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Numbers to Pick: 6/39
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Average Price: $1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 1,631,312

Wisconsin SuperCash Exposed — Test Your Luck Every Day of the Week

Wisconsin SuperCash Exposed

SuperCash Review

Have you been looking for a lottery that holds its drawings every single day? If you live in Wisconsin and this is your main priority, you’re in luck. The state’s SuperCash Lotto has a drawing every single day. With a guaranteed jackpot of 350,000 dollars, SuperCash has quickly become a favorite among locals and state visitors.

Is TheLotter legit and safe to play in Wisconsin?

SuperCash Wisconsin: A Brief Overview

Wisconsin SuperCash came into existence in 2005. This is when the state lottery changed the format of an existing 6 out of 36 game to the current 6 out of 39 format.

Ever since its inception, SuperCash lured Wisconsiners to give it a try with a daily drawing. Very few other lotteries across the globe offer the same perks. With a minimum ticket price of just 1 dollar, the game isn’t one to ignore easily.

It’s also interesting to point out that this is the Wisconsin game with the best odds of winning the jackpot. The numerical pool to choose from is relatively small (only 39 numbers), which is why getting the 6 correct digits for the specific drawing isn’t such a challenging task as winning Powerball, for example.

How to Play SuperCash?

SuperCash is a straightforward game. In order to play, you have to choose 6 numbers from a pool ranging from 1 to 39.

The minimum play is 2 panels. Thus, players have to pick 2 sets of 6 numbers.

On top of the standard way to win money in SuperCash, you can also benefit from the so-called doubler feature. After the regular numbers are drawn each night, the doubler will take place. If the lottery draws a doubler for the respective drawing, all of the prizes apart from the jackpot will be doubled.

Getting the doubler is free of charge. This is yet another cool way in which SuperCash has increased in popularity.

Prizes and Odds

There are 4 prize tiers with the jackpot obviously being the most prominent one. The SuperCash jackpot is 350,000 dollars. If there are 20 or more jackpot winners for the respective drawing, the sum of 7 million dollars will be divided among them.

MatchOdds to win
6 of 61:1,631,312
5 of 61:8,239
4 of 61:206
3 of 61:15

The odds of winning the SuperCash jackpot are 1 in 1,631,312 – pretty impressive in comparison to the statistical chance of winning other lotteries.

Because of these impressive odds, there have been a couple of intriguing occurrences in the history of SuperCash.

In 2008, a single couple won 4 of the jackpot prizes. The couple won 2 of the top prizes for a Monday draw in August 2008. On Thursday of the same week, the couple claimed 2 more of the top prizes. As a result of their massive luck, these 2 winners received approximately 955,000 dollars after taxes. A pretty impressive return for an investment in tickets worth solely 4 dollars!

The couple didn’t give out a statement or hold a press conference explaining the amazing luck. Their lawyer said solely that the 4 tickets were purchased from 4 different locations in Wisconsin. Could this be the secret to massive lottery success?

Something similar happened in the summer of 2015 when one guy claimed the SuperCash jackpot 3 times. The man had once again purchased tickets at 3 different locations (do you see a pattern forming here?). After taxes, his prizes add up to about 707,175 dollars.

As already mentioned, apart from the jackpot, SuperCash has a couple of additional prize tiers.

The second one is worth 500 dollars for matching 5 numbers. The odds of this happening are 1 in 8,239. Four correct numbers will produce a prize of 30 dollars (odds of 1 in 206) and three correct numbers come with a prize of 1 dollar.

The odds of having a doubler during the respective drawing are 1 in 7.

Some Useful Information for Winners

If you’re a SuperCash winner – well done! There are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to claim your prize.

Players have 180 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim.

Prizes of up to 599 dollars can be claimed at any licensed retail venue in Wisconsin. Prizes that exceed 600 dollars can be claimed from the Wisconsin Lottery offices throughout the state. The official lottery website has more information about the locations and working hours.

Jackpot winners have 60 days from the date of ticket validation to figure out whether they want to get the prize in the form of cash or annuity payments. If no option is chosen within the period, the jackpot will be paid out in the form of annuities.

Keep in mind that all lottery prizes in Wisconsin are taxable. The lottery is responsible for making an automatic deduction for prizes worth 2,000 dollars and more. Winners will get the sum minus the taxes.

Can You Buy SuperCash Tickets Online?

Unfortunately, Wisconsin SuperCash is a state-only lottery. You have to be in Wisconsin in order to buy a ticket. Currently, online lottery agents don’t offer SuperCash tickets for international purchases.

To sum it all up, here are the biggest SuperCash advantages:

Why You Should Play Wisconsin Supercash


The game is organized by an official state entity and is 100 percent legitimate

There are 7 drawings per week

A single ticket costs 1 dollar

A doubler feature is available free of charge

The odds of winning the jackpot are pretty good

There are 3 additional prize tiers apart from the jackpot

Jackpots are paid out in the form of cash or annuities

Some of the money generated through ticket sales goes toward good causes

All of this sounds great, but we also have to mention the few shortcomings that this state lottery has:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Wisconsin Supercash


The jackpot is a fixed 350,000 dollars

Lower prize tiers aren’t that impressive

All of the lottery prizes in Wisconsin are subjected to taxation

The lottery isn’t accessible from outside the state (through online lottery agents, for example)

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Is Wisconsin SuperCash Legit?

While daily drawings may seem too good to be true, Wisconsin SuperCash is completely legitimate.

The game is organized by the Wisconsin Lottery, an entity run by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue ever since 1988. It’s also a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) – a non-profit formation established after an agreement between 33 state lotteries.

Wisconsin Lottery has a big number of games in its portfolio. These options include Pick 3, Pick 4, Badger 5, Wisconsin’s Megabucks, Mega Millions, Powerball, and Monopoly Millionaires’ Club.

Since it is a state entity, Wisconsin Lottery is 100 percent responsible for ensuring the legitimacy and fairness of all the games. In addition, it distributes some of the money generated through ticket sales to good causes. Since it was established in 1988, Wisconsin Lottery raised over three billion dollars for property tax relief that state residents can benefit from.

SuperCash is a neat little game. The odds of winning the jackpot are spectacular and we’re impressed with the fact that Wisconsin offers daily drawings (as well as a big number of lotteries to choose among).

Is SuperCash worth a try? We don’t really know what’s right for you – the answer is entirely dependent on your lottery preferences. The game, however, is legitimate and inexpensive. You’re not going to lose anything by giving it a try. Who knows, a single dollar spent could be your ticket (literally) to becoming 350,000 dollars richer.

  1. Gosh, I wish I lived in Wisconsin. This is a great little game. Little because the jackpot doesn’t grow to those mega jackpot numbers, but great because it’s daily and has such great odds. Then there is the additional factor of the doubler which could mean the prizes are twice as much. Nice lottery!


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