Wednesday Lotto

Wednesday Lotto

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Numbers to Pick: 6/45 + 2
Days of Draw: Wed.
Average Price: AU$1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8,145,060

Australia’s Wednesday Lotto Exposed — A Modest Opportunity with Hidden Potential?

Australia’s Wednesday Lotto Exposed

Australia’s Wednesday Lotto Review

Hi mate, exploring Australian lotteries? The Wednesday Lotto ranks among the most popular ones, though it brags a rather modest jackpot. We think that the relatively good odds or the fact that you can choose two supplementary numbers per each draw to improve its reputation – supplementary numbers are always a good thing.

Whatever the case is, you’re already here and you want to learn whether Wednesday Lotto is worth your try. Sit down, take a sip of coffee (or whatever else you’re drinking), and let us guide you through the maze of Australian lotteries.

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How to Play

Wednesday Lotto is the exact same as Australia’s Saturday Lotto. For each draw, players have to choose six numbers out of 45. These are the primary numbers. The players can also choose two supplementary numbers that produce certain awards.

The jackpot is won only when the player gets all six of the primary numbers. There are also quite impressive awards for getting five primary numbers plus one supplementary correct or five primary numbers.

Players can choose the numbers on their own or they can buy a ticket with randomly-selected numbers – an option that takes the guesswork and worries out of the equation.

Prize Tiers, Winning Distributions, and Odds

Sounds good but let’s cut to the chase – how much can you actually win? Wednesday lotto comes with a guaranteed jackpot of one million dollars per drawing. The odds of hitting the big cash are one in 8.145 million.

Right now, you may be saying to yourself that this jackpot is rather measly. You’re right but not quite so! While the regular jackpot isn’t something to get that excited about if you’re in big money, there are special events and mega draws. Keep a watchful eye on those. The jackpot during the special events can reach up to 20 million Australian dollars and even more.

The odds of having five correct primary numbers plus one supplementary are one in 678,755. The odds of having five correct numbers are one in 36,689, four winning numbers – one in 733, and three winning numbers plus one or two supplementary – one in 297.


DivisionsMatchesOdds to win
1 Prize61:8,145,060
2 Prize5+11:678,755
3 Prize51:36,689
4 Prize41:733
5 Prize3+11:297
6 Prize2+21:144
7 Prize1+21:144


Now, let’s take these odds and transform them into actual award numbers. If we’re to take the latest draw into consideration, there were zero division one winner – nobody managed to get all six of the primary numbers right. There were nine lucky people guessing five numbers and one supplementary, each one of them taking home 6,806 Australian dollars. The individuals that had five correct numbers won 538 dollars and those having four correct numbers won 27.90 dollars each.

Obviously, the amounts aren’t as impressive as what some other international lotteries have to offer. Still, the odds are pretty good and the money you earn is non-taxable. The amount can also be requested in the form of a lump sum. If you’re an international player, it would be a good idea to consult an attorney and figure out whether you’ll have to pay income taxes in your own country.

How and When to Play Wednesday Lotto?

Wednesday Lotto gives you some flexibility when it comes to options for playing the games. Here’s a breakdown of what you could try:

  • A ticket that features numbers you have chosen
  • A pre-filled ticket that features randomly-chosen numbers
  • A system: this is an option for increasing the number of games you play per individual draw. Obviously, playing more games will bring up your odds of winning. There are two types of system games to choose among – more numbers (you enter each game with a bigger set of numbers) and fewer numbers (this option reduces the correct numbers you’re supposed to have in order to win)
  • Syndicates: Wednesday lotto allows syndicate playing. This is a group of people that play the game together and split the winnings among all the members of the syndicate.
  • Multiweek play: allows you to submit the same numbers for draws in the coming two, five or 10 weeks.

Obviously, if you’d like to win something serious, you should wait for a special event. These are announced in advance. Check the Wednesday Lotto every once in a while to figure out whether something exciting will be coming up over the next weeks.

Can You Buy Tickets Online?

The game’s official website allows Australian players to conveniently buy tickets online. If you’re an international lottery enthusiast, you’ll have to opt for the services of an online agent. These platforms are designed to “represent” international players and purchase tickets on their behalf. Some of the most popular online platforms come with the option for buying Wednesday Lotto tickets.

Wednesday Lotto Pros & Shortcomings

Yes, this is a modest lottery but it’s certainly worth giving a try once in a while. Wednesday Lotto has a number of positive characteristics:

Why You Should Register with Wednesday Lotto


Tickets are quite inexpensive

The odds of winning the jackpot are relatively high in comparison to other lotteries

There are special draws that bring the jackpot up

Anything earned counts as non-taxable income

There are system and syndicate playing options

The game is open to international players

We can’t conclude the review without mentioning some of the most prominent shortcomings, as well:

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Wednesday Lotto


There’s no jackpot rollover and there’s also a cap

The jackpot is very small if there are multiple winners

The lower division earnings aren’t particularly impressive

You have to wait for a super draw if you’re looking for a chance to win a lot

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Is Wednesday Lotto Legit?

Wednesday Lotto is far from a scam. It’s been around since 1979, obviously quite a lot longer than some of us have been on earth. It’s a national lottery and until the introduction of Oz Lotto, it was the country’s biggest opportunity for winning easy money. Tatts Group is the company responsible for selling Wednesday lottery tickets and it’s a legitimate business – a lot of information about the company is available on the lottery’s official website.

Wednesday Lotto is far from the most impressive lottery in the world and it doesn’t come with big claims and bigger promises. This, however, is a legitimate opportunity to earn some cash. Stay on the lookout for the super draws and other special events – these are the ones that you’d most definitely like to give a try. Good luck!

  1. This lottery is a dream! You can choose to play standard, syndicate or bundle and it’s all up to you! The prize is not so high as on Powerball but, it is really worth of trying. Specially it is state lottery. I played on The Lotter site and was all smooth and fine for me. All recommendations!

  2. Just bought 6 lines on TheLotter. To be honest decided to try because of ticket price and tax free prizes. I have never played Australian lotteries before, but this seems a good one.


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