Top Reasons Why You Should Give Up Your Lottery V-Card. This Is Definitely Worth Reading!

4 Good Reasons to Buy Your First Lottery Ticket

Stop Being a Lottery Virgin!

If you have never played the lottery before, stop what you are doing right now, and go out and purchase that first lottery ticket! While there is nothing wrong with being a lottery virgin, you maybe be shortchanging yourself from an exciting (and possibly profitable) experience.

Now I know what you may be saying, “I’ve got better things to spend my hard earned money on than a damn lottery ticket.” Many people would be inclined to agree with you, too. However, there are some damn good reasons why you should play the lottery, also. Don’t believe me? Well, keep reading and let me try to convince you otherwise.

1. Lotteries Help Fund Your Child’s Education

Oh yes, you read that right. If you play the lottery in the United States, a portion of the proceeds is given to public education programs. If you want some cold hard numbers, the California Lottery has donated over $24 billion to public schools from kindergarten to college for since 1985. Virginia public schools have received approximately $450 million annually from the lottery. Unfortunately, the caveat of this is that legislators treat the lottery money as part of the budget, rather than extra money aside from the budget. So the more people that play the lottery, maybe more money will be allotted to the schools.

Of course, the US is not the only country that uses some of the profits from ticket sales to help with civil programs. The UK National Lottery has given over £19 billion to Good Causes since the program was launched in 1994. Because of this, it is the largest program for civic and social regeneration in two centuries.

2. Lotteries Change Lives

Now, winning the lottery could go one of two ways. Ideally, you want your life to turn out much better and worry free when you come into a large sum of money. I will not lie to you… Winning the lottery has caused some major problems for some winners, but winning the lottery can also help you to do some great things for your family and community that you’ve only dreamed of doing.

The key to having a happy story when you win the lotto is by having a plan. As soon as you learn of the good news that you won, you will want to get financial planners and lawyers who specialize in dealing with lottery winners or people who come into a large sum of money. With their guidance, they will be able to help you manage your money without falling victim to the negative effects of an abundance of money.

3. Living Out Your Dreams

When you play the lottery, you are allowing yourself to live out your dreams if you ever win. You could travel the world, pay off that mortgage (hell, you could even move to a more beautiful home if you wanted to), have plenty of money set aside for your children’s college fund. There are so many things that the lottery winnings could do for you and your family. Granted, they say that money does not buy happiness, but it does help ease the stress of where next month’s rent payment is coming from.

4. Have some Fun

While some people may enjoy spending money on going to the casino or places a bet on a sports game, playing the lottery is just another way to have some fun. The anticipation is almost like an adrenaline rush when you are waiting for the lottery to be drawn, and to see if your numbers are chosen as the winning numbers. Some people may view this as a frivolous expense, but, if as long as you do not experience the addictive effects that can come with playing the lottery, then you are golden. Just be aware of some of the signs of lottery addiction and if you recognize the signs, please… Go and get help before it causes irreparable damage to your life and those you love.

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