The Dangers Of Swimming With White Label Industries In The Sea Of Lottery – All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

White Label Industries

Stuff You Should Know about the White Label Industries

Now before we ride to take a closer look at the white label industry sharks like Lottotech, LottoYard, Lottonetix, and Kootac, I wanted to first clarify a few things, just to get your thinking cap rolling, because it’s essential that you see them the way I see them – the way an ordinary lottery player sees them. We all know the dangers of Ebola. If you’ve got Ebola, you have to travel the world to seek the right cure, correct? “Wait, what? What’s Ebola got to do with this?” I’m coming to it. I took a very long time to come up with the thought! When someone has Ebola, they suddenly start appreciating things around them because they don’t know how long they will last. It’s a fact.

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Coming to my point now, a big medical company creates a cure – a cure they know will cure Ebola – what will you do? Seek it no matter what, correct? Now that big medical company has all the resources, all the manpower, the necessary tools, simply put, everything they need to create multiple doses of the cure. Then comes the White Label Industry. According to Wikipedia,

“A white-label product or service is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.”

This means that the big medical company, instead of selling their product straight to the consumer, starts selling to other companies (also known as B2B, or Business to Business), and then these companies can rebrand them to make it appear as their own!

Now here are the questions for the companies who buy them:

1. Do they know the specifications of the cure? Who will it suit, and who it will kill?
2. Do they know the dosages? How much is too much or too little and when to take them?
3. Do they know how not to let it expire by keeping it safe from external conditions?
4. Do they have the same manpower and the same resources as the product company?
5. Will they guarantee that it will work if purchased from them?
6. Do they buy the rights or work as affiliates to support the main production company?
7. Why should we buy it from them and not from the main production company?
8. Do they have any knowledge about the ingredients in the cure and can they multiply it?
9. To increase their sales, how will they be selling the cure to the consumers?
10. How do we know that they are not playing around with specifications?

Now, assuming you understand where I’m going with this, you will know that it’s dangerous to buy products from a company that has just rebranded another company’s product to appear as their own. We’re not even sure if they have any idea AT ALL about the chemicals in those products and whether they’re dangerous or not! That’s just an example there, mate. Let’s now look at the following to get a better idea of where this is going.

The Health of an Avid Lottery Player

The example of Ebola was to tell you how complicated the life of an avid lottery player is. This life is becoming increasingly depressing thanks to the White Label Industries in the world of lottery. How can you be sure that these companies have a love for the lotto? They might just be doing it for the sake of business – feeding upon the lives and investments of avid lottery players. For example, a person who sells cigarettes doesn’t necessarily smoke them, and he probably knows nothing about them, but he continues to sell them despite knowing the dangers. Why? Because of the number of smokers around – like fruit flies on an exposed watermelon! He doesn’t care for your health; he cares for his business!

The Lottery and the White Label Industry Virus

There are some reputable sites, where you can join as an affiliate, and that makes sense to me. It’s better to be an affiliate of a parent company than branding their product as your own because who knows what’s in them?! Now there are a few companies that have recently emerged in the world of lottery that are currently offering anyone with a small business (ANYONE! It could even be that weird shopkeeper, your local rude veggie vendor, anyone! No matter what their qualification or love for the game, if any) to have his / her own lottery business. This is DANGEROUS.

Imagine a dentist, after having done your root canal, asks you to play the lottery on his site! Or your hairdresser asking you to bet on hers! Does it make any sense to you?! The world of the lottery is huge, and there are millions, probably billions of people who play the lottery frequently. We need to try and make sure that the world of the lottery is free from depression; at least that’s the only place that most of us find peace! So next time you come across a, “Hey, let’s make a deal, you own a fantastic lottery business!” give them a hi5 and walk away like there’s no tomorrow! Because at the end of the day, we don’t want to end up wondering whether we’re playing the lottery or being played with!

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