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Alloutlotto Exposed — Lots Of Questions, No Answers…

Alloutlotto Review

There are times when we take a look at an online lottery provider and simply get dumbfounded. was one of those. Normally, I’d intro with some facts about the online lottery provider our team is checking out. The ole how the site works and what they do. But I think I’ll just dive into who this online lottery provider is. It’s pretty weird.

Who is Alloutlotto?

In their own words, “is owned and operated by Funline Trading Limited C/O Ioanni Stylianou 6, 4th Floor Office 413, P.C. 2003, Nicosia, Cyprus.” So we dug in deeper to find out more about Funline Trading Limited. There was an interesting link to GtOptions which is an online forex site where people trade on different currencies. Okay – I’ll say it. It’s more like betting unless you are a financial wizard or know something about the rise and fall of currencies.

Then we went back to’s own info on who they are and decided we’d take a look at Ioanni Stylianou. Was this a person? Was this a company? As we started digging, we found over fifty companies that were all referenced with Ioanni Stylianou as the contact point. They were all located at the same address referencing different floors from the 2nd to the 6th. They were all online platforms of some sort offering a variety of services including a lot of cloud storage.

Real or Not Real?

We’re not saying that is a scam, but I must confess, I wanted to know who or what is Ioanni Stylianou. It was my turn – versus the team – to really dig in for information. I figured I’d start by firing off questions through their site. Much to my surprise,’s website had an “HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.” Finally – it’s been a couple of weeks – the site is back up and running and we’ve asked ‘the question’? No answer!

Sifting through the Info at

Going through all the team’s notes, we can confirm that while the site was up and running, we never were able to access Live Chat. They say their live chat is through an instant IM (instant messaging service) type service and that one of their service consultants will send an instant response. Sorry – that’s not live chat. Besides that, we’re still waiting for a response – hours later!

One of our team also came across a reference on one scammer advisor site that said: “complaints caution – actual location of site is being hidden”. Not sure what that is all about, but it definitely gave me the heebie-jeebies!

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The Bottom Line at Alloutlotto

Now that the site is up and running again, we’re still not any farther ahead with more info. We’ve sent several IM instant messages with no reply. If an online lottery service provider is going to offer live chat even through instant messages, they should at least have an acknowledgment of the question. For now, we’re getting silence.


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Who Are They?

What are They?

Where are They?

These guys get a thumbs down. There might have been some credibility if there was some sort of explanation on why they went offline and they actually answered any of our questions. If you’ve been a player with them, can you please let us know if they have been in touch with you as an account member and/or what they’ve had to say.

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