Winning the Lottery: They Did It Once and They Did It Again

5 Lottery Players Who Won The Lottery Twice

These Players Have Won the Lottery Twice

Winning the lottery is a dream of many lottery players. Then there are those players who are living a different reality. These players have won the lottery twice! How awesome is that? Some of these lottery players have won the lottery by following their well-defined strategy. They obviously have some sort of secret, a ritual they try to stick to that eventually brings them profit.

As weird as it sounds, there are quite a lot of players who have won the lottery numerous times, with Lustig being the all-time best with 7 lottery wins and millions of dollars in profits. Do you want to win the lottery and then win it once again? Before you start craving for your next lottery win, let’s take a look at some of the lottery players who managed to scoop more than one big lottery prize. I was amazed by some of these. Boy, it must feel really good to do the unimaginable.

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A Sad Story about a Fortunate Repeat Lottery Winner

Bruce Magistro

One of the saddest days in his life was when his wife died, that’s May the 11th. This same exact day will also be the luckiest day in his life, twice. Bruce Magistro will be our first repeat winner for today. Back in 2012, Mr. Magistro won the “Extreme Cash” game. He hit the jackpot out of the blue. To be honest, if I’d won this jackpot I’d cash in and move to a tropical island, I’d buy a small house near the beach, and enjoy the rest of my life with my loved one.

However, Bruce had different plans. 4 years following his first lottery win, on the same exact day, the 11th of May, on the 6th anniversary of his wife’s death, he did it again. This time around Bruce won the “Win $1,000 A Week For Life” scratch card lottery. The odds of this happening on this day once were already astronomical. This happening twice on the same exact day is virtually impossible. However, it happened and we wish Bruce Magistro all the best to his new fiancé. He didn’t quit and life rewarded him.

Cancer Survivor Beats the 1 in 2.7m Odds to Win the Lottery Twice

Gina Short

I bow to this woman. Not only did she beat one of the worst possible illnesses that are currently ramping up in the world, but she won the lottery twice. I guess life really gave her a second chance, twice. I’m talking about Gina Short from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina won the Ultimate Millions second-chance drawing. She won $1,000,000! Once she realized she was the lucky winner who was about to have a great time. Despite cancer, Gina was persistent in overcoming any challenge that was thrown at her.  So she won the lottery once, and she didn’t stop there. Mrs. Short won another $250,000. Bear in mind, she won the million-dollar jackpot in February, and three months later she wins another $250,000! It can happen, people! You just can’t quit. That’s a two-time lottery winner in less than 3 months.

I think she’s going to do it another time. It’s just a feeling, but she can turn that into reality.

Pat Lynagh from Ireland Won the Jackpot Twice!

The chances of winning the Irish National Lottery jackpot is 1 in 8,145,000. Winning it twice seems impossible, right? Well, take a look at Pat Lynagh, he tends to disagree with this statement and he has every right to do so since he won the jackpot twice over a period of 4 years.

I know that there are quite a lot of repeat lottery winners who got the hang of it and don’t let go until they suck every last bit of luck they have. This lottery player from Kilbeggan has been exchanging lottery tickets with one of his colleagues for a long time. This turned out to be a lucrative habit for Pat. If winning the lottery twice isn’t a big deal I don’t know what is.

Derek Lander Wins the Lottery Twice in the Same Draw

Most likely you’re wondering how can this happen. Well, even I was a bit confused once I found out, but bear with me, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, except you must be unaware of what’s actually going on around you and what you’re doing.

Derek Lander bought two lottery tickets for one draw, with the same numbers. This will turn out to be the right call to make since this will be the winning numbers. This draw had 5 lucky winners. How is this important for Derek? Well, instead of swooping £479,142 he won double that amount.

If he hadn’t bought the 2nd ticket he would’ve still been a lucky lottery player, but winning the lottery twice in the same draw? That’s outstanding!

An 86-Year-Old Woman from Toronto Won the Lottery Twice Following  a Dream

Mary Wollens

I find dreams to be very mysterious. Sometimes they can turn into reality, then again, sometimes they are just what they are, dreams.

Mary Wollens from Toronto had a dream about a lottery ticket and a large cheque. In a way, she had the same luck as the aforementioned Derek Lander. However, Mary did it on purpose, whereas Derek did it by accident. Mrs. Wollens went out and bought another ticket with the same numbers. Lo and behold! She won the lottery twice! Just like Derek Lander did. It can happen, it can happen to you too.

Stefan Mandel – A Dedicated Lottery Player Who Did it 14 Times

Stefan Mandel

You might’ve not heard of him, but this player who moved to the USA from Romania, a country located in Eastern Europe, won the lottery 14 times! He’s biggest and most valuable one was the 1992 Virginia jackpot of $27,000,000. However, he’s not as lucky as he’s smart.

It all started back in the 1950s when he was still in Romania. The only way in which a person could get a large amount of money in an efficient way was the lottery. Prior to winning the Virginia jackpot, Mr. Mandel had already won the lottery numerous times.

Stefan was bold enough to buy enough lottery tickets to win guarantee winning each and every prize. He knew he had to wait for the jackpot to reach the threshold of $25m before his investment becomes profitable. Fortunately for him, his operations were organized and well accounted for, and his plan became reality. By the way, he’s the reason Australia changed the rules of its national lottery. He crushed them!

Note, as Stefan Mandel says, the lottery has evolved; the rules have changed too much for this approach to work at this very period. And he has a valid argument. To guarantee a lottery win, you’d have to buy way more lottery tickets for the strategy to be lucrative.

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