Top 6 Reasons Why You’ll Never be a Lottery Winner, and How You Can Change That!

Top 3 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be A Lottery Winner

You’ve been playing for years, decades even, but you have never once won the jackpot? Why has this happened to you? Have you unknowingly pissed off Lady Luck? Or is your luck pissed at you?

We don’t believe that’s something gotten wrong, preventing you from being a winner. Most of what people tend to believe is superstition. So, can you change the fact that you are repurchasing a ticket time and time without winning anything? Yes, there are certain things you can do.

A few mistakes will keep you from winning anything, and they’ll reduce your chances of getting your hands on some much-needed cash. Here are some of the top reasons why it’s not working for you and the best ways you can stimulate change.

#1 – You Rely on Lottery Software to Help You

Figuratively speaking, you can’t just assume that a piece of software will help you beat all odds so you can take home a juicy jackpot. Winning isn’t a piece of cake, but it’s also not that difficult, especially if you rely on yourself to play the lottery instead of depending on expensive (and non-sensical) lottery software! If you want to be a lottery winner, you must go down to the basics, i.e., buy your lottery tickets offline when you can and then play them regularly, without the use of any software.

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The software relies on probability and simple odds to calculate the so-called “hot” and “cold” numbers. The fact that a certain number has been drawn more frequently than others, however, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the lucky one for you.

#2 – You Believe in Superstitions

A few people I know will never play the lottery if they wake up past 7 am. They think that they missed the blessings and so the whole day is going to be unlucky.

Please don’t be one of these people and stop thinking about rituals that can potentially make you ricker. Winning the lottery has nothing to do with lucky numbers, aligned stars, bird poop, or gold coins! One of my friends thinks that her dog is fortunate so every time she buys a lottery ticket, she makes sure she takes her dog and buys a ticket touched by her dog’s paws. She’s never won once.

#3 – You Think That the Lottery Is Your Only Chance to Change Your Life

What happens when you daydream about the perfect life non-stop? It’s okay to an extent, but when you don’t stop, you become impatient. Winning the lottery has everything to do with being patient, so if you’re not composed, you can forget about winning the lottery. Remember to play responsibly because nothing EVER happens overnight. You have to be patient if you want to be a lottery winner.

#4 – You Think Too Much

Obsessing about the lottery is doing just one thing – it’s driving you crazy.

Some people turn their entire life into a quest of winning the lottery. They strategize and compare approaches and hacks that are supposed to deliver the desired results. One thing is sure – odds aren’t going to become much better by turning your entire life into a jackpot pursuit.

Playing the lottery is supposed to be fun. It’s all about testing your luck. Winning is going to be exciting, but it shouldn’t be the sole purpose of the experience. Once you give the lottery much greater importance than it deserves, you minimize your chances of accomplishing anything at all.

#5 – You Choose the Wrong Games

If you’re to play smart, you should focus on the odds – the odds of winning the jackpot and the overall odds of scoring a prize in the particular game.

Some lotteries come with impossible odds. These are usually the games that come with a multi-million-dollar jackpot. If you expect to get the top prize in such a game, you’ll end up disappointed.

To increase your odds of success, you may want to start with a smaller local lottery. While it probably doesn’t have a massive jackpot, such a lottery will give you better odds of getting the top prize and better overall odds. People who see winning as their primary goal should give this approach a try.

#6 – You’re Relying Solely on Individual Luck

Are you finding it impossible to win the lottery on your own? There’s a reason for the failure – it’s only possible to buy this many tickets on your own. By teaming up with somebody else, you’re increasing your chances of getting a juicy prize.

This is one of the reasons why syndicates are popular. They allow people to team up and buy a bigger number of tickets than individually possible. The only downside to joining a syndicate is that you’ll have to split the prize among all of the participating group members.

If You Want to be a Lottery Winner, You have to be Serious about It

Playing responsibly is very important – don’t forget the fact. Be responsible for yourself and the people you love. Set a budget for the purchase of tickets and don’t go beyond the number. Be serious, remain committed to testing your luck in your favorite game but don’t overdo it. Lotteries can become quite addictive, especially if you win a couple of times. It’s up to you to do the reasonable thing, have fun and make some good use of the money you’ve gotten your hands on.

  1. If you went to the future in a time machine and saw the winning numbers and returned to the past to play those exact numbers you would still lose. The lottery is 100% rigged, ALL OF IT. There’s a reason why everyone is supposed to buy their chosen numbers first. Powerful algorithm machines are used to circumvent all numbers entered, and the spinning balls is just a trick. The lottery commission decides which non winning number to send. They already know there will be no winners. They also know exactly which location to send the winning numbers to to keep up the illusion. Sure, there’s a winner once in a while but that’s to keep the illusion going. There are millions of lovers and only one real winner each time, and that’s the lottery. It’s actually the lottery winning everyone’s money each and every time because while the odds of anyone winning are abysmal, the odds of the