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Nick Silver
Sun, 3-Mar-2013 11:16
post thumbnail – Users Have Their Say

Playing lotteries online seems pretty intimidating at first. The concept of clicking on a site and providing not only personal information, but credit card info is daunting. presents a professional website. Click on ‘home’, the screen is clear and there aren’t a thousand bells and whistles to distract me throwing up too much information.  But thanks to the feedback from a variety of users, let’s dig deeper!

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Who is says it’s a London based company and though their telephone helpline is a +44 area code we all know how easy that is to set up through any of the different phone services including Skype. Their contact info indicates they are in Cyprus and actually offers an address. Live chat is presented as well, I was happy to see the green light. When Ice Lotto support is not online, you can leave a message by completing a simple form. There is also a FAQ page which does go on and on and on about how to win.

The Games at provides a platform to play seven key lottery games: Powerball (USA), Mega Millions (USA), Lotto 649 (Canada), La Primitiva (Spain) and EuroMillions (Europe), EuroJackpot (Europe), SuperEnaLotto (Italy). Registration is fairly straight forward and voila, you get an account. Now it is simply your choice to choose which lotteries you want to play. I still am not straight on how you actually get your ticket and there doesn’t seem to be any specific information. I would also note that I had to switch computers as my old Windows XP wouldn’t seem to support the site. As soon as I moved to Windows 7, I was in. Complaints

I’m not sure whether to feel more confident or more nervous with the lack of reviews online. I could only find referred to on one site and I went through a lot of them, including reviews and some of the official complaint sites. Webutation gives a thumbs up (100 out of 100) on all aspects except WOT (Web of trust). Though there aren’t that many reviews and they all date back to 2011 and they are all good. I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news, or the lack of news means they took a break for a while. Plus, you and I both know how easy it is to blog a site positively! Their “Lottery Results” page is up-to-date with current information. Their “News” and “Articles” does now have information which appears to be also up to date. There is a scrolling bar at the top that announces the latest winners, but I don’t think they actually won through

The Bottom Line at

On the surface, this looks like just another online lottery service provider, but I have a few problems. I’m still not sure who these folks are. I also don’t need to be told that gone are the days of purchasing your lottery ticket at your local grocery store which discusses. I mean I am here on their site so obviously already know about playing lotteries online.


pros Clean Site
pros One Stop Shop
pros Current Lottery Results Available
pros Current Lottery News Available
pros 3 Languages Are Presented (English, French and Russian), German Will Be Added Soon


cons User Complaints Under This Review

Playing a lottery is a game of probabilities and the ability to purchase multiple tickets with the same numbers supposedly increasing your odds (or that’s that some sites seem to suggest) which these guys offer in the form of subscriptions. After a few serious improvements made by Ice Lotto, we would give this seller thumbs up, but we want you to be the judge in this case. Also, we invite representatives to reply to our users’ comments.

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Hello everyone, my name is Nick and you can find me on Google+. I am a founder and a primary author of the Here we are exposing online lottery agents, software and syndicates. Only on our site you will find a real truth about the lottery. Playing lottery is in my veins, writing about it makes most of my time. My life motto is: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” So start doing and stop dreaming!

29 Responses to Exposed – Let’s Break The Ice!

  1. user avatar padel :

    I have used
    At the beginning i have got a free lottery ticket an i was happy to see they sent me the scanned copy of the ticket of the EuroMillions.
    Afterwards, I have bought a ticket to the PowerBall. Their login page was down so I could not login and see the ticket, but after 1 day it went back up and I had the copy of the ticket.
    They update me if they have an system upgrade so i can expect a problem. It seems they are honest and that I can trust them.
    I also check reviews on them and found good review in various sites.
    Therefore, I recommend on their service.

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      Padel – great and please let us know if you win a big one! Have fun playing. Nick

  2. user avatar padel :

    I forgot to metion that I have checked this site and found out they are using the highest security level of EV SSL. From my personal experience an EV SSL is hard to get and the company is being check entirely. I also checked them on McAfee (siteadvisor) and so good reviews.
    Therefore, I recommend as a trusted lottery site.

  3. user avatar john :

    i get rung daily, multiple times by the telemarketers, they refuse to take no for an answer and keep ringing back time after time after time, these guys use harassment, i spend hours on the phone telling them i am NOT INTERESTED.

    they enjoy the distress they create by ringing daily and multiple times.

    their customer email person refuses to answer emails on the complaints i have made.

    the practice of harassing people daily is imho illegal.

  4. user avatar john :

    icelotto sales teams harass me daily, refuse to take no for an answer and ring multiple times if you hang up, basically wasting about 20 minutes of my time day after day.. management wont reply.


