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Deposit: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Zeering Token (ZING)
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Zeering Exposed — Playing Lotteries Using Zing Cryptocurrency

Zeering Review

Are you interested in playing US lotteries through an online provider? Zeering.com says they offer US, Canada, UK and Australian lotteries including kicking off the process with a free ticket. Though prices to buy tickets seem to be posted in US dollars, Zeering offers 4 kinds of cryptocurrency options. I’m not sure about you, but I still use real money. Let’s take a look.

Games at Zeering.com

Surfing through the options, it appears Zeering offers a chance to play 25 US lotteries including the two big ones, Mega Millions and Powerball. I’m not sure where they come up with Canada, UK and Aussie lotteries. Maybe this is planned for the future. Players can choose their own favorite numbers or use the quick pick option. Lottery ticket lines start at 1 to unlimited. Click on ‘add to cart’ and a weird pop up messages comes up “Do you want to create a pool?” There is nothing on their site that explains what this is.

Buying Tickets

Players have five options to buy tickets using one of the cryptocurrencies including bitcoins. Zeering offers its own cryptocurrency – Zing. They say they’ve launched this without an ICO. It appears it was beta launched in 2014 and went online for real May 2018. Zing tokens are “ERC20 Ethereum based smart contract” with no fixed value. The price “depends on daily sales on the platform”. Sorry, this is just too much gobbly-gook for me.

Who Can Play at Zeering.com?

Players must be 18 years of age or older. There isn’t any other information in the terms and conditions but there is an info line at the top of their site that says people from Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan can’t play here.


Click on the Winners menu and be ready to roll your eyes. There are six winners posted on the first page and they are straight out of GQ. I know it’s not gender-sensitive but I would suggest that usually the name Tiffany is for a girl.

Zeering and Getting Your Winnings

The only reference to how you get your winnings is in their terms and conditions where they talk about Zing’s Player’s Club and Lucke-Rewards. If you win through this, Zeering says they will contact you by email. There is no other information on what you win, how to get your winnings and/or if there are any fees or commissions. There is also no information on how to cash out your “Zing” if that’s what you choose to play.

Who Is Zeering?

This is the most informative page on the entire site. Zeering.com has four offices in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. There are snail mail addresses for each and email addresses. Their office hours are posted and Zeering says they will respond to emails within 24 hours. They also offer a Telegram and Twitter connection, plus online form.

The Bottom Line at Zeering.com

Sorry folks, I’m still chuckling over the winners’ page. Boy those boys are cute. But, the reality is there is just too little information on this site. Things like what I would actually win and how I would get it. They say they guarantee your wins but nowhere does it say clearly what you will win and/or what currency you get paid in. If I won one of those mega jackpots of US Powerball, I certainly do not want it in some obscure cryptocurrency called Zing.


25 US Lotteries to Play


What Do I Win?

When Do I Get My Winnings?

What Is My Zing Worth?

Zeering.com gets a thumb’s down. There is just too much information missing and my bottom line is I want my winnings in a real currency.

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