7 Serious Signs of The Lottery Addiction. Check Yourself! #2 Really Shocked Me.

Lottery addiction

Every Form of Addiction Is Bad

One of the critical first steps in determining whether or not you suffer from a lottery addiction is to identify at least five symptoms that are typical of your normal behavior. Doing so will help you understand whether you lack control over gambling. Most people who have a problem don’t recognize or openly admit it. Still, taking a hard and critical look at yourself can tell you a lot. Playing the lottery is a lot of fun as long as you’re doing it responsibly and without sacrificing other aspects of your life for it.

Without further ado, here are a few signs that you may indeed be dealing with a lottery addiction.

1. You Can’t Stop!

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to stop. You may also find out that gambling is no longer fun for you, regardless of the compulsive need that you experience to keep on going.

Often, you may find yourself struggling with your limits and bets, as well as with your time and personal relationships. As a result, you are essentially betting on your lottery addiction with your life, wagering your relationships and your stability.

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2. No Money, No Problem

Even if you don’t have 5 dollars to your name, you will find a way to get the bare minimum needed to gamble. Your bank account may be in overdraft while rent is coming up. Still, if you manage to find a couple of spare dollars, you’ll undoubtedly spend it on a lottery ticket or gambling of some sort rather than on the essentials. There is no such thing as a no-money situation that can stop you. Bills, savings, children’s education, and other financial responsibilities are secondary to the urge for a lottery ticket buying.

3. You Do it Because You Have to

As mentioned earlier, playing the lottery was probably once a source of fun and a little thrill stemming from good luck. Over time and as your addiction grew, you likely lost sight of the entertaining element.

Making bets or grabbing that ticket at the corner store now had become something that you feel like you have to do to relieve anxiety. Your lottery tickets aren’t about the win or the money. It has all become about controlling impulsive urges.

4. Fixing Problems by Buying More Tickets

Your addiction to gambling has probably gotten you into financial trouble more than once.

As the losses kept on accumulating, you probably increased the number of tickets you were buying in an attempt to recuperate for the gone funds. Using your lottery addiction to ‘make up’ for the amount of money that you lost is a massive symptom that you have a problem.

Dealing with losses by feeding your addiction just doesn’t make sense. If you have a gambling problem already, however, you fail to realize it. Buying more in an attempt to win seems like the most logical step, but it’s aggravating the situation even further.

5. Never a Limit

You may have tried to set yourself a limit of $10 a week, but find yourself continually going over that amount in terms of gambling or buying lottery tickets. It’s very easy to excuse your behavior. What’s another ticket, a couple of bucks, right? Well, over time, the tickets that go over the limit will add up to a pretty solid sum.

6. You have to Lie to the People You Love

The chances are that your loved ones have realized that you have a problem long before you’ve acknowledged it. The chances are that they’ve confronted you about it. If you’re forced to lie to keep your behavior concealed, you have a problem.

Have you ever lied to your spouse about the number of lottery tickets you bought, the money you lost, or the number of times per week that you’ve done some gambling? Those lies may seem innocent enough at first. If you’re not doing anything wrong, however, you wouldn’t have to lie about it, would you?

7. Stealing and Manipulating Others to Get Your Ticket

This is probably the worst one on the list and a sign that you really have to look for some professional assistance.

Gambling addicts will turn to manipulating others, stealing, and committing fraud to engage in their favorite activity. Have you lied to your significant other that you need lunch money or funds to cover another essential so that you could buy a lottery ticket? If the answer is positive, you need to stop and take an in-depth look at yourself right now. This is the behavior of an addict, and if you don’t proactively initiate change, you may soon be losing everything that’s important in your life.

Having a lottery addiction is an illness that requires treatment, and throughout the treatment, you will begin to realize and learn how to overcome the addictive behavior and keep it in check. Nothing is embarrassing about asking for assistance. It can help you save yourself, the relationship with the person that you love, and your life. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge the problem right now – this is the most challenging step you’ll have to make.

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