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WeatherLottery Exposed — Weather, Lottery and Australia

WeatherLottery Review

Looking at the, I couldn’t help smiling. This is a daily/weekly lottery that uses the first number after the decimal point for the seven capital cities in Australia at 12 noon Monday to Friday to create a seven digit number. All you have to do is get 2 correct and you’re in the money. Of your $25 (that’s AUD – Australian Dollars) minimum stake monthly, $5 goes to charity.

The Game at

This is a seven digit lottery that is played Monday to Friday, though you only actually play once a week per monthly ticket purchase. Players choose which day they want to play on based on where their AUD 5 donation will go. Friday’s, players can choose to split the choice amongst any of the four. Of course, any player could choose to play more than once a week. Oh, and there is a choice to play a single game.

Winning Numbers

The numbers are based on the first number after the decimal point for the official temperatures posted for the capitals of each state in Australia.

WeatherLottery Winning Numbers

Weather Lottery & Winning

Get just 2 numbers correct and you win! Two cities wins AUD 5, three cities is AUD 15.00, 4 cities is $150, 5 cities is $2,000, 6 cities wins AUD 25,000 and get all seven cities correct and you win $1,000,000! It doesn’t come much simpler. Winnings under $25,000 are usually credited to your account immediately. Winnings AUD 25,001 and over can take up to twenty-one days. The minimum withdrawal amount is AUD 10. They don’t take any commission or fees excluding any transfer costs depending on how you are getting your money.

Free Ticket’s at Weather Lottery

Okay – there was one weird thing that came up under “Free Ticket” in the Terms & Conditions. They say that a player “may have the retail value of the original ticket deducted from any winnings… Unless the win is less than $7”. There isn’t any information on how you get free tickets.

Charities &

Currently, the Weather Lottery supports four charities – Variety the Children’s Charity, Cowboy’s Community Foundation, Wounded Heroes Supporting Today’s Defense Force and Mater Foundation. Players simply choose which one they’d like to support and $5 of their monthly charge of $25 goes to that charity.

Who Can Play?

Make sure you check out whether you can play here or not. There aren’t a lot of restrictions, but definitely those residing in the USA can’t. The other thing as a non-Aussie resident, you’ll have to ‘verify your ID’ including providing a copy of your passport, driver’s license and another confirmation of your address – oh and nothing can be older than six months.

But I Have a Question

If you’ve already gone through the terms and conditions and FAQ and still have questions, the offers an email address, telephone number and snail mail address.

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The Bottom Line at Weather Lottery

This simply looks like fun and they do keep it simple! The official results are from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) published both on their official site and at daily.


Simple to Play

Official Results

Supports Charities


Only One Lottery

Free Ticket?

As I said before, I like the – it’s simple and does support charities. And I think it would be fun to keep an eye on the temperatures in Australia to see if I win.

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