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  1. Seriously! I had a good chuckle reading the review and especially all the different calculations on winning in Bit Coins versus cash. Ah and winning… this is definitely not one of those mega jackpots that we all love. I’m definitely going to stick to my usual provider. This looks like the Worlds Silliest Lottery!


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Winwsl Exposed — WSL Should Stand for World Silliest Lotto!

Winwsl Review

Let’s leave the fact that WSL uses bitcoins aside for the moment. The World Super Lotto claims it is the world’s first online lottery (we all know that’s not true). They say that their lottery is three hundred times better than winning regular lotteries. It’s one game played twice a week. They have been in operation since October 2014. Okay – so who are they.

Who is

Normally, the first thing we look at is the game, but we’re making an exception with these folks. Looking at, there is no information on who these guys are or where they are. There are two email addresses, one for technical support and one for business inquiries. No snail mail, phone number never mind a live chat.

How Does It Work?

Twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday), WSL goes live on YouTube with their draw in what can only be described as the most boring presentation ever. An anonymous voice uses a laptop to update on the current exchange rate to USD for bitcoins, hits the button for the lottery drum to start and then drones out the numbers. Not once do we actually see who is behind the voice? There is no way to identify who is behind the voice.

Buying your WSL Lottery Tickets

Players choose 5 numbers from 1 to 40 for each ticket line. Tickets cost .002 bitcoins with a minimum purchase of two and a maximum purchase of 50 though “they” do say there is a way around this. The current jackpot is at 13 bitcoins. The jackpot increases by .5 BTC per un-won the jackpot.

Let’s Talk Bitcoins (BTC)

BTC 1 averages right now around $276.74 USD. That means 13 BTCs would equal around $3,600 give or take the current exchange rate. A ticket costs around $0.55. Folks, I have enough of a challenge looking a say Aussie dollars versus the USD. This is just too strange for me.

World Super Lotto & its Rules

There are no terms and conditions. The FAQ does answer some of the more obvious questions like rate of payout, how the pot is split between prize tiers and blather that once the jackpot gets to 100 BTC they will contribute some of the sales to a charity. I can’t imagine how long that’s going to take!

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Winwsl’s Bottom Line

Bitcoins have had some popularity and there are a variety of places that people can spend them. Speculators that got in early have made some money. But, personally, I will stick with real cash. There is also the question of who these guys are. WSL still requires the usual personal details and there is no way to know how is holding all of this, where to complain if you have an issue or follow this up. There is no jurisdiction and no laws applicable.


Ya Right!


Who Are They?

Bitcoins versus Cash

Where are They?

These guys get a definite thumbs down. Let’s not even talk about the size of the actual jackpot or lack thereof. I’m going to stick to my usual lotteries played through a reputable online lottery provider. Are you?

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