You Won’t Believe These Stories of People Who Won the Lottery

These People Won the Lottery after Tragedy

Winning the Lottery after Tragedy

Nothing could be better than winning the lottery, right? All your dreams and hard work finally come to a conclusion and you can finally start living how you want to.

Unfortunately, not everyone who won the lottery enjoyed such a sweet victory. A few stories can be found of individuals or families suffering a tragedy and then winning the lottery weeks or even days later. Can you imagine that? Certainly, there is nothing more bittersweet.

The following are accounts from news reports of someone who won the lottery right after enduring a tragic loss. I hope you never deal with this situation, but it is interesting to learn about individuals gaining something after losing so much.

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Couple Won Lottery after Son’s Death

One couple in New Zealand recently won a lottery prize just under the three-week mark of their son’s sudden death. The reporting news station did not know the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate passing of the boy. The couple had an auto-purchase plan for lottery tickets benefiting a heart foundation, as one of them had suffered from their own heart ailments. They never expected to win anything, just viewing it as a donation, until they discovered they had won a half-a-million-dollar lakeside home! Of course, the event brought up mixed emotions for them. It seems to me winning a prize like that would at least take a small amount of weight off their shoulders—at least now they have a place to live without the stress of mortgage payments.

Family Won the Lottery after Losing Their Daughter

Another fascinating story I’ve come across is about a family praying to win the lottery after the death of their 14-year-old daughter following a series of seizures. Dreading the thought of having to pack up her room and move, the family prayed for something to save their home from foreclosure. Their daughter had a stash of lottery tickets kept in her room, which went untouched for a long while after she died. Under the threat of losing their home, the girl’s father dug through the jar and checked the tickets. It turns out one of them was worth over $4 million! Although their first reaction was regret that their daughter could not share in this joy with them, part of their prayers was certainly answered—they can now keep the happy memories with their daughter.

Truck Driver Won the Lottery after Losing Wife

A truck driver in California endured tragedy and great fortune in just a span of two days. The night after losing his wife to a heart attack, the man won big in the “California Lucky for Life” scratch-off lottery. He opted for the cash option which paid out about $375,000. He believes his wife somehow “sent him the money” to make sure their grandkids were taken care of. Before he won the lottery, the gentleman had only won about $200 previously. Imagine that luck! He is planning to buy a house and a truck and then saves the rest.

Man Won the Lottery after Divorcing His Wife

In 2004, a man in Indianapolis was enduring the worst year of his life. He had discovered his wife cheating on him, wrecked his car, and had to put his 12-year-old dog to sleep. His entire life changed when he decided to purchase a $5 lottery ticket, which he had done twice a week for a few years. Once the winning numbers were revealed, the gentleman discovered he had won the $1 million lottery! After all that he had gone through, winning the lottery gave him an entirely new lease on life. With the divorce from his cheating wife finalized, he was able to buy a house and pretty much start his life over.

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