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Florida Lottery Exposed — Grab Your Ray of Sunshine!

Florida Lottery Exposed

Florida Lottery Review

Florida – the sunshine state!

That sun definitely shines brighter for anyone with a bit of lottery luck, and if you want to be that person, the Florida Lottery app may be the answer to your prayers.

Launched by the official entity operating lotteries in Florida, the app and the corresponding website add to the Florida lottery operator’s range of services.

In the US, there are some federal and local limitations on the online sale of tickets. Is Florida one of the states affected by such restrictions? That’s a valid question, and we’re on a mission to give you a comprehensive, reliable answer today.

Online Games at Florida Lottery

If you are a Floridian, you already know the abundance of lotteries available to test your luck. Today, however, we’re talking about the Florida lottery website and the games you can play online through the portal.

And here is the bad news: right now, you cannot buy tickets online through the official FlaLottery portal. There are other operators and websites out there that provide such services. However, if you want to go down the official route, you will benefit from no such opportunity.

The same applies to the Florida Lotto App that was recently updated.

As per the official presentation, you can do a couple of things via the app, but the purchase of tickets isn’t one of those. The current range of functionalities includes checking your ticket to determine if you have won anything, entering your already purchased ticket into a second chance game, and creating digital payslips that you can later use for ticket purchase at an authorized retail venue.

That last one is a big disappointment. The only thing it does is speed the process up. Unfortunately, payment processing through the app isn’t available right now, and you need to walk yourself to a store to buy a ticket.

Is there an ongoing Jackpocket scam in Florida?

Fla Lottery and Claiming Your Prizes

It’s pretty straightforward for prizes less than $600. These can be claimed at any Florida Lottery retailer. If you are playing online, then this will be automatically credited to your account. For prizes from $601 to $250,000, wins can be claimed at any Florida State Lottery district office or Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. Any prize over $250,000 awards must be requested at Florida Lottery Headquarters within 180 days of the draw.

Scratch-Offs have their own set of rules with specific dates that apply to start as short as 60 days after the end of the official game. Some folks try and monitor the number of Scratch-Offs sold per game and buy more and more tickets as the game is coming to a close.

Annuity Versus Cash Option

Lotteries at offers two options for getting your big jackpot – an annuity or cash option. Florida Lotto and Powerball are paid out over 30 years, FL Mega Millions over 26, and Florida Mega Money for over 20 years. If a player opts for the cash option, then the amount of the jackpot won is (remember I am not a mathematician) less than the published jackpot. The amount published is based on the accrued value over the term of an annuity. Sounds confusing? It’s not. It still means winning a pretty colossal jackpot!

Who Can Play Via the Florida Lottery Website?

As already mentioned, Florida does not offer online ticket sales. Here’s an exact quote from the FlaLottery FAQ section:

The Florida Lottery does not offer the sale of Lottery tickets by mail, fax, or via the Internet, nor do we currently offer a subscription service. Tickets must be purchased from any of the more than 13,000 authorized Florida Lottery retailers in the state of Florida. Find an authorized Florida Lottery retailer.

This means that if you want to buy a ticket, you have to be physically present in Florida (whether you are a US citizen, a tourist, or someone who has a valid visa. As long as you meet this requirement, no additional restrictions are applying to you.

You will still have to go to a registered Florida Lottery office to get your ticket, however.

Who Is Behind the Florida Lottery?

This is a state-run Lottery governed by the Inspector General. It was set up to support education in the State of Florida. Each of the lotteries offered has different percentages of how much goes to the state and how much goes to prizes.

The Florida Lottery website is a reflection of this policy. It is an official digital representation of state policies, and you can rest assured that both the online platform and the app are 100 percent legitimate.

Other Bits and Pieces

There isn’t an awful lot more to say about the website because the range of functionalities is limited.

Florida lottery does offer a couple of interesting opportunities like the Second Chance previously mentioned. This is an option you can access via the website and the app.  The additional game includes non-winning tickets in an extra drawing that can result in some additional prizes. If you haven’t won anything from the regular drawing, Second Chance may be the option to pursue.

The pros and cons of Fla Lotto include the following:

Why You Should Register with Florida Lottery?


A website created by an official lottery entity

There is also a mobile app that was recently updated

You can enter into games like Second Chance via the website and app

A lot of information, extensive FAQ section

Good customer support

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Florida Lottery?


