Some People Just Don’t Deserve It – Top 7 Stupid Lottery Winners

Top 7 Stupid Lottery Winners

Stupid Lottery Winners: Why Them?

Some people just really don’t deserve to be lottery winners. They undoubtedly hold the title of stupid lottery winners. It finally happened to them, they’ve won the lottery and they messed things up. Over the past few decades, I’ve witnessed some serious stupidity on lottery winners’ behalf. I can’t come to terms with and realize how and why they did all those things. Weren’t they satisfied with what they got? After all that time finally their wish was granted and they blew it. Drugs, alcohol, spending sprees, and bad investments are only the tip of the iceberg. Instead of settling down and enjoying the rich life these stupid lottery winners really outdid themselves, in a bad way.

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Alex Ahsoak – The Benevolent Lottery Winner Was Rogue

Alex Ahsoak

Alex Ahsoak won approximately $500,000 and he used most of the money to fund his NGO which was into supporting sexually abused victims. Everything was fine for a couple of years. The NGO was very active, people were aided, and he was a life saver.

Not long after that the word was out that Alex was a sex offender himself, on two occasions. Back in 1993 and in 2000 he molested two girls under the age of 13. How cruel is that? Disgusting! However, just is swift. Shortly after the word was out in the public he was encountered by few men who caused him severe injuries by hitting him on his head with a steel pipe. He previously did his time in jail, but why do you need to get the attention of the public by funding an NGO that serves the purpose to heal the victims of your crimes? Redemption? It’s too late for that dude.

Evelyn Adams – She Just didn’t Know When to Stop!

Evelyn Adams

You know, there are those people that just have it in them. Lady Luck is their roommate, their life-partner. Evelyn Adams won the lottery on two separate occasions. She can be considered as one of the luckiest people on the planet. Some people never win the lottery, she won twice! The first time she won was 1985 and the 2nd time was in 1986. In total she won over $5.4m. However, she had to go the extra mile and test her fortune once again. Here comes the punch line. She lost it all! She was a greedy compulsive gambler that managed to waste over $5m.

20 years later, she’s broke. The lavish lifestyle, living in Atlantic City and Las Vegas solely for the purpose to gamble can’t end well. The house always wins and boy did it win this time. She had to be on our top 5 stupid lottery winners list.

Justin Reiter – Everything that Glitters Is Not Gold

Justin Reiter

By now you are probably to expect the worst. Money does change people. It can change them so much that have to reach the final step. Justin Reiter, who lived, yes lived, in Alberta, Canada won about $600,000. He didn’t seem like much of a stable guy to begin with, but nobody expected that he can do something so stupid that will eventually kill him. The facts are as follows. Justin had this fixation with the movie called Goldmember. It’s in fact a parody of the movie called Goldfinger with James Bond. He had the idea to replicate the actions of the villain who happened to color the man’s parts in gold. You’re already guessing, right?

Before he did the unthinkable, he painted his intimate parts with lead-based paint. It just didn’t feel right so he went the extra mile by actually painting the area with gold. Not long after the procedure he passed away. Doctors say that the cause of death was the lead-based paint. Why, Justin? Why did you have to do such a dumb thing? You had $600,000 in your pocket! He just didn’t deserve it.

Callie Rogers – There’s a Good Reason Why Minors Shouldn’t Play the Lottery

Callie Rogers

Because they can actually win! And when they do, they can’t get a hold on them. It rarely ends well if they’re left on their own. Callie Rogers from UK went through a real tough period after she won more than $3m.

The expected partying followed, with a lot of drugs and alcohol involved. She did make a couple of plastic surgeries. She bought tons of gifts for her friends and family. The usual spending spree so to speak. Fast forward 10 years she has a little over $3,000 on her bank account, she’s training to be a nurse and she has 3 children.

How, can, you, spend, $3m on nothing? Besides the cosmetics she did to her body, she’s nothing left, but the good memories when she was younger.

Amanda Clayton- When Life Gives You Chocolate, Don’t Ask for Lemons

Amanda Clayton

She was, yes, another case of was, so mean. She became a millionaire after winning the state lottery Make Me Rich! To be honest, she doesn’t deserve much of your time. She won $1m and she continued to take her food stamps. Why would you do that? Isn’t a million dollars enough? It’s not the Powerball Jackpot, but it still is more than enough not to take food stamps and live on welfare.

She was found guilty on charges for welfare fraud. Her sentence was 9 months of probation and a $5,500 fine. In the end, she died of drug overdose. You be the judge if she deserves to take the first on our top 5 stupid lottery winners.

Michael Carroll: The Higher You Get, Harder You Fall

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is a disgraced lottery jackpot winner who won 9.7 million pounds in 2002 at the tender age of 19. Carroll didn’t have the best ideas when it comes to spending or investing the money. He blew most of it on cocaine. To solidify his rich man status, Carroll snorted the cocaine using a solid gold pen.

It was obvious that the money would be over sooner than later. Apart from buying a mansion, Carroll was known for a couple of other extravagant purchases and for paying prostitutes for their services quite often. By 2012, Michael had managed to lose all of the millions.

Today, Michael Carroll works at a cookie factory in Scotland. He says that he’s happy, regardless of the fact that his weekly salary is 204 pounds.

John Ross Jr. – Why Buy it When You could Steal it?

John Ross Jr.

In 2012, John Ross Jr. won 70,000 dollars per year for a period of 20 years from a California Lottery scratch ticket. When interviewed after the win was announced, John said he was going to use the money for the purchase of a car. The young man had never owned a car before and he wanted to fulfill a dream.

Everything sounds normal so far, but things went beyond expectations soon after.

Eventually, John was arrested for the attempted theft of a Honda Civic. Way to go, John, you win millions and you go for a family car! Ironically, John had to use some of the money that he won from the lottery to bail himself out of jail. It can hardly ever get more stupid than that.

  1. These stories make me want to puke. Here are people who were given a second chance, but they just couldn’t handle it. They would have been better off as poor nobodies. They are akin to pigs who ate a pearl necklace from the pig trough!


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