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Virginia Lottery Review

VA Lotto has a lot to offer. There are the VA Lottery Pick 3, Pick 4, Virginia Cash 5, Bank a Million, and many others. We haven’t even gotten into the whole Powerball and Mega Millions phenomenon yet, but the point is this – whether you like bigger lotteries with massive jackpots or smaller lotteries with perfect odds, you’ll find something to try out here.

Apart from acting as the state operator, Virginia Lottery has also launched online ticket sales for added convenience. If you’re interested in finding out more about the opportunity, the following review has been drafted just for you. Let’s kick it off and answer some of the most important questions first.

Games at VA Lottery

Virginia State Lottery has a pretty impressive selection of games. There are the draw-style lotteries, VA Lottery scratch, instant games, and the national lotteries available on a regional level. Which of these opportunities can you access through the online platform?

The draw-style games you can buy tickets for online include the almighty Virginia Lottery Powerball and Virginia Lottery Mega Millions, Cash4Life, and Online Cash. At the time being, games like Cash 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, and Raffle aren’t available for online gameplay. Do, however, keep on checking back with the portal. You never know when the range of offerings could increase.

On top of the draw-style games, you can also play an array of special instant online games – from Wheel of Fortune to VIP Gold. There are over 30 digital games in the portfolio, and the prizes vary from 20,000 dollars to over 500,000 dollars. Each game has a free-of-charge demo version you can use to explore and decide if you’d like to spend actual money on the opportunity.

As far as paying for tickets goes, the cost of one ticket is the one you’d have to pay if you went to a retail venue and got your play slip in person. In that sense, you can rest assured that you’re not being charged a massive fee for the convenience of using a digital service.

Who Can Play at Virginia Lottery?

All of this sounds great, and now that you know a bit more about Virginia Lottery online, it’s time to find out who can access the services.

If you want to learn how to play the VA lottery online, you’ll need to understand that the US and individual states have pretty strict regulations. In Virginia, you can access online ticket buying services by creating an account for the official website. To do so, you need to provide your SSN and a valid address in Virginia.

Any player who is a Virginia local (or who’s staying in the state) and who’s of legal age can access the VA Lottery online services. Unfortunately, the opportunity to buy tickets online is not available for international lotto enthusiasts at the time.

VA Lotto Prizes and Payouts

Once you create your Virginia State Lottery online account, you’ll find more information about adding money to your profile or withdrawing the sums you’ve won.

As usual, do check the terms and conditions to make sure you’re comfortable with everything.

To give you a quick overview of how prize claims happen, sums of up to 100 dollars will be instantly credited to your account. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to withdraw that money or use it to get more tickets in the future.

If you win more than 100 dollars, the procedure will involve submitting an online prize claim form (again – through your profile). You will receive email updates about the status of the payment and the timeframe for receiving your prize.

After the money is credited to your player account, you can use a bank account or a PayPal account to withdraw. Such withdrawal requests will usually be finalized in anywhere between three and five business days.

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VA Lottery Online: Who’s Behind It?

The Virginia State Lottery is the entity behind the online portal. You can rest assured that the digital platform is completely legitimate and safe to use regularly.

The Virginia Lottery was set up back in 1987. It’s an independent entity that operates under state laws about the lottery. The very first lottery ticket in the state was sold in 1988, and ever since, the lotto has been gaining a ton of popularity.

Today, Virginia State Lottery is the organizer of five draw-style games that are local, the three national games (Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball), scratchers, and print ‘n play games.

Virginia State Lottery has several responsibilities. Apart from organizing games of luck and paying out prizes to winners, the lotto is also the entity behind fund collection for education initiatives. A portion of all proceeds generated through ticket sales goes towards supporting K-12 public education.

All of this information is here to tell you one thing – you can trust the Virginia Lottery online portal, and rest assured that any prize you win from one of the available games will be paid out.

Other Bits and Pieces

There are a few additional features worth pointing out as far as VA Lotto online is concerned.

The first one is VA Lottery Extra Chances. To participate, you need to download the official VA lottery app on your phone. The gamer applies to non-winning scratchers that carry the Extra Chances logo. Using the app, you can scan those to win some additional prizes through the digital platform. These are usually cash amounts or gift cards that are worth up to several hundred dollars.

