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WorldwideLottery Exposed — A Dream or Reality?

WorldwideLottery Exposed

WorldwideLottery Review

There’s been an interesting chat going on in the Lotto Exposed forum on the concept of a global lottery game. Well, it looks like one is coming. The team took a look at this week. It’s not live yet, but it looks like they are putting things in place. Let’s go take a look at their four games.

Worldwide Lottery’s Billionball

Planning on kicking off in 2017, will offer four key games. Billionball involves players picking five white balls from 1 to 55 and one red ball from 1 to 50. Get five correct white balls and the red ball and they say you will be a billionaire. This draw will be held annually on New Year’s Eve. What a way to start the year! What is hilarious is that if you buy your tickets in January, they only cost €1 and increase every month to €12 in December. There are nine ways to win with a second prize of matching five white balls for €100,000 down to €7 for matching three white balls. There is also a side option called “BonusBall” for an additional €1 where players can multiply their prizes by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. If the jackpot isn’t won, then it rolls over to the next one.

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Picksixlotto at

PickSixLotto might be more to your speed than waiting around for a jackpot that only takes place once a year. This game will be played twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday, picking six numbers per ticket line from 1 to 55. There are four prize tiers. Get all six numbers and you win the jackpot. Players at can choose up to 52 consecutive draws and multiple tickets. For a ticket cost of only €1, this looks pretty good.

Other Games plans on two other games – which will be played monthly and 888Lotto to be played daily. There are no details available yet on these games.

What Else about WorldwideLottery?

Actually, there are a lot of ‘no details available’ on this site. The FAQ says it’s coming soon. Hey, it is mid-December already. And there are no terms and conditions. But they have already registered 536 affiliate sites with most of them a mirror of this one. There is no information on how you get your winnings, how you register for an account, or whether there is a commission taken.

Who Gets the Income?

They say these lotteries will be used as a “sensible, socially accepted, non-political, global fundraising mechanism”. They go on to say that they will “assist world needs” focusing on “hunger, potable water, disease, literacy, global warming, alternative energy and reserves for the next tsunami, earthquake or hurricane”. But there is no information on how they will decide and when any funds available will be allocated.


There is a heap of articles about the founder Jordan Gerberg of dating back as far as 2007. Guess he’s been working on this for a while. There are two snail mail post office addresses for California and Colorado, and a couple of email addresses. There are no phone numbers.

Why You Should Register with Worldwide Lottery


Potential Billion Dollar Prize

Funding for Humanitarian Initiatives

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Games

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Worldwide Lottery


No Terms and Conditions or FAQ

No Info on How the Donations will be Directed

No Info on How You Get Your Winnings

Would you mind rating

Is WorldwideLottery Legit?

Okay, the concept of a worldwide lottery where anyone can play is kinda cool. But if they are registered in the United States (which we don’t actually know) then the lottery will have to abide by the tax laws there. To be real, it does have to be registered somewhere.

There just is too much information pending to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Plus, we all definitely need to know a heck of a lot more about how and when they will pay out for humanitarian needs!

  1. Read the bottom it’s not open yet to play

  2. The is at this time an investor site only. Further details will become available depending on the strategy of a strategic alliance to bring a WorldwideLottery with various games such as BillionBall, LottoAsia, 56886 (lotto) LottoRica etc etc to market. Thanks for taking a look and your evaluation.

    Best regards,


  3. Come on folks. Great idea, but no substance. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of posting a website for a lottery, please follow through. No terms and conditions is enough to say don’t play. I also think there are a lot of folks that won’t want to play something that is only drawn once a year.


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