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BCLC Exposed — Lotteries VS Casino and Sports Betting

BCLC Exposed

BCLC Review

BCLC or British Columbia Lottery Corporation provides local online gaming and casino opportunities. Are these opportunities good or bad, however? That’s what we’re about to find out today.

The BC Lottery Corp. is an official entity, and as such, it should have a pretty reputable, well-oiled online gaming opportunity. If you’ve taken a look at the BCLC.com user reviews underneath this guide, you’ll see a completely different picture.

People are quite dissatisfied with the way the website works and what it has to offer. The BCLC app is often described as slow and bug-ridden, keeping people from enjoying their gaming and winning money.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the opportunities, the strengths, the weaknesses, and the validity of the complaints.

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Games at BCLC

Since BCLC is a regional entity, you can expect to find local lotteries there.

At the time of writing, the lottery games available for online purchasing through BCLC.com include Lotto Max and Extra, Lotto 6/49, BC/49, Daily Grand, Scratch and Win, Poker Lotto, Keno, and Keno Bonus, Pacific Hold ’em Poker, BC Lotto 50/50, and Pull Tabs.

Is there a difference if you decide to buy BC Lottery tickets online or through an actual neighborhood retailer? The good news is that there isn’t. BCLC.com does not charge an additional commission if you decide to acquire your tickets through the platform. The cost is the same, and you benefit from the convenience of not having to leave your home when you decide to purchase Lotto Max BC tickets or a payslip for any other local game.

Apart from British Columbia lotteries, the website also has a digital casino and a sports betting section.

BCLC and Getting Your Prizes

You can play British Columbia lotteries both through the website and the relatively new BCLC app.

The app comes with additional cool functionalities. For example, you can scan a ticket you bought offline to find out if you’ve won anything. If you purchased tickets online through BCLC.com, you would be alerted about winning a prize, and there’s no need to check.

The prize claim procedure is described in full detail on the BCLC FAQ page.

Prizes of up to 2,000 dollars are credited to a player’s account instantly. For more considerable sums, players will need to visit a regional prize payout location in BC.

Who Can Play at BCLC?

There is an intricate authentication process that you have to go through to sign up for a BCLC account.

As per the official terms and conditions, you need to be at least 19, and there’s also a BC residency requirement that is verified by a third party. Thus, if you live in another country and you’d like to test out British Columbia lotteries like BCLC Lotto 6/49, for example, you’ll have to seek another opportunity.

Keep in mind that even if you are a BC resident, you can only buy BCLC.com lottery tickets while you are physically within British Columbia. If you travel outside of BC, you will not enjoy the opportunities that the online platform offers.

BCLC.com Terms and Conditions

BCLC.com has pretty standard terms and conditions – nothing particularly worrisome there.

As already mentioned, there’s a pretty strict verification process to make sure you are of the age and residency to participate in BCLC games. If you somehow manage to bypass the safeguards, you’ll still experience problems at the time you decide to make a prize claim.

BCLC also provides various opportunities for responsible gaming. Setting weekly limits on deposits is one of those options.

Also, keep in mind that when signing up for an account, a player agrees to use it individually. This means you can’t lead your spouse or friends to play through your profile.

Who Is Behind BCLC?

As already mentioned, the online portal is developed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

BCLC has been around since 1985, and it operates under governmental regulations. It was incorporated under the Provincial Company Act. Initially, it offered lotteries solely. Eventually, the authority of the corporation was expanded to cover casino games and sports betting.

You can get in touch with their support team via phone, live chat, and email. Also, BCLC has numerous retail venues and customer centers throughout BC you can visit.

Other Bits and Pieces

While the BC Lottery Corp app is entirely legitimate, there are numerous complaints about its operation.

Most of these negative testimonials focus on the glitchiness of the website and the app.

People are also dissatisfied with the extensive verification procedures and the quality of customer service. Some had had to call multiple calls before someone picked up and took their complaint to heart.

So, in essence, there’s nothing wrong with the website itself. Issues stem from how BCLC is being operated and maintained.

Let’s sum up the biggest BCLC app’s pros and cons.

Why You Should Register With BCLC


Run and operated by an official state entity under the BC regulatory framework

Offers both national and local British Columbia lotteries

Online casino and sports betting opportunities are available

Ticket prices are the same as within the BC retail network

There’s a BCLC app that can be used to play, scan tickets and check results

Why You Shouldn’t Register With BCLC


Only available for BC residents

Even if you are a BC resident, you cannot play on the website when you’re out of the territory

A very strict, rigorous, and complex ID verification process

There have been multiple complaints about the quality of the customer service

Users also complained about the quality of the website and the fact that it tends to freeze up quite often

Would you mind rating Bclc.com?

Is BCLC Legit?

BCLC.com isn’t the best, but it’s also not the worst online lottery platform out there. It’s a pretty niche product, and hence, the number of people who can benefit from it is limited by default.

Is BCLC the right platform to choose if you want to play Canadian lotteries? Unless you are in BC, the answer is no. Luckily, there are many other less restrictive online platforms out there to access your favorite Canadian games, as well as multiple other popular lottery games from all parts of the world.

  1. Online site for B.C. Lottery has a warning in the address box, that it’s printing out errors, for your house #, and even if you type in out right, it comes out wrong,… . and they refuse to correct it only if you give them your picture I.D. and two different utility bills, for I.D.
    they refuse the B.C. directory, (phone book) for prove of house # even tho your name, street, town, phone is all the same, as proof.
    This is all a person needs to go mortgage your house or property, on you….. this was happening in eastern Canada, years ago, and owners were been stuck with the debts by the banks. because courts were siding with the banks……. as crazy as this sounds…. it’s true!

  2. Not happy with BCLC PlayNow online lottery ticket purchase. They don’t answer your calls. They have a horrible online web site that is constantly having issues. You can’t ever buy tickets online. Especially, at a time like this it would a great comfort to be able to buy online instead of having to risk my life going into a 7 eleven to purchase a ticket. A very irresponsible company. It appears that they just automatically put you on hold with no intention of answering your call. I’ve been on hold for hours now over multiple days. Their live chat pretends to answer and then disconnects you before answering your questions or concerns.

  3. You are thieves. Of the highest order since you do it with all the legal coverage the government commands for their actions. You can only hope there is no God or Judgement coming because you would surely be found in default. I admit I am weak and willing to try to improve my lot without MORE hard work. You have no concept of the idea of “work”. It’s all trickery with your kind and will only end when one of you gets that last penny. I do NOT wish you well.

  4. 649 scam
    A combination 4 dollar 649BC49 ticket does not pay extra number winnings
    Check your tickets
    Anyone in bc is losing money to Bclc
    Thank you Bclc
    How much money at 1, 2, or? Extra number winnings is being taken by Bclc
    Don in Brentwood bay

  5. I read all the 1 star comments above and yes, BCLC is certainly using cheating ways.

    I have had similar experiences as the ones I could read from other users like: Keno machine jams and freezes and then you get the numbers, odds decreasing as you play, and even the casino making you win a few hundreds for several hours until around 3 AM… just to, then one day, come back at you and show you how many times you signed a paper for claiming your prize. LOL…

    Employees reading your personal life with some powerful acknowledgment, as to tell you if you wouldn’t be better with a girlfriend, or anything else may be…

    As for customer service, it is awful and cold. The casino can make you wait 30-60 minutes on a winning machine so you lose the urge to leave home with the wins and then think around and stay to lose it all again, among other evil ways.

    You have to go to Quebec’s Loto-Québec for a better, but cold, gambling service and to get much better odds, by far…and even there, they’re so so.


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