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BigLotto Exposed — Look at the Terms and Conditions First!

BigLotto Review

If you have been looking for a EuroMillions syndicate to get into, you might want to take a look at – or you might not. Big Lotto offers a pretty good ratio of tickets per share in their syndicates. But you can only play if you are a resident of the UK, and you might want to consider the time frame you get locked in for. And it is only for EuroMillions without any of the extras.

How Does It work?

Each syndicate play is for 4 weeks for 8 draws of EuroMillions played Tuesday and Friday. This is based on 600 tickets shared between 150 players. Each player adds either their four favorite ticket lines or can go for quick picks. Keep in mind, also says they may change the numbers from time to time.

Buyers Beware!

Joining, it is essential to note that though they offer an initial membership cancellation period of 14 days, you also will not be entered into the syndicate during this time. So even though you’ve joined – you haven’t. Once you are into the syndicate, you’re locked in for three months or “your third syndicate.” If you do want out, you must notify a minimum of 7 days before the end of the third or next syndicate. If you forget and are late, then you are automatically into the next syndicate, and then your membership is canceled.

Getting Your Winnings

Winnings are calculated for the month and then divided up between the syndicate members. There is no information on whether they take any fees, and they do say it can be up to seven days before any winnings arrive into your bank account. Oh, and don’t look to add any of the other draws associated with playing EuroMillions in the UK – like UK Guaranteed Millionaire per draw. If they do purchase the tickets in the UK, does that mean they keep these?’s Loyalty Program

It’s only through their online ribbon that players find out about Big Lotto’s Loyalty Program. There are three levels. Silver kicks in once you have been a member for 4 months and includes 200 extra ticket lines. Gold kicks in at 6 months with 400 extra ticket lines. Platinum kicks in at 12 months with 400 extra ticket lines, though I think they mean 600. Whoops! There is no other information except that this program kicks in on the 1st of May 2016.

Who Can Play at BigLotto?

Big Lotto syndicates are only available to people over the age of 18 and UK residents. If they find out you are not a UK resident, they will refund the payment, and you cannot win. also goes through a convoluted membership process of telephone calls to verify your information before confirming your membership. Checking these folks out, it appears that there is a heap of complaints of them calling and leaving no messages – gotta love caller ID! It sounds like they do a lot of telephone solicitation.

Weirder and Weirder

They also have a heap of pictures on their website advertising different lotteries, which you’d think would usually link to a site where people can purchase tickets for games like US Powerball. There is a “Quick Link” button, but there are no links. Either the site is still being developed, or they thought it would jazz up the website. Very strange! & Customer Service

If you want to talk to Big Lotto, they are available from 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays by telephone or email. There is also an online form. There is no snail mail address and no online chat. You are assigned your own “Syndicate Manager,” who they say will keep in touch, including the initial activation of our membership.

The Bottom Line at Big Lotto

Sorry folks – only one syndicate and though the ratio of lines per share is good – it is only for one lottery and only for UK residents.


Good Syndicate Ratio re Shares and Tickets


Only for UK Residents

Beware the Delay in Play

How Do I Get Out doesn’t get thumbs down, but I’d be wary of playing here. Just too much information missing in the terms and conditions plus why the non-operational links.

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