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Victory Lotto Club Exposed — A New Kid in Town but Should You Play with Them?

Victory Lotto Club Exposed

Victory Lotto Club Review

Is syndicate lottery play your thing? If so, you’re probably looking for opportunities to join. Victory Lotto Club happens to be one such, but how does it compare to other syndicate platforms out there? That’s what we’re about to find out today.

As per the official presentation of the platform, it already has “thousands of satisfied members.” While that sounds a bit like a far-fetched claim, we’re not making any judgments until we investigate. Stay tuned, and please go through the entire review to find out our conclusion and all of the essential facts about the Victory Lotto Club that we’ve come across. We will also check out Victory Lotto Club reviews to attempt to find actual members and see what they have to say about the experience.

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Victory Lotto Club Games

The Victory Lotto Club website isn’t the most intuitive one on the face of the planet, and it lacks proper navigation to give you access to the internal pages. Still, after a bit of clicking and digging around, you will come across the lotteries available for syndicate play.

At the time being, Victory Lotto Club offers syndicate play for only three games – the US Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as EuroMillions.

The inner pages of the website suggest that two additional games are also available – the UK Lotto and Irish Lotto. Unfortunately, when you go to the list of syndicates, you cannot find any of these two games included in the available packages. Maybe the Victory Lotto Club plans to expand the range of games in the future, which would be a good thing.

Syndicates at

Once you go through the Victory Lotto Club sign-up, you can choose the syndicate and the membership type that you’re interested in.

There are three subscription possibilities, all of them giving players access to weekly drawings.

The first one is the Premium syndicate plan. It totals 40 lines per week – 10 Powerball lines, 10 Mega Millions lines, and 20 EuroMillions lines. Premium subscriptions are available at 4 UK pounds per week, but keep in mind you can’t just pay for a weekly period. The minimum when you go to the payment page is one month, which means you’d be spending 16 pounds on that subscription.

EuroMillions Premium is the second possibility. As you’ve probably guessed already, this syndicate plan focuses solely on the pan-European game. It consists of 80 lines per week or 320 lines per month for the cost of 39 pounds.

The EuroMillions Premium plan comes with the Victory Lotto Club guarantee. As per the guarantee terms and conditions, if you don’t win anything over the first 12 weeks, you will receive a syndicate subscription refund for that specific period. Keep in mind, however, that you have to remain a Victory Lotto Club member for at least 12 weeks to benefit from the guarantee. Canceling your subscription earlier than that will not result in any refund.

Finally, there is the EuroMillions Mini syndicate. The most affordable option of all three, the Mini plan provides 40 EuroMillions lines per month (10 lines per week) for a grand total of 12 pounds.

Winning with Victory Lotto Club

Somehow, the Victory Lotto Club team has calculated that being a member over the course of one year increases one’s chance of winning the lottery by 10,560 times. History, however, remains silent about how the comparison was drawn and where exactly the number was derived from.

Each player’s account has a section called Estimated Win Balance. This section shows the pending sum that the respective syndicate has won. Later on, it would become clear how the sum is going to be divided between the syndicate members.

When it comes to cashing out prizes, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of three pounds or three euros, depending on the primary currency of the account. As per the official FAQ page, players will be contacted via email or SMS whenever they win more than one pound or euro from a game.

The amount that a player has won can be withdrawn to the same method used to fund the account. Thus, if you used a debit card linked to your bank account, this is where you can withdraw. Keep in mind that some bank charges and fees may apply to the withdrawal.

So to sum it up, the procedure seems to be pretty simple and straightforward for Victory Lotto Club winners. Now, we’ll simply have to find out whether Victory Lotto Club winners really exist.

Victory Lotto Club Complaints, Reviews, and a Bit More

Victory Lotto Club reviews are available on the syndicate program’s official website, but as you probably know already, such reviews can easily be fabricated by a marketing team.

We tried to find Victory Lotto Club reviews on forums and social media discussions related to syndicate play.

Unfortunately, we did not come across a single testimonial, whether positive or negative. Based on this information, it’s easy to conclude that claims about the big number of satisfied members aren’t just far-fetched, they’re potentially a complete lie.

This fact isn’t particularly surprising as the Victory Lotto Club domain was registered only 11 months ago (as of February 2020). The website hasn’t been up and running for even one year, and there’s no need for misleading information about members even to be presented. Still, some platforms purposefully opt for misguiding people, which isn’t a winning strategy. And even more importantly – the size of the membership tends to be important in the world of lottery syndicates, and manipulating people isn’t cool.

Who’s Behind Victory Lotto Club?

If you take a look at the Victory Lotto Club website footer, you’ll find out that the platform is operated by Northern Management Solutions Ltd. The company was registered in the UK on February 20, 2019. Its registered activities include call centers and other business support services.

As far as getting a Victory Lotto Club contact number, do not fool yourself. Going to the Contact page on the website provides only two options for getting in touch with the team – live chat and email.

At the time of writing the text, the live chat function wasn’t available (at 6 p.m.). We got a note to send the team an email and expect a reply within 48 hours.

Why You Should Register with Victory Lotto Club


Reasonable fees and pricing structure

Three syndicate subscription plans to choose among

There’s a money-back guarantee if you don’t win anything over a specified time

Victory Lotto Club currently offers three of the world’s biggest games and the list of possibilities could potentially increase in the future

Winners benefit from a pretty simple and straightforward cashing-out procedure

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Victory Lotto Club


The platform is still very new, and it’s not one of the established players in the market

You can only register if you’re in the UK or Ireland

There are no Victory Lotto Club reviews out there, regardless of the fact the website claims that it has thousands of satisfied members

Would you mind rating

Is Victory Lotto Club Legit?

There isn’t anything inherently wrong about Victory Lotto Club, but there isn’t that much good either. For the time being, the platform is pretty mediocre. That could be because Victory Lotto Club is relatively new, and it’s going to get expanded in the future.

Should you sign up for a service that’s attempting to manipulate you as far as its membership goes? That’s entirely up to you. Victory Lotto Club doesn’t raise massive red flags, and if you’re not turned off by their marketing strategy, you can give the syndicates a try.

  1. Waste over £80 for nothing.
    Don’t waste your money

  2. So far so good with Victory Club. Won small amounts and easy to check my results.


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