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7Lottos Exposed — Betting or Lottery Tickets??

7Lottos is a lottery service allowing you to play worldwide lotteries online. 7Lottos.com services are provided under the Winners Entertainment Limited (Registration No. 112499), registered at Suite 2B, 143 Main Street, Gibraltar GX11 1AA. Winners Entertainment Limited is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar & regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner under license RGL NO. 086. 7Lottos could be reached via live chat (from 8 am to 4 pm CET) and email address support@7lottos.com. 7Lottos.com offers seven international lotteries and three lottery syndicates. Over 400,000 prizes have been paid out by 7Lottos since its founding.

7Lottos Review

There are daily lotteries internationally, but 7Lottos.com does give it a new twist. They are an online lottery service that sets up a group play packaging some of the big and smaller international lotteries. It’s a hilarious concept. The only problem is finding all the details on how it all works. The other issue is the fact that I’m still not sure whether they actually buy lottery tickets or simply this is a betting site where they insure against winnings. Let me explain.

Games at 7Lottos

7Lottos.com offers seven lotteries including US Mega Millions, EuroMillions, UK National Lottery, France’s Loto, Italy’s SuperEnalotto, German Lotto 6aus49, and Austria’s Österreichischen Lotterien. Picking your tickets (or use a quick pick) is pretty straightforward. It’s the next step that gets a little sticky. There are all kinds of choices to unclick or click depending on whether you want to play multiple games, ongoing weekly and the group play for all seven lotteries offered. Make sure you are sure what you are committing to.

7Lottos.com’s Group Play

The system defaults all over the place with a box clicked for the group play. This means you are playing all seven lotteries which cover every day of the week. Players can buy into groups of 49 tickets, 105 tickets or 245 tickets per week. The value is pretty good, but – yes the big but – there is nowhere on their site that stipulates how many shares are in each group. It was through live chat that we were able to find out each of the groups is 100 shares. The live chat operator also said that if not all the shares are purchased 7Lottos buys the rest and “uses the ticket number or potential winnings on extra offers for our customers.” Okay, I find that hard to believe.

Winning and 7 Lottos

Winnings under €2,500 will be credited to your account seven days after they receive the money. Winnings between €2,501 to €1 million will be credited within 15 days of their receipt of the funds. Winnings over € 1 million will be credited 30 days after they get the money. They underline that 7Lottos will not pay any interest on the winnings. They also talk about a ‘minimum withdrawal limit’ which may or may not apply to you. There is no information on what this is, and it’s up to the player to verify the amount that applies.

Customer Service

That was one of the issues that the team had over and over again gone through this site. There is so much information that is missing, and the only way to find out is to either open an account (which means buying tickets) or spend a heap of time writing emails or on live chat. I have problems with that – I mean the info should be readily available, officially in writing. They do have a live chat (though it looks like business hours), an online form, email address and snail mail address in Copenhagen.

Who is 7Lottos.com?

This is a brand name of Winners World Wide Limited that is registered in Guernsey and yes has a primary business address there. So, what’s with the Copenhagen snail mail address? Their site is available in both Swedish and English to add to the confusion.

The Bottom Line

At first glance, the idea of having a group play for a lottery every day of the week seemed like fun. It was getting into the nitty-gritty details, or lack thereof, that got us wondering just how real these guys are.


Lottery Every Day of the Week

Group Play


When Do I Get My Winnings?

Who Am I Giving My Info To?

What’s My Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

Is it Betting of Tickets?

These folks get a thumbs down! Even after the team dug through the terms and conditions, how it works and the FAQs, we’re still not sure whether they buy lottery tickets or this is simply a betting site!

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  1. Beware ever getting your money. I won some money a while back (Only 30€) but they never paid out when I went to withdraw.

    I would avoid them at all costs as they just don’t ever give *you* the money you win.

  2. They don’t even have a license anymore that they claim on their site, BEWARE! I got scammed out of my winnings and so will you.

  3. Great!! I downloaded the app which is simple to use, I won £995 on the Hong Kong Lotto through Lottoland and received the money no problem ????

  4. Played on their free trial of one of their syndicates, won 135kr and cancelled before the week was up.

    Kind of slow payout though, as it took 2 weeks, but I’m not going to complain with the free money.

  5. This company has more faces than anything I have ever seen, their scam and fraud operation seems to cover several companies called Winnersgroup, Winners Entertainment Limited, Winners Management Limited and the list goes on. They owe money to lots of people from here in TA so be very careful.

    • It’s a fraud company they have been taking money from my account every week for the past 3 months now. Please do anyone have their telephone number for me.

  6. I was confused with the lotto service and to be honest I never really understood how they work. They do not let us see our ticket and I didn’t trust they would pay me if I won. It was very difficult to stop subscribing… sorry but I do not rate it well. Lycka till everyone!

  7. Spot on, every week, regular as clockwork. You can’t ask for more!

  8. Seriously terrible terrible service and I have never been so spammed, very careful with 7lottos I think this winners group is just fraud.

    • I agree with Alison, I liked how it looked but the service was not so good, also I received so many emails crazy.

  9. Hi,

    I went into this 7 lotto. Played and won a small amount, but the company never paid out the winnings.

  10. Is this the same as hiperlotto.pl? They have the same program and they look very similar, but one says Gibreltar and the other says Curacao. It looks very fraud like to me, thank you for the great work.

  11. I would stay away. First I registered and played, then my credit card was charged more than agreed for the same a nightmare to cancel….


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