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Positive Thinking, Intuition, Mantras and Magic — What Could Help You Win the Lottery?

What Could Help You Win the Lottery?

To Win the Lottery Trust Your Inner Feeling

Sending positive energy to the universe, intuition, affirmations – could any of these help you win the lottery? If intuition was the primary criterion, wouldn’t all psychics be millionaires by now? Well, you could be a big skeptic (we happen to be ones, also), but a few inexplicable factors could impact your ability to hit the jackpot.

We’re not saying that you should turn back and go home if a black cat crosses your path when you head to the shop for a lottery ticket. We also don’t think that you should wait for a prophetic dream that reveals more information about how to win. Still, your intuition could be impacting your luck to a certain degree.

Explaining the Inexplicable

Psychiatrist Carl Jung had a particularly significant interest in numbers and coincidences. Through his research, Jung found out that coincidences happen in life much more often than statistical probabilities would deem possible.

Lotteries are a major example of Jung’s theory.

Here’s an elementary example of such coincidences. In 2000, Lotto Texas announced a change in its conditions. The usual number changed from 50 to 54. The first lottery draw featuring the new numbers produced the following: 9, 28, 35, 51, 53 and 54. Three of the drawn number belonged to the new range from 51 to 54. Coincidence?

Not strange enough for you? Here’s another example of how the inexplicable could take place in real life. In 2005, 110 people won second place in the Powerball lottery. These individuals ended up winning a total of 19 million dollars (when Powerball officials expected four to five winners, at most). How did this happen? Wonton Food company had incidentally chosen five numbers for inclusion in its fortune cookies. All of the five numbers were winning, which led to 110 lucky individuals. Many of the winners did decide to go with the numbers that they found in the fortune cookie. Lucky them!

The Power of Your Sub-Conscious

There are dozens of additional stories about people picking winning numbers in the weirdest possible way. One thing is common in all of these stories, however. The winners always decided to go with their gut feeling.

So, to answer the big question, can your sub-conscious power help you win the lottery? Can you Nostradamus your way to the top? Well, it doesn’t work for all individuals, but paranormal abilities could be rather beneficial for a lucky few.

Some people use algorithms and mathematic equations to choose lottery numbers. Others pick dates that have emotional significance. Still, others go for random numbers. For some, clearing the mind completely and going totally random has been the winning approach.

Is one of these strategies more effective than the others? Not really! But the law of attraction (desiring something particularly strong, which makes the universe respond), meditation and positive affirmations seem to have done the trick for some people.

Take for example the Maryland native who won more than 77,000 dollars in 2013. The man felt compelled to buy a particular scratch-off ticket that had never produced rewards in the past. This time, the ticket was hiding a big surprise.

Kelsey Zachow is a woman who won 66 million dollars on Friday the 13th. She claimed that Friday the 13th was her lucky day and she had to buy a ticket.

Rick Knudsem had to make some purchases the day before a lottery draw. His first purchase added up to six dollars even. The second one was worth exactly nine dollars. The third purchase for the day also produced a whole number. This happened five times in total.

Knudsen knew that the numbers meant something. He kept on buying things worth whole numbers throughout the next day, as well. On top of that, the lottery jackpot was particularly how and Knudsen though to himself “hey, why not?” So he did buy a ticket and, guess what, he won 180 million dollars.

All of these examples could mean that something more than randomness is at play when it comes to picking lucky numbers or choosing the right scratch-off ticket to buy. We can’t give you the formula but why not test your sub-conscious abilities? You have nothing to lose.

Have Fun with It!

If you go online, you’ll discover dozens of psychic readings, tutorials and meditation techniques that are supposed to put big money in your pocket. These miraculous strategies, however, come with a price tag.

Don’t get fooled into purchasing such products. These tutorials, hypnotic recordings and psychic readings can’t sharpen your intuition – they’ve all been created to give somebody else a bit of profit. Remember to have fun with the lottery and to trust your inner feeling.

If you start getting crazy about cracking the code and discovering the paranormal, hidden lottery messages, you’ll soon get obsessed with it, and you’ll forget about how much fun the lottery’s supposed to be. Not to mention the fact that you can end up losing a lot of money. Read the signs around you and don’t overdo it. Keeping it lighthearted is the best way to enjoy your eventual earnings.