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TotoEurope Exposed — Only European Lotteries!

TotoEurope Review

How many people out there both bet on sports and play lotteries? I’m guessing there are quite a few with the increase in combination sites offering both. is such a site. It provides both betting on the results of football matches and lotteries out of Spain, Germany, and Italy. They’ve been around since 2000 so are not a new kid on the block at the same time, it looks like their kick off into lotteries is relatively new. Struggling through the errors in their terms and conditions underlines this. Let’s look.

Games at

Totoeurope is an online lottery service provider for EuroMillions, Bonolotto, Primitiva, El Gordo, and SuperEnalotto. They also offer betting forms for Quiniela, ElQuinigo, Toto, and TotoCalcio for football games. With their lotteries, there doesn’t seem to be a minimum number of ticket lines a player has to purchase. Click on help, and a reasonably clear step by step instructions pops up. This part is clear.

Let’s Get Things Clear at Totoeurope

What isn’t clear is what you are buying into. Firstly, Totoeurope says it “operates as a lottery syndicate.” I guess in some ways all lottery providers do, but this seems to suggest a pooling of all the wins. Secondly, in most of their help instructions, they say “the amount of each prize is a result of the total amount allocated for prizes at this Round (Normally 50% of the total turnover this round divided equally for each prize) and the number of winners divided equally to each.” We received a clarification on this, and though it does mean Totoeurope pays out what are the officially listed winnings by each lottery, I still think they should rewrite this explanation as it is confusing.

Winning that Mega Jackpot

There is no information on how or when you get your winnings – seriously. They do say that all withdrawals (guessing that means from your player account) will incur costs and bank fees. There is no indication of limits, excluding the fact that any payments over €3,000 will only be transferred to a player’s bank account after three to four weeks according to “European money laundering laws.” That’s not a spelling mistake folks – that’s what they say though obviously, they mean laws. The problem is, this isn’t the only spelling mistake. They are all over the place and made reading through the terms and conditions a real struggle. That is beside the fact there is so much information missing.

The’s Customer Service

The team finally got to the point; it was time to ask some questions. Going to their ‘Contact Us,’ I’m still not sure whether the online form was submitted or not. When I clicked ‘send’ a strange message came up saying in Hebrew “A Message” with a big red X. They did respond to an email to their parent site. There is a billing question phone number and link to a web site. There is also a snail mail address for their parent company based in Spain with a phone number. They do offer the site in five languages, so maybe English wasn’t a priority.

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The Bottom Line at Toto Europe

The team had a bit of an argument on whether the confusion was a language issue or these guys couldn’t get it right – and the decider was the overall lack of information with the terms and conditions. There is just too much missing, and that has nothing to do with ‘lost in translation.’


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Poor Terms & Conditions

Poor English

When do I get My Money? gets a thumbs down as a lottery site. We reserve judgment on their betting side as that’s not why we’re here. Ultimately, there is just too much not said and what they do say doesn’t make sense.

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