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Numbers to Pick: 6/49
Days of Draw: Thurs., Sun.
Average Price: 0.85 Lev ($0.48)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 13,983,816

Toto 2 6/49 Exposed — The Standard Format Comes with a Bulgarian Second Chance Twist

Toto 2 6/49 Exposed

Toto 2 6/49 Review

Do you know anything about Bulgaria? If you’re into football, you’re probably familiar with the names of Hristo Stoichkov and Dimitar Berbatov. If not, Bulgaria probably doesn’t ring too many bells. Today, we’re about to acquaint you with one fun lottery from the Balkan country. Its name is Toto 2 6/49. Yes, we’re once again focusing on the familiar 6/49 format, but it seems to be a favorite across the globe.

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Bulgaria Toto 2 6/49: Introduction

The most popular lottery in Bulgaria is actually a pretty old one. The first drawing in the history of the game took place on December 29, 1957.

Ever since the game has evolved to become more popular. In 1960, the drawing of two additional numbers was introduced. In 1975, the drawings became televised and broadcast live on the national TV channel.

Prior to 1993, there was a limit that prevented winners from getting the entire jackpot. During the year, the limitation was lifted. In 2002, Second Toto Chance was introduced. This additional game features the drawing of the one Toto 2 ticket that didn’t win anything in the main drawing. The aim of the game was to provide additional stimuli for ticket buying.

How to Play Toto 2 6/49

Any lottery enthusiast out there knows how to play a 6/49 game. For a chance to win the jackpot, you’ll simply need to choose your 6 lucky numbers and pay for the ticket. A single entry costs 0.85 Lev or 0.48 US dollars. It’s also possible to play a system, which increases the price of the ticket but also makes it more likely for the player to win an award.

Toto 2 6/49 has 2 drawings per week – one on Thursday and one on Sunday. There may be special drawings for certain holidays. These are usually announced in advance and the jackpot is separate from the one that accumulates during the standard drawings.

Apart from the main drawing, 6/49 has a Second Toto Chance drawing. In this one, the number of tickets will be drawn. Second Toto Chance features both monetary prizes and items that players could win without having to pay extra for the respective drawing.

Prizes and Odds

Just like other 6/49 games, this one comes with the odds of winning the jackpot in the 1 in 13,983,816 range. The good news is that Toto 2 features a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million Lev (1.14 million US dollars).

If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one.

The biggest jackpot in the history of the game was 9.47 million Lev or 5.4 million US dollars. The jackpot was won in 2012 and there were 2 lucky individuals that got the correct set of 6 numbers. Each one of the winners took 4.73 million Lev home.

The biggest sum won by a single player is 7.94 million Lev. The jackpot was produced recently – in May 2017. The lucky winner is called Todor Krantov and he played with a ticket featuring multiple combinations. The 78-year-old winner said that he’d worked in a shoe factory his entire life and his monthly salary never went above 300 Lev (171 US dollars).

Krantov is the 91st person to become a millionaire by playing Toto 2 6/49.

Other than the jackpot, there are 3 additional prize tiers. The size of the prize usually depends on the number of tickets bought and the number of winners in each respective tier. An average prize of over 4,000 Lev is available for those who guess 5 numbers. People who guess 4 numbers win an average of 50 to 60 Lev and the prize for 3 correct numbers is 4.2 Lev.

Some Information for Toto 2 6/49 Winners

Prizes of up to 200 Lev can be claimed from any authorized retail venue. A prize in the range from 201 to 9999.99 Lev can be cashed out at any Eurobank Bulgaria office in the country. Bigger sums will be paid out via a wire transfer to a bank account provided by the winner. In order to claim such a prize, a player will have to visit the lottery’s central office in Sofia.

Prize payouts begin on the day after the drawing. Players have 45 days to make a prize claim.

Bulgaria doesn’t have a lottery tax. All of the prizes will be paid out in the form of a cash lump sum.

Can You Buy Toto 2 6/49 Tickets Online?

While the official Toto 2 website does feature an online ticket-buying option, you’ll have to be in the country in order to make use of the opportunity. Lotteries in Bulgaria are open to international players in the country, as long as they’re aged 18 or older.

Toto 2 6/49 doesn’t bring a lot of innovative appeal to the table, but the jackpots do justify the effort. A few characteristics make this lottery worth trying:

Why You Should Play Toto 2 6/49


Toto 2 6/49 is organized by an official national entity

There are 2 drawings per week

Ticket prices are negligible

The game comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million Lev

If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one

3 additional prize tiers exist

There’s a Second Toto Chance that provides additional prizes to people who haven’t won anything

Lottery prizes in Bulgaria aren’t subjected to taxation

All of this makes Toto 2 6/49 sound great, but before rushing to buy your tickets, you may also want to consider the disadvantages:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Toto 2 6/49


Tickets aren’t available through online lottery agents

The lower prize tiers aren’t particularly exciting

The game features a standard 6/49 format that’s typical for many national lotteries

There’s a relatively short period (45 days) for making a prize claim

Is Toto 2 6/49 Legit?

If a game with such a long-lasting history were a scam, it would have been one of the most successful fraud schemes out there. Fortunately, Toto 2 6/49 is completely legitimate and operated by a national entity.

Toto 2 6/49 is one of the games in the portfolio of Bulgarian Sports Totalizator – a state entity that was set up in 1957. The first game in its portfolio was Sports Toto 1. The first drawing of Sports Toto 2 6/49 followed later on during the same year.

Today, Bulgarian Sports Totalizator has a distribution network of over 1,500 retail venues. Apart from being responsible for lottery drawings, the organization also helps in setting up sports events. Spot Toto 2 6/49 is its most prominent game. Still, a few other opportunities are available in the country – Toto 2 5/35, 6/42, Zodiac, Toto Joker, 10 Out of 10, 12 Type 1X2, and an array of scratch card instant games.

To sum it up, the game is legitimate and rather inexpensive to try. If you happen to be in Bulgaria and you want to give this lottery a try, you should definitely do so. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is definitely sufficient to attract the curiosity of devoted lotto enthusiasts.

  1. I make it a point to play lottery of any country I visit so when I was in Bulgaria you can bet that I played Rate Toto 2 6/49 a couple of times. Everything is pretty straightforward and fun. Thumbs up!


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