  5. user avatar John :

    I got a call from a telemarketing team of ICELOTTO. At the beginning i thought it is a scam, so I did not want to pay. But then i bought a ticket online on the site and got a login to their system. I saw the actual ticket I bought and it was great.
    Then a sales person called me and offered me an interesting offer of a personal ticket and a group ticket. It was at a great price and i did a subscription for 6 months. I logged to the site and saw all my tickets bought, so I can say that i trust them. They have great offers and now all that i need to get is to win.
    Good luck to everyone else…

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      John – sorry for the late reply. With the growth of online lottery providers and software we have been swamped. Great to hear that it looks like the situation was resolved. Please let us know if that changes. Good luck! Nick

  6. user avatar Braser Dass :

    The truis that is the same kind of service that the other good sites, the only diference is that the service is better trough phone than online , I couldnt by online what I wanted but the girl in the phone was nice and patience.
    I will give them a chance

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      Braser Dass – super feedback – thanks! Nick

  7. user avatar Maurice :

    Bunch of scammers. Keep calling me daily

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      Maurice – would love to know more about the calls. Can you email me direct with a summary so I can have our team follow this up. Thanks, Nick

  8. user avatar BS :

    Thanks Nick Silver for your time!

    I had a HORRIBLE experience, they tried to use my credit card to buy their tickets – Euro-49. I was shocked with this. Fortunately I have a pre-set limit on my card, and this was declined.

    I advise please DON’T recommend this site.

    • user avatar Elaine :

      I was scammed by IceLotto. They made 2 unauthorized credit card charges and they cannot be reached. After a week of calling and mailing, no reply whatsoever, If they were a legit company they would respond to my emails or return my many calls. I have now filed a complaint with the authorities because charging a credit card without authorization is fraudulent.

  9. user avatar Nick Silver :


    Great you set the pre-limit. Wow! Great for the feedback. Let us know if you have more issues. We need to hear about these things not that we wish them upon people. Nick

  10. user avatar Matt :

    I have used several times in the past. Due to their recent aggressive cold calling tactics I will not anymore. I do not appreciate being woken up at 0800-0900 on Sunday mornings by people badgering me to pay monthly subscriptions because “I haven’t played since month X”.
    They do not take no for an answer and use psychological ploys to pressure you into buying.
    I had to hang up on them several times.

    Never again.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Thanks, Matt. Yeah, we’ve heard about this. Personally I hate such marketing tactics, that’s really annoying.

    • user avatar Elaine :

      Sounds familiar, I was harassed by them as well on a Sunday afternoon and it’s true, they don’t take no for an answer. They even tell you that you get guaranteed winnings if you join the VIP membership which of course is impossible.

  11. user avatar Leah :

    I missed a phone call from an international number, I am in Australia. I claimed a free ticket I won on a survey website and all seemed legitimate. I rang the number back, it was ice lotto and when I explained I had a missed call they told me I had the wrong number and hung up on me. I don’t know what to think and am very sceptical that they could be scam artists.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Leah. Personally I recommend you to contact a survey website support about this issue. Are you sure this site is trustworthy?

  12. user avatar Alex :

    ice lotto affiliate scam me for 400 USD just not pay!!! no trust company fraud , scam 10000%

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Thanks for your comment, Alex. We’re sorry you had such a bad experience. Daisy

  13. user avatar Vlastimil :

    I must confirm the same experience with them. They were calling me many times and didn’t accept NO, when I started to ignore them, they started to call from a hidden number … Eventuelly, I purchased a game with them to shut them up, and when the time of the game expired I sent them email requesting to close down my account and even to keep the little winnings there were there … and soon later I saw another charge on my credit card from them … of course, it’s a fraud now, as I didn’t agree with anything

  14. user avatar Amy :

    Found them online and bought a ticket. A rep called me two days later and got me into buying a pacakge. Very happy with their service and the fact that you can see online the actual ticket. So far- excellent!

  15. user avatar aletta :

    I joined as a VIP member the 30/01/2014 and I have not receive any email or any kind of conformation regarding my tickets. They gave me a password to sign in with but it does not work

  16. user avatar jordan :

    hello i am just reading this my step mom got a free ticket and won $1,000,000.00 but now they will not contact her or reply to her honestly i think some of these comments are bots but all i can say is this is a nice scam to get money since its $1,000,000.00 why would they contact my step mom someone plz tell me if im wrong

    • user avatar jordan :

      it was from ice lotto i forgot to put the name in

  17. user avatar Tamer :

    Purchased tickets to the EuroMillions with them for some time now, recently made a nice winning. Eventhough I rejected the offers I got from the account managers for some times – after I made a winning I decided to take on one of the offers which is not too bad – it keeps me every week with the highest jackpot lottery with both syndicate tickets as well as full ones. Anyway – ask all the questions that would ease your mind about them, and good luck.

  18. user avatar Sean van der wath :

    I am very disappointed with what is going on in the world today. This Ice lotto is a load of hog wash….has anybody won anything on this site….furthermore they keep taking money off my credit card after I told the agent who phoned me that they must stop doing so. I don’t want to cancel my card. The people at ice lotto didn’t tell me that they would be taking random amounts off my card. I want this money put back into my account before i contact the authorities. I am giving them 24 hours to respond to me and then i will be seeking legal action……..very disappointed

  19. user avatar jesse :

    hi got sucked into an bundle pack via telephone sales team for 150 usd about 3 weeks ago im still yet to receive any tickets and im waiting for a reply via my emails looks like ive been scammed …..:( live and learn


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