Check out the Jackpocket app review to find out if Virginians can use it to purchase Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

Win a Spin is another fun extra game you may want to check out.

This is a hybrid online-offline game, somewhat similar to Extra Chances. To participate, you have to buy a Win a Spin scratcher. If a wheel appears in one of the winning fields after you scratch, you’ll need to go online and spin a digital wheel.

Spinning the digital wheel will give you access to a guaranteed prize in the range of 10 to 10,000 dollars. A live spin prize is also available, and that one takes you to the lottery’s headquarters, where you’ll try to win a much bigger reward in the range from 100,000 to 500,000 dollars.

So, to sum it up, Virginia Lottery online gives you a good mix of regular games, digital games, and extra opportunities to win some cash.

Also, Virginia Lottery promises the addition of new instant digital games to its portfolio in the future. Thus, even if you’re not finding what you want right now, the chances are that a new cool game will get you hooked pretty soon.

To help you make up your mind about it, we’ve summed up the platform’s biggest pros and cons.

Why You Should Register with Virginia Lottery


Run and operated by an official state entity

The ticket price is the same as when you purchase online

A good mix of state lotteries and digital-only games

Extra games and second chance opportunities are available

There’s a simple and straightforward prize claim procedure

You can choose between a web-based platform and a mobile app

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Virginia Lottery


You cannot play all Virginia state lotteries online yet

People who don’t have a Virginia address cannot sign up for an account

Some delays (processing times) for the payment of larger prizes

Would you mind rating

Is Virginia Lottery Legit?

VA Lottery winners abound, giving you yet another reason to try out the state’s online ticket buying platform. Virginia State Lottery online is completely legitimate, readily accessible, and user-friendly.

So there you have it! VA Lotto online gives you easy opportunities to buy tickets for some of the largest US lotteries or partake in digital games of luck. As a completely legitimate, safe, and fun portal, this one gets our endorsement.

  1. Believe all the bad reviews. The online games are not random. Va Lottery uses AI programming to entice you and then take your money. It’s not random and the odds are not even close to what they claim. When you first start, you win frequently small amount and then withing 10 or 15 rounds you will get a bonus round and win say $20 or $30. Then they got you. They AI programming knows you will try to play until you get a bonus round or play. It won’t happen. I won $70 and then went 63 plays without a single win. That is mathematically impossible in random games. I spent the entire $70 paying 75 cents per play and never got another bonus round. That’s well over 100 games. Va Lottery games are rigged. There disclaimer says they are for entertainment purposes only which relieves them from any liability. There scratch tickets are rigged also. If you do happen to win $1 million, it’s not even $1 million. If you read the small print on their website, it states the million dollars is just a 30 year annuity that pays out a million over 30 years. If you want to take cash, you have to settle for $650,000 cash before they take federal and state taxes and you get $335,000. That’s right, their million dollar lottery actually pays out $300k when ticket sales raised $7 million for just one million dollar winner.

  2. In my opinion, Va Lottery isn’t worth spending your money. A high percentage of all the games are not winners. You lucky if you win your money back. Their selection of scratch games is slim. Other states have a much higher percentage of a decent win with only spending a small amount of money. Va lottery scratch games are definitely not gamed for a big win. I’ve been to other states where you can spend $5 on a scratch card and have a chance to win big money. In Va you have to spend $20 or more to have an opportunity to win big money. Why is that? Most people in Va are just gamblers because they can’t be playing to win big. Disappointing to say the least.

  3. It sucks!!! I rate it a 1

    • To make it worse, you can only withdraw winnings now, not your deposit. I deposited $2,000, won $323 and then could only withdraw $323. You literally have to bet through your entire deposit amount, and magically still have it after all the betting, to be able to withdraw your deposit. It’s like the bonus policy on other gambling sites where you have to bet 1000 times your bonus to be able to withdraw. However I didn’t receive any bonus, just wanted to withdraw my deposit and winnings. Can’t do that anymore. This should be illegal.

  4. Spent at least 500$ and nothing big. Small 1$ or 3$ wins I was beating 2-5$ spin. So never again.

  5. Play now games are geared to cause total losses. If you get to a certain amount that’s within 5 chances you will lose or you will always lose more than you bet. It is not slots! Your chance of coming away a winner is next to none. Even if you win and quit the next time you return you surely will be a loser the next game or when you log back in. Also getting your money out is a chore.


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