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Ftvlotto Exposed — Go Get Your Winnings by Yourself!

Ftvlotto Review

Do you ever wonder about how online lottery providers choose which lotteries they will offer? The team was looking at ftvlotto.com the other day and it’s quite a potpourri of lotteries. Do they start with a list of contact points or hunt up contact points for the lotteries that they think people want to play? Ever wonder about this? The site itself looked really familiar to the team, so we went in to find out why.

Games at Ftvlotto.com

The first thing to know about playing at FashionTV Lotto is they close ticket sales 24 hours before all draws. That’s to give their guys time to purchase the tickets, scan them and send you your copy. Of course, if you’ve opted for one of their subscription services then you won’t have to think about it.

What Can You Play?

You’ll find all the usual mega lotteries here, including US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, UK National Lottery and California SuperLotto Plus. There is also El Gordo, Irish Lotto, France Lotto, US Hot Lotto, Hoosier Lotto (love that name), Florida Lotto, UK’s Thunderball, Brazil’s Mega-Sena and Canada’s Lotto 649. Quite a mix!

Subscriptions at Ftvlotto

Fashiontv lotto offers a bunch of discounts for opting for using their subscription services including 8 draws/10% discount, 16 draws/15%, 26 draws/22%, and 52 draws/25%. If this all looks a little familiar, it’s because it seems to be the standard discounts when an online lottery provider is using the platform called Lottotech. What is interesting is what they include or do not include. Most other Lottotech sites also add a VIP club which also offers different thresholds with an additional discount. Thankfully, they’ve left it off this site. It’s one of the elements the team mostly agrees we don’t like. Who wants to know the total of how much they have spent on lottery tickets!

Ftvlotto.com and Winning

Any win under USD 600 or the equivalent in other currencies is paid directly into your account. Any win over USD 600 means they will facilitate sending the ticket and necessary forms to collect your prize. Okay, I get if it is a great mega win but what about wins around say $1,000. It might mean a great trip, but – yes, the but – the airline ticket could be more than the actual win and there’s still a hotel and other costs. Ftvlotto.com say they will help but it looks like you have to physically go get your winnings yourself. They don’t charge a commission, but then again, you are the one going to get your winnings!

Talking to Fashiontv Lotto

Ftvlotto.com offers a snail mail address in Cyprus and an email address. That’s it. There are no phone numbers or live chat. We tried to find out more information on the Cyprus parent company, Dreams Pay Ltd., but they don’t seem to have a website or registration information online. There is also no information on their response time re emails. Add to this that the adjusted time on the closing of lottery sales takes into consideration holidays. Let’s say Canada’s 649 closes technically at 11:00 pm on Friday (EST) for ticket purchasing if Friday is a holiday then take it back another 24 hours.

Who Can Play at Ftvlotto.com?

The only rules and regulations on who can play on this site are you must be 18 years or older, you must be a non-US resident and you must be legally able to play from where you are a resident.

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The Bottom Line at Fashiontv Lotto

I do have problems with the fact there are no phone numbers or live chat. I figure if I’m going to share my personal info and credit card details, I want to be able to get in touch fast if there is an issue. The team also started working out the costs of how much it would cost to get to a variety of the countries lotteries are played in – remember you must be a non-resident of the US, so if we’re talking about US Powerball, Canadians might be able to pop across the board, but flying to Brazil or Ireland, might be a bit more difficult.


No Commission

Lots of Lottos

Subscription Discounts


Who Are They?

No Phone Numbers or Live Chat

Go Get Your Winnings – Yourself!

There is no reason to be suspicious about ftvlotto.com at the same time, I would want more contact options and know more about who these folks actually are. Hoosier Lotto did give me a bit of a chuckle and I might have to add it to the games I play.

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