that ain’t highway robbery I don’t know what is!!! Unlike or football team, Ga Lottery sucks!!!!

  5. The Ga. lottery was awesome up until covid. I guess they are using this as an excuse not to payout. The past two years can’t win anything on any games! The Diggi games (LMFAO) absolute joke and absolutely horrible!! They seriously need to investigate the Ga. lottery to make sure they are paying out the percentage they should. I mean they should be making more money since for a year you couldn’t talk to anyone and still have to make an appointment to cash a ticket which is another absolute joke! I was playing online and hit on keno multiple times and had 1,500.00 and tried to cash out but nothing I tried would let me get my winnings. I tried 3 different accounts including the account that I make the purchase with. Amazing that you have no problem taking the money from my account but when I win it is not allowed??? If that is not a scam then I don’t know what a scam is!! So how do I get my money??? Obviously, you can’t go to the lottery office because I had 3 wins of 500.00 each which is not taxable so what, I am just screwed? INVESTIGATE THE GA. LOTTERY! Another time 3 years ago I won 5000.00 and went to the airport location to cash it and the rude witch at the lottery counter wouldn’t cash it even though I had my driver’s license and social security card and everything they ask for but my SS card has Richard and my DL has Rick and this was her excuse for not cashing it, so I went across to the North terminal which is directly across from the other I was at and no problem the lady cashed it well 2 minutes later here comes the other lady from the other terminal screaming and cussing and I just smiled and looked her in the face and said too late she already cashed it! The woman that works at the airport lottery is definitely racist and if you think it’s not true if you are white then go there and get the experience for yourself!!


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