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E Car Lottery Exposed — Win a Dream Car!

E Car Lottery Exposed

E Car Lottery Review

Ever thought of winning a Mercedes A200 AMG Line Premium or an Alfa Romeo Giulia 2019. E Car Competitions offers a raffle for luxury items ranging from a Sony A7Riii Camera to a car. It’s a raffle with a fixed number of the tickets provided, which means there is a winner. The time frame differs on each of the raffles offered. It does cost to play.

The Games at

If you’re looking for something a little different, E Car Competitions has evolving prizes. They are continually adding to their line up including, bikes, cameras, outdoor furniture, and yes, cars. Each different raffle has a different cap on tickets. For the Sony camera, it’s at 500 tickets versus the 2,500 for the Alfa Romero. The price of each ticket also increases with the value of the prize. Players can buy more than one raffle ticket though there is a cap on the total for each raffle. The higher-end items (cars) have a specific date set already for the raffle. If the raffle has only 50% of ticket sales, the specific date will be rescheduled. Lower end items announce the date once raffles sales hit 50%.

How to Play on

Players have to answer a question before they can enter. It is related to the prize, and you can make mistakes. It looks like part of the reason they are doing this is a form of advertising. Players register and purchase as many raffle tickets as they would like. Entry lists for each of the draws will be posted on Facebook 4 hours before any draw. The draw takes place live on Facebook. and Prizes

Each of the lower end prizes – like the camera or an iPhone – has one prize. The cars usually have a second prize of £1,000 and the third prize of £500.

Winning at

Winners will be notified through their registered contact details. If E Car Competitions can’t reach you, another winner will be chosen (who will also have a further seven days to respond). Players are responsible for collecting their prize plus any taxes and/or insurance (like for the cars). The winners have to agree to allow their name and town of residence on their website plus agree to have photos and/or videos for promotional purposes.

Who Can Play on

These raffles are open to anyone anywhere as long as you re 16 years or older. Keep in mind; you are responsible for collecting your prize and any costs associated.

Free Entry at

There is an option for a free entry play. Players simply write on a postcard their full name, date of birth, postal address, email address, and contact number. You must also answer the question about the competition you are entering. Ah – and you must have an active account on the E Car Competitions website.

Who are is a registered company in the UK with a snail mail and email address (though they don’t seem to answer very quickly), and UK phone number. (aka is a relatively new site, and it will be interesting to see winners posted!

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The Bottom Line at

The capped number of tickets for each of the raffles is a great plus, of course, the fact that there is a winner. The price of tickets seems reasonable in line with the size of the prize. I must confess I keep going back to looking at that Alfa Romero -what a dream car. Of course, for those not in the UK, there is the challenge of the costs relating to getting your prize back to where you live – but it could be worth it!


Great Prizes

Good Odds of Winning

Anyone Can Play


Getting Your Car from the UK to Australia

The Draw is stuck at 40% raffle ticket sales hence delayed.

Going in Regularly to See What Else They are Offering

This site gets a reserved thumb’s up. It will be better once there are multiple winner pictures posted, and regular draws happen as indicated by the dates.

  1. Tried to register, but got Error page.


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