Florida does not allow the online buying of tickets

The app also doesn’t support ticket buying; you can only enter Second Chance through it

If you want to play local lotteries, you’ll have to be physically present in Florida

Would you mind rating

Is Florida Lottery Legit?

Florida Lottery USA offers some great games. It is a legitimate platform. Unfortunately, however, the range of possibilities via the website and app is limited.

And that’s pretty much it! Sorry to disappoint with the information featured here, but we hope that the situation changes for the better shortly.

  1. Just started playing the lottery, mostly scratch offs, this year. I go thru streaks of winning my money back to winning absolutely nothing. I know they are out to make money but they have really tightened up. Plus I have noticed a pattern with all big winners either in Tampa or surrounding areas…makes me wonder and sure is fishy. Think I will just save my money from now on.

  2. The Florida Lottery is nothing but a scam. You really can’t win big money. Those scratch off tickets are extremely bad. If you win anything it’s $5. Most all the winning is really really low paying. Most tickets follow with the same numbers. If you buy tickets you will be guaranteed to have the number 1 and 8 that follows together. Watch the pattern when you buy your tickets. I hope the lottery gonoit of business because it’s only scamming people. They’ve made billions of dollars off this scam. And they use education to so call contribute your purchase to. I know one thing…I worked on education for over 10 years and teachers were constantly purchasing materials for the classroom because money was never in the budget. Go figure where the money is really going.
    2+2=4. I do know that. If Florida Lottery is to survive, the lottery need to replace the lottery director! Bring back Rebecca. Lottery chances were greater when she was lottery director. That who is in there now is a laughing joke. Get rid of him!!!

  3. I’ve been playing the Florida lottery for 14 years and I have spent a lot of money all over the state trying to win a jackpot on the scratchers and the terminal games…But, the more I play, the less I seem to win and I’ve been playing some pick numbers for years and years, still nothing….But these endless advertisements for the Florida lottery that promotes that a person can be a Millionaire is totally laughable..There is 4 new scratch off games released every 6-8 weeks from the Florida lottery adding to the plethora of sratchoff tickets already being sold..And they all are sold on the premise that if you buy them, you could win millions and people that are hoping to get out of debt continue to fall victim to these advertisements which are technically predatory….Reality and history has proven that 85-90 percent of the players of the Florida lottery has won $500 or less in all the years of them playing the endless games..And yes the Florida lottery is A Business that was approved by the people of Florida for the benefit of education just like other states..I can’t speak for other states because I live in Florida and I believe that the Florida lottery is corrupt and has misleading advertisements to lure new players into spending hard earned money on their worthless products and I know first hand that it’s practically impossible to win jackpots from Florida lottery games especially if you live in certain places because I have many many thousands of dollars wasted on Florida lottery games…If I won back only what i have lost on the Florida lottery, I could literally buy a house in cash and my story isn’t unique by any stretch of the imagination among Florida lotto players…..But, what Interests me more than anything else concerning the Florida lottery right now is the extreme amount of players that spend an extreme amount of money on Florida lotto products and many of these people have become addicted to gambling and they can thank the Florida lotto for that addiction because there is no “fun” or “entertainment” in losing money..Another growing concern is the unusually high number of out of state jackpot winners that has been popping up nearly every month with the Florida lottery….If its practically impossible for residents of the state of Florida to win jackpot prizes on scratchoffs, why is it so routine for visitors to our state to win millions in jackpot prizes..This matter deserves a forensic independent investigation all by itself…

  4. FL lottery is a rip off 10 and 5 dollar cards have same odds as a 2 dollar ticket what a joke and they send tickets that win to counties then after couple of months rotate to losers to suck back the money and it seems to me that they make way more losers then given prizes I understand they need to make money but there is a limit to this greed they take hopes of people to just get ahead to steal there money

  5. Been playing ever since it came out. You either win the value of the ticket or 10 above the value
    The $30 fastest road has been playing a long time and haven’t hit anything but 30 and 40 of it I ask people coming and going they say the same thing well a few say 100.00 these are $30.00 where are the payouts? U start adding up $1.00 spent in tickets it accumulates fast start calculating $30 a lot of money but nothing coming out? Is someone monitoring Floridas lottery to make sure it’s not going in pockets of those who spend millions to get a 50k a year job?


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