Belgium Pick 3

Belgium Pick 3

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Numbers to Pick: 3/9
Days of Draw: Daily, except Sunday
Average Price: €1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 1,000

Belgium Pick 3 Exposed — Pick Your 3 Lucky Numbers, Win 500 Euro Every Single Day!

Belgium Pick 3 Exposed

Belgium Pick 3 Review

Are you tired of those big lotteries, having you pick a certain set of numbers in hopes of winning millions? Chances are that you’re not and yes, we know that was a silly question! Still, if you’re looking for a nice little diversion, there are alternatives you can try. One of these alternatives is Belgium’s Pick 3 lottery.

While Pick 3 doesn’t come with a massive jackpot, it’s available every single day apart from Sunday and it has pretty awesome odds of producing a price. Are you at least a little bit curious? Here are the additional details.

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Belgium Pick 3: A Brief Overview

Belgium Pick 3 follows a pretty popular format that’s available in many other countries, as well. The game is very similar to Ontario Lottery Pick 3, Greece’s Super 3, and Israel Lottery’s 123. A number of state lotteries in the US are also based on the same format.

The Pick 3 version that Belgium has, takes place every single day of the week apart from Sunday. The cost per entry is only 1 euro, which makes the game both affordable and desirable.

How to Play Belgium Pick 3?

To play Belgium’s Pick 3, you’ll have to choose 3 numbers from a set ranging from 0 to 9. Remember that winning is dependent on both picking the correct numbers and the correct order in which these are drawn.

Thus, the entry submitted comes in the form of 000 to 999. A player will also have to choose the manner in which the entry is going to be played. It’s possible to submit a ticket that’s to guess the numbers and the order, just the numbers, the first 2 numbers or the last 2 numbers. These are the possibilities, allowing for a prize.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Unfortunately, the prizes in Pick 3 are fixed. There’s no massive jackpot and no rollovers.

The top prize is 500 euros. When you come to think about it, that’s a 500-times return of the money invested in the purchase of the ticket. If the situation is being analyzed this way, the top prize does make a lot of sense.

To win the top prize, you have to guess both the numbers and the order. The odds of this happening are 1 in 1,000 – another excellent characteristic of the lottery. Very few games out there come with such spectacular odds of winning the top prize.

Players who guess the numbers without the order and who pick the double option will win a prize of 160 euros. The prize for guessing all three numbers without getting the order correct is 80 euros.

There are two additional opportunities for winning a prize in Pick 3.

Players who guess the first two numbers will win a prize of 50 euros. The same refers to the players who guess the last two numbers for the respective drawing. Once again, the order is important for winning the fourth and fifth-tier prizes.

Some Information for Winners

There are a few essential players to keep in mind when claiming their prizes.

In Belgium, prizes of up to 1,000 euros can be claimed from just about every licensed ticket retail venue. The cash prize will be handed to the player immediately. If this option is more convenient, the prize can also be claimed from the Loterie Nationale headquarters in Brussels.

Belgium is one of the European countries that don’t have a tax on lottery prizes. The sum that’s being advertised is the exact sum you’re going to get.

Can You Buy Belgium Pick 3 Tickets Online?

Currently, the only option for buying Pick 3 tickets online is through the official platform of Loterie Nationale. Unfortunately, you have to be a Belgian citizen in order to register for an account. Still, if you’re visiting Belgium, you can buy a ticket regardless of your country of origin.

Pick 3 isn’t a massive, life-changing opportunity like some of the bigger European lotteries. Still, it offers a nice diversion for the people who want good odds and relatively inexpensive tickets.

There are several features that make Belgium’s Pick 3 worth a try:

Why You Should Play Belgium Pick 3


The game is relatively simple and it has analogs across the world

A single ticket costs just 1 euro

The odds of winning the top prize are quite impressive

There are several additional prize tiers and the odds on these are also excellent

The drawings take place every single day of the week apart from Sunday

This is a game in the portfolio of Loterie Nationale, which guarantees its legitimacy

Some of the funds generated through ticket sales go to support good causes

Belgium does not have an income tax on lottery prizes

This is all great and fun, but the shortcomings of the lottery include the following:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Belgium Pick 3


There isn’t a massive jackpot, but a fixed sum of 500 euro

The lower prize tiers aren’t huge either

International players can’t buy Pick 3 tickets online

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Is Belgium Pick 3 Legit?

Pick 3 is anything but a scam. If you want some quick cash and an opportunity to win some money every day of the week, consider giving this lottery a try. One hundred percent legitimate, Pick 3 is a state lottery that’s guided by strict rules and principles.

The game is one of the numerous entries in the portfolio of Loterie Nationale.

Loterie Nationale is Belgium’s state-operated lottery organization. Its history goes back numerous decades when it was called Colonial Lottery. The organization was re-structured in 1962 and its name was changed to Loterie Nationale.

Some of the most prominent games in the portfolio of the Loterie Nationale include Lotto, Joker, and Keno. The organization is also responsible for running EuroMillions in Belgium.

Loterie Nationale is committed to supporting charitable causes and the organization also works hard to give players innovative opportunities. In 2010, it launched a national online platform for the effortless internet purchase of tickets. The platform makes it possible to buy a ticket for just about all of the games in the Loterie Nationale portfolio.

To finalize the review, Pick 3 is fun. You have nothing to lose – the game costs just 1 euro and you only have to pick among 9 numbers. It doesn’t get better than that if you want good odds. Still, Pick 3 may not be the right game for you if you want a serious jackpot. Belgium has a couple of alternatives that provide much more spectacular top-level prizes.

  1. I started to give this a great and then found out you have to be Belgian to play. It’s a cute little lottery, played daily. I like it and hope that someone will be able to put it online sooner than later. I also like the fact it funds charitable causes. So, my money – when I don’t win – goes to something nice.


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