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DomLotto Exposed — Who Are You?

DomLotto Review

Looking at, the team’s first impression was why not play at this online lottery provider. The site looks pretty clean and easy to move around. The design is good and they are not throwing bells and whistles that distract finding information. So, what do we think? Let us tell you!

Games at Dom Lotto

Players can choose between eleven different international lotteries to play, either picking their own numbers, quick pics or group play. DomLotto offers single and multiple ticket purchases. Discounts are available for multiple draws at 2 draws/2%, 4/4%, 8/15%, 26/22% and 52 draws/25%. Discounts for subscriptions are only for 4 weeks at 5%. Okay – does this look familiar? Oh – add the VIP Frequent Player Points with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Group Play

Group Play or syndicates (as most of us like to call it) offers 50 lines for “up to 150 shares” per group. They also encourage you to go into more shares to get a larger piece of the pie. Sorry – the team agrees that a 50 lines for 150 shares is not a good ratio for playing syndicates. I did have a good laugh at a spelling mistake “How manu shares would you like?” Sloppy!

Jumping Ahead with DomLotto

Usually we’d look at winnings and whatever regarding how this online lottery provider operates, but I think we should get to the “does this look familiar”. The team dived into checking out Dom Lotto’s customer service. The first warning sign was the fact that all emails to their email address popped back ‘failed’. Time to look at the phone numbers listed on their site. There are four different telephone numbers in Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and New Zealand. All of them are answered by “”. Though says that they are owned and operated by Leader Solutions Ltd out of the Seychelles, it appears that this is yet another one of Icelotto’s online lottery provider sites.’s Promotions

So I won’t go too much into the “Tell a Friend Bonus” that simply gives you a “free participation” in a lottery pool which has no specific information. And I won’t reiterate that the FPP VIP system though offers discounts, does not have any explanation of that in relation to the other multiple draw discounts. Or – how much we all probably do not want to actually know how much we’ve spent on lotteries to get the biggest and bestest (Platinum) discounts. I did have a chuckle on the fact that they link promotional discounts on the arrival of summer or winter – I mean seriously.

Ask Your Questions

Getting back to the ole customer service area, says that they have live chat but we were never able to actually find someone there.

Would you mind rating’s Bottom Line

There is nothing to say that this site is not legitimate except for the fact of a failed email and live chat that doesn’t exist. Okay on top of that is the clone-ness of what they offer.


Eleven International Lotteries




Who Are They?

Group Play Ratio!

Yet Another Cloned Site

The team simply shook their head and gave this site a thumbs down if for no reason the lack of imagination as it looks like so many other sites. Okay – and the fact that how the communication side was such a bust. There are a lot of great places to play and we say this is not the place.

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