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Irish Lotto

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Days of Draw:
Wed, Sat
Average ticket price:
€3 for 2 lines of 6 numbers
Odds of Winning:
1 in 8.14
Numbers to choose:
6/45 + Bonus
Jackpot Record:
€25 Million
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Irish Lotto Exposed — Grab Your Own Pot of Gold!

Irish Lotto
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Never Mind a Leprechaun – Irish Lotto For Your Pot Of Gold

Does it really matter what currency a jackpot is in or do we simply get excited at the chance to win? I was looking at a variety of different lotteries this last week comparing currencies and realized the Irish Lotto in Euros makes for a big jackpot. It’s not British pounds but 2 million in Euros is definitely more than 2 million US. I figured it was time to take a look at this lottery and see how it works.

Irish Lotto’s Game

This is a straight forward lottery game where players choose six numbers between 1 and 45. To win the big jackpot, a player has to guess all six numbers. There is a bonus number drawn for prize tiers 2 (five regular numbers plus the bonus), 4 (4 regular plus bonus) and 6 (3 regular plus bonus). There are 7 tiers of prizes with a payout of €5 for 3 regular numbers.

The game is played every Wednesday and Saturday. Each play is a minimum of 2 lottery lines. The cost varies with each online lottery concierge and I try to stick with those that don’t take a share. I figure it’s my dime and I’m going to enjoy every cent won!

How Much Is Irish Lotto’s Big Jackpot

Irish Lotto starts it’s jackpot at a minimum of €2 million though most draws are more than that and it continues to roll over until it is won. These folks pay in prizes over 50% of the money paid in. This lottery does not climb with mega jackpots though in 2008, a syndicate won €18.9 million. Part of the issue is that the odds are so much better than some of the bigger jackpots, the pot doesn’t get to build as much. Those kind of odds interest me.

The Odds at Irish Lotto

According to Wikipedia (remember I am not a mathematician), the current odds on winning the jackpot in Irish Lotto is 1 in 8,145,060. Compared to many of the other big jackpots internationally that’s pretty darn good.

Numbers MatchedPrizeOdds of WinningEstimated Prize Fund
6 NumbersJackpot1 in 8,145,06046.15%
5 Numbers + Bonus Ball€25,0001 in 1,357,5102.36%
5 NumbersVaries1 in 35,7245.38%
4 Numbers + Bonus BallVaries1 in 14,2901.35%
4 NumbersVaries1 in 7728.3%
3 Numbers + Bonus BallVaries1 in 5795.53%
3 Numbers€51 in 4813.28%

Irish Lotto Complaints

Folks, they don’t exist as this is a good, regulated lottery that is legit. There are the usual scams being run by people usually using some sort of fees or tax request prior to getting your win or identity theft. The big thing to remember is, if you haven’t played then you’re not going to win. If you are playing at an online concierge lottery service, you can simply go in and check your account.

Rules and Regulations at Irish Lotto

As long as you are 18, then that big jackpot at Irish Lotto is yours to take to the bank. There are no other requirements and it’s a lump sum lotto with no annuity option. The cash is yours. Just make sure you are using a good, reliable concierge service that isn’t also going to take their piece and/or hit you with a variety of taxes and fees for processing!

Who is Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto is run by the National Lottery in Ireland. In April of this year, Dail Éireann (the lower house of the Irish Parliament) changed the ownership to privatize the lottery with a new independent lottery regulator. The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform has directed that the profits are for the construction of the new National Children’s Hospital. The legislation also changed to ensure that anyone internationally can play.

Problems at Irish Lotto

Okay, they don’t always get it right. On the 6th of April this year, they screwed up and called out the 9 ball as a number 6. There was no illegal intent here. The lottery company is standing by the mistake paying out on both combinations to the tune of about €54,000 additional prizes.

The Bottom Line at Irish Lotto

This lottery has consistently good jackpots to the point they don’t become huge jackpots because the odds are a little better than some of the other internationals.


Good Jackpots

Twice A Week

Good Odds


Doesn’t Get to GiNormous Amounts

New Ownership

Irish Lotto looks good for our team and gets a thumbs up. It’s bi-weekly which means every Wednesday and Saturday, there is a bit of cardiovascular exercise waiting to see if any of us have won! I also like that they stand by their mistakes!

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