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Ecuador Lotto

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Ecuador Lotto Exposed — You Can’t Pick Your Numbers!

Ecuador Lotto Exposed

Ecuador Lotto Review

Did you know that Ecuador has had a national lottery for more than a 120 years? Impressive, right? Over this long, long, long period of time, a couple of games have emerged as national leaders. Ecuador Lotto is one of them. There are several things to understand about Ecuador Lotto, especially if you want to give it a try.

Ecuador Lotto: A Brief Overview

Ecuador Lotto is a game that initially started in 1989. Today, it has three drawings per week – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The game has undergone multiple changes to finally get the format being utilized today.

Ever since its inception, the game has had a unique characteristic – players don’t pick their own number. Rather, the tickets come with pre-printed numbers on them. Thus, for each drawing, there will be a single winner for the respective prize because the ticket digits aren’t repeated.

Is TheLotter legit and safe to play in Ecuador?

How to Play Ecuador Lotto?

This is probably the shortest description of how to play a lottery that we’re going to give you. Ecuador Lotto doesn’t pose any challenges, even to players who are giving it a try for the first time.

In order to get your ticket, you’ll have to visit a licensed retail venue and choose a ticket with a number on it that you like. A single ticket costs 1 dollar, making Lotto quite an affordable game.

The drawings take place three times per week and they’re televised. When checking your results, you’ll have to be very careful. If your ticket number matches any of the numbers drawn, you will win the respective prize.

Prize Structure

The weekly drawings come with different top prizes. Players who choose the Tuesday or the Thursday drawing may win up to 200,000 dollars. The Saturday drawing comes with a bigger top prize of 500,000 dollars.

Keep in mind that the Saturday tickets are more expensive because of the higher prize. If you’d like to test a luck and potentially snatch 500,000 dollars, you’ll have to pay 2 dollars for the selection of your lucky digits.

Ecuador Lotto has a big number of prize tiers. The second and third prizes amount to 10,000 and 5,000 dollars respectively. There are multiple prizes in the range from 90,000 to 1,000 dollars. The total award pool for the Tuesday and Thursday drawings is 399,600 dollars.

Some Information for Winners

Depending on the amount that they’ve won from Ecuador Lotto, players can choose a specific method for obtaining their prize. Prizes of up to 10 dollars can be claimed at any shopping center or licensed retail venue. Larger prizes can be collected from the Loteria Nacional offices in several Ecuadorean cities.

A prize of up to 2,002 dollars will be paid out in the form of a cash lump sum. A sum that’s greater will be provided as a check. Keep in mind that the lottery will withhold 14 percent from the sum and the money will be dedicated to a fund for charitable organizations.

Players have three months from the date of the drawing to make their Lotto prize claim.

People who have an online account and buy Lotto tickets through the Loterias Nacional website will have prizes of up to 10 dollars credited to their account. Larger prizes of up to 2,002 dollars can be used to fund future purchases or a payment order will be issued for the purpose of fund collection. A prize of over 2,002 can be collected from a regional office after a payment order is generated through the website.

Can You Buy Ecuador Lotto Tickets Online?

Ecuador Lotto tickets are currently not available through online lottery agencies.

People who are in Ecuador can sign up for an online account through the official Loterias Nacional website. Unfortunately, this feature is not available from out of the country.

Here are some of the biggest Ecuador Lotto advantages:

Why You Should Play Ecuador Lotto


The game has three drawings per week

There are multiple prizes per each drawing

The Saturday drawing comes with a higher top prize of 500,000 dollars

Tickets are relatively affordable – 1 dollar for regular drawings, 2 dollars for Saturday drawings

Lotto is organized by a national entity that guarantees its legitimacy

Some of the funds generated through ticket sales go to support good causes

There’s an online platform that can be used for the purpose of buying tickets and getting some of the prizes

These are all great features, but Ecuador Lotto has a couple of shortcomings, as well:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Ecuador Lotto


There’s no online ticket buying option for people who aren’t in Ecuador

There’s no number choosing – each ticket comes pre-printed with digits

Each prize tier is unique and handed out to just one winning ticket number

There’s a tax that’s withheld from prizes

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Is Ecuador Lotto Legit?

Ecuador Lotto is completely legit and organized by a national entity. As such, the game is completely safe to try.

Loteria Nacional (the National Lottery) is the organization responsible for holding a range of lotteries and distributing the prizes among winners. Through this mechanism, Loteria Nacional also gets to dedicate some funds to good causes. In the very beginning, some of the best hospitals in the country were established via the funds generated through the Loteria Nacional games.

A law allowing the establishment of Loteria Nacional was first approved in 1894. The organization’s main purpose was to help collect funds for the Ecuadorians that needed the money the most. The first lottery draw took place on October 21, 1894. Lotto was launched on September 23, 1989 – a feature that makes it the oldest game in the portfolio of Loteria Nacional.

Other than Lotto, the national establishment offers an array of additional games – Loteria Nacional, Pozo, Triple Bonus, Match Mania, Lucky Keno and others. Some of these games are available in an online format only and can be played on the official Loteria Nacional website.

Ecuador Lotto is probably one of the easiest, most hassle-free games that we’ve ever come across. You don’t have to choose numbers, you don’t have to calculate the odds. In fact, you don’t have to do anything other than buying your ticket.

Do you like the format or hate it? Have you tried Ecuador Lotto? What’s your opinion of the game? Don’t hesitate to let us know, especially if you’re a regular player and you’ve already managed to win some Ecuador Lotto prizes.

  1. Oddly enough, this is the only lottery that I’ve won multiple times on. There’s something about letting some other “forces” decide the outcome. Or maybe I just have bad luck in picking numbers myself in other lotteries. ?‍♀


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