What Are the Alternatives to Playing the Lottery?

What Are the Alternatives to Playing the Lottery?

Alternatives to Playing the Lottery

There’s always a chance that you might get bored of playing the lottery, or maybe you just want to experiment a bit with different games. In reality, lottery is unique. The essence, the core of the game is one of a kind and can’t be replaced completely by pretty much anything. However, if you feel the need that you need a break from the lottery or maybe you want to see if the grass is greener beyond the fence you have my complete support. Finding the perfect alternative to playing the lottery is utterly difficult. After I thought about it for some time I came up with a few ideas which you might find interesting. Hopefully, once you finish reading this article you’ll have a better idea of what your options are.

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Lottery’s Distant Cousin – Start Playing Keno to Spice Things Up

Lottery is the predecessor of Keno. The resemblances are uncanny! Today you can play Keno online from the comfort of your cozy home. It doesn’t involve buying tickets instead you just select the numbers as you did when you were playing the lottery. The gameplay and the game rules may be similar, but Keno has a huge drawback. Not only will your money vanish, but it will also vaporize into thin air if you get hooked on it. Due to the convenience to play whenever you want and how much you like, you may get carried away. On top of this, the prizes may come frequently, but they are so low you won’t find them worthwhile at all. Some Keno games may come with a progressive jackpot. These games are worth the shot. The jackpots are nowhere near the ones you can win by playing the lottery. Forget about the life-changing experience, because it’s not going to happen if you go for Keno. The bottom line is, that it’s a decent alternative to lottery and it will allow you to experiment with a game of your kind.

Instant Lottery – Scratch Cards Are Similar yet So Different

Scratch cards have been around for decades. In recent years in order to diversify and distinguish themselves some scratch cards are themed. Scratch card players like this sort of stuff. At one point even I tried playing some scratch cards. By all means, it sure is exciting, but they still do miss that touch only lottery has. You buy the scratch card you scratch it and that’s all. There’s no analyzing, making strategy, devising an approach to tackle the game, or anything remotely related. If you want to increase your odds of winning you just need to buy more tickets. However, your wallet’s not going to like this.

Lottery yet again seems like the better of the two. There’s room for improvement. In time you become experienced and you have higher chances not only of winning any prize but the jackpot too! You can buy scratch cards online or in your local lottery outlet.

Lottery May Not Be the Issue – Change the Lottery You Play

Have you ever thought of this? Maybe the real dilemma is not if you should play the lottery or not, but which one you should play. Yes, at one point in time I was in the same situation as you are now. To be honest, I was so focused on one lottery that I started doubting that lottery is my thing. I just couldn’t see, I couldn’t realize that there are other lotteries, with different rules, win conditions, etc. Eventually, once I started to experiment with three, or four other lotteries the doubts I had were washed away.

Most likely you’re in the same situation now. That’s if you are directing all your time and money to one lottery only. At the very least, you’ll probably understand lottery much better when you attempt to win a different lottery. They say all of them are the same. This is wrong on so many different levels. It’s more probable that two lotteries will be different than be identical.

Take a Break from Playing the Lottery – Save Some Money for When You Get Back

This one is not exactly an alternative to lottery, but an alternative to the time you used to spend playing the lottery. Sometimes that’s all it takes, some time off. As if you broke up with lottery and now you need to let the dust settle. Once the dust is down you can go back and try to rekindle old interests.

You don’t know what you’ve been into this whole time until you find yourself in a situation where it’s gone. I’m 100% positive that when you see an ad or maybe something else that reminds you of lottery you’ll want to go back to playing the lottery. And once you get back to lottery you’ll enjoy it twice as much, maybe even more.

While you’re on a break try to put the money aside. Next time when you start playing again you’ll have a hefty cash balance. Even if you don’t get back to playing the lottery ever again, you’ll see how much money you’ve saved so far. Try not to let them go to waste. Remember, you wanted to spend them to play the lottery and maybe win the jackpot. Using them for a similar purpose is the only right way.

After all, lottery is just a game, a game that can change your life.

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