5 Best Lottery Sites for 2022 — Look Who’s Definitely Totally Nailed It!

5 Best Lottery Sites by Lotto Exposed

It was a great lottery year for us; we reviewed dozens of lottery sites, the industry is growing, and more players worldwide decided to buy tickets online based on our recommendations. We’ve decided to compile a list of the best lottery sites for 2022 according to the LottoExposed Team so that you will have fun and safe playing. Good luck!


TheLotter — The Biggest and The Oldest


TheLotter is the biggest and the oldest lottery site out there and has managed to maintain its excellent reputation through the years with almost zero complaints on LottoExposed.com.
Massive respect to the team for the constant improvement efforts and excellent customer service!

TheLotter’s still our top pick for 2022!


LottoKings — The Kings of America


LottoKings is a new and improved site from the creators of WinTrillions and CongaLotto. This site offers excellent security and customer service that will make players feel like kings. LottoKings is one of the best choices for players from America, and it provides an excellent selection of international lotteries (about 20).

LottoKings is our choice for the best American lottery website!


LottoLand — The Fastest Growing Lottery


LottoLand is the lottery site that accomplished the impossible – it went from zero to a billion dollars in four years. Thus, it became the fastest-growing lottery site in the world. We’re genuinely fascinated by the titanic work of the LottoLand team!

LottoLand is our top pick for the fastest growth!


24Lottos — Lottery for Africa!


Last but not least, 24Lottos deserves recognition for its establishment in Africa. With a unique experience, 24Lottos is one to look for. 24Lottos is also valued for fair prices and the possibility to purchase a single lottery line.

24Lottos is the best lottery site for Africa!


MultiLotto — #1 in Scandinavia!


MultiLotto deserves to be featured on our list because of the fantastic range of lottery games to play. Our team counted 60 lotteries (!). One of the exciting options is Bitcoin Jackpot. Everything on MultiLotto is “multi,” including languages, currencies, and payment options.

MultiLotto is our top pick for multi-optionality!


We’ll keep on looking for additional information and updating our presentations throughout 2022.

The LottoExposed Team will also work on some of the worst 2022 lotto sites on the market.

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  2. I think agentlotto.com should be added to the list.


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