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Unibet Exposed — The Price is Right on Betting Lotteries!

Unibet Exposed

Unibet Review

Heading into looking at Unibet.co.uk/lotto, I got lost in the overall terms and conditions that break down all the different games and companies involved in betting options here. This is an online provider that offers a heap of betting options including lotteries. It was a long read to find out where exactly the rules and regulations were for lotteries plus who the real operator was. Okay, so let me tell you what I found.

How easy is it to win on 24Lottos?

Games at Unibet.co.uk

Leave out the /lotto when entering the Unibet site and you’ll get the options of betting on sports, casino games, live casino, bingo, poker, and yes, lotteries. They have betting on the usual US and European mega jackpots plus several keno games. There are actually 17 lotteries you can choose from. The price per line for each is pretty competitive. There is no minimum line purchase. There doesn’t appear to be any subscription option or syndicates. Unbet.co.uk/lotto also offers scratchies.

Unibet and Winning

Definitely, this is one of those occasions that players need to read the small print. There is a table that outlines what Unibet will pay for each lottery. Most of it is exactly what the official lottery pays out excluding the calculation that there is more than one winner. If the official jackpot or Prize Level 2 is won, and Unibet has a winner, then the payout is calculated on a share ratio. The other thing is that they do stipulate that for Mega Millions and US Powerball, Unibet (well, actually EU Lotto Ltd.) reserves the right to pay it out as an annuity (meaning paid over 30 years) for the jackpot. The rest of the levels meet whatever is the published amount by the official lottery.

Getting Your Winnings

There is no real information in the terms and conditions for lotteries on any limits on getting your winnings but in their small print on their other betting games in general, there is a documentation requirement for anything over €2,000 (or the equivalent in another currency). Obviously, they don’t have to collect the prize for you as they are funding it – at the same time, there is no information on how they do this. There is no information on whether they use an insurance company or sell funds.

Betting versus Buying Tickets – US Lotteries

I would have thought that one of the benefits of betting on the results of a lottery versus buying tickets and claiming them through the official provider would be that they can ignore tax implications. Unibet.co.uk/lotto says that they take off 38% withholding from the jackpot and Tier 2 prize on US Powerball and Mega Millions so the player gets the same amount as if they were playing with a real ticket.

Terms and Conditions

Digging into the terms and conditions for lotteries was frustrating. Go to the terms and conditions, scroll down to paragraph 18.14, and hit “click here”. A PDF file will open and finally, the actual rules and regulations for Unibet’s lottery play. These appear to be in addition to their overall terms and conditions.

And the Winner Is – Customer Service

Getting answers at Unibet.co.uk/lotto is amazing. They say their average response time is 5 minutes for live chat and telephone calls, and 45 minutes for emails. And it’s available 24/7. The person answering might not know the immediate lottery answer (they are dealing with a heap of different games) but they will find out pretty quickly.

Who Can Play at Unibet.co.uk/lotto?

Besides being legal age to play lotteries (which they specify as 18), residents of the United States and Australia can’t play here. Oh, and you can’t work for the owners. If you’re looking to bet on any of their other games, make sure you check the small print as there are different restrictions on games depending on who is the company that is operating it. EU Lotto Ltd. is the parent company for Unibet.co.uk/lotto incorporated and licensed in Gibraltar and registered with the UK Gambling Commission.

Why You Should Register with Unibet


Good Price for Betting on Lotteries

17 Lotteries to Choose From Plus Keno Options

Great Customer Service

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Unibet


Withholding of 38% on US Lotteries

The annuity Option Might Apply to US Lotteries

Confusing Terms and Conditions

Would you mind rating Unibet.co.uk?

Is Unibet Legit?

Overall, it looks like the addition of betting on lotteries was a secondary focus, especially with the challenge of finding the actual terms and conditions that apply. Having said that, the cost of betting on official lotteries here is very good.

Unibet.co.uk/lotto gets a reserved thumb’s up. If you’re interested in betting on lotteries versus actual tickets, then definitely the price is right here.


    I’ve just signed up with Unibet. Deposited £40 and then got asked to verify my account.

    I sent them my passport and 2 forms of proof of address (a utility bill being one of them) and a picture of my card.

    The next email said:

    ‘Your documentation has been reviewed, but I am afraid it has been declined, therefore the account is closed on a permanent basis and the funds within the account are also frozen.
    I am sorry for this decision, but it is final and not something that we at customer service can overturn.’

    With no explanation or warning. All this within 2 hours of me opening the account.

    Stay away as I’ve heard online they have done this randomly to people with a lot more than £40 in their account.


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