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Belgium Keno

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Belgium Keno Exposed — How to Put 250,000 Euro in Your Pocket?

Belgium Keno Exposed

Belgium Keno Review

Anyone looking for a bit more flexibility than the one coming with national lotteries should try a game like Keno. Many state lottery organizations have such an opportunity and Belgium is no exception.

Regardless of the country of origin, Keno is always the same. There may be some slight regional differences and here’s everything you need to know about the Belgian Keno.

Belgium Keno Overview

Usually, Keno is a gambling game that resembles lotteries with a slight twist. There’s a set of 80 numbers to choose from with a maximum selection of 20 picks per drawing. In Belgium, the total set of numbers is 70, which improves the overall odds of winning a prize.

Keno allows for more flexibility than lotteries because players can choose their lucky digits and they can pick the set of numbers that they want to play. Up to 10 spots can be chosen and while getting all 10 numbers correctly is almost entirely impossible, Keno provides an array of prize options.

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How to Play Belgium Keno?

Keno is easy to play and drawings take place each day of the week apart from Sunday. You have the freedom to pick the set of digits you want to play. This set will be determined for the top prize. A minimum entry in Belgium’s Keno costs 1 euro.

Each drawing has 20 numbers chosen at random from a set of 70. Players can pick a set that consists of up to 10 numbers. A bigger set will be more expensive to purchase but it will also increase the odds of winning a prize.

The minimum set that players can opt for consists of 2 numbers. It’s also possible to play a range from 3 to 9 numbers. Players also have to pick the bet per numerical set. This bet can range from 1 to 10 euros and it’s once again of determining importance for the prize.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

There are 35 individual ways in which Keno players can win a prize. This big number of prize tiers is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the game (that and the low price of acquiring a Keno ticket).

The top prize is handed out to players who get 10 out of 10 numbers correct. The prize is a fixed amount of 250,000 euros. Players that get a set of 9 numbers correct will end up being 50,000 euros richer. A match of 8/8 produces a prize of 10,000 euros and 7/7 correct numbers come with a fixed prize of 3,000 euros.

Many other numerical combinations produce a Keno prize, as well. The full list of the possibilities is available on the Loterie Nationale official website. The smallest prize is 1 euro and players will need to match at least 2 numbers in order to get compensation for the purchase of their ticket.

Information for Winners

Keno players that win 1,000 euros or less from the game can cash out their ticket at any licensed retail venue throughout Belgium. The respective sum will be paid out immediately. Larger prizes (of up to 2,000 euros) will be paid out at a regional Loterie Nationale office. If a Keno sum exceeds 2,000 euros, the player will have to make the prize claim at the Loterie Nationale headquarters.

The good news for lottery lovers in Belgium is that prizes aren’t taxed. Players will get the exact sum that is advertised for the respective drawing.

The prize claim period in Belgium may vary from one game to another. It’s best for players to check the information for the respective game, in order not to miss the deadline for cashing out.

Can You Play Belgium Keno Online?

Loterie Nationale has a well-developed online portal that simplifies the process of buying tickets. Unfortunately, this opportunity is available solely to Belgian residents who have a valid form of national ID.

At the time being, international lottery agents don’t have Keno purchasing opportunities available for the Belgian game. Only people on the territory of the country, including foreigners, can acquire their tickets.

Keno offers a lot of flexibility and it comes with a big number of prize tiers. This is why so many players in Belgium and across the world like the game. If you’re keen on giving this opportunity a try, you should definitely keep the following Keno benefits in mind:

Why You Should Play Belgium Keno


Keno has daily drawings, Sunday being the only day excluded

The minimum ticket prize is 1 euro

Players have lots of flexibility when it comes to choosing the numerical set they want to play

There’s a guaranteed maximum prize of 250,000 euro

There’s a big number of prize tiers – 35 in total!

Some of the lower prize tiers feature solid sums

Keno is organized by a national entity that regulates and oversees the fairness of the game

Belgium is one of the countries that don’t have lottery taxes

Some of the funds generated through ticket sales go to support good causes

While Keno can be a lot of fun for players who are looking for something different, there are several ways in which the game misses the mark:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Belgium Keno


The format can be a bit confusing for first-time players

The odds of winning the top prize aren’t that good

Some of the lower prize tiers offer minimum reimbursement

Keno isn’t available online for people who live in countries other than Belgium

Is Belgium Keno Legit?

The Belgian Keno is 100 percent legitimate and backed by a national entity. The game, just like all other major lotteries in the country, falls in the portfolio of Loterie Nationale.

The organization was set up by the Belgian government back in 1934. Back then, Loterie Nationale was called the Colonial Lottery. The first official drawing took place on October 18, 1934. Ever since Loterie Nationale has been modernized and its portfolio of games expanded significantly.

The modern Loterie Nationale was set up in 1962. The Belgian Ministry of Finance is the official entity responsible for organizing the games, paying out the prizes, and overseeing the fairness of the process. Today, Loterie Nationale has a number of games in its portfolio. The most popular ones include Lotto, Joker, Pick 3, and EuroMillions.

Belgium Keno is a legitimate opportunity to win some money and if you’re tired of standard lottery formats, this opportunity will be ideal for you.

Keno is different and this is where the game’s charm is hidden. We don’t really know if it’s going to appeal to you, which is why you’ll probably have to try the game for yourself. Chances are that you’ll enjoy the experience.

  1. Oh, cool. This looks like fun and I’m going to be in Belgium. A fun game to play each day. Can’t wait. The prize tier might not be that huge, but I love the odds on 10 out of 70. And then there is the amount of prize tiers. Wish me luck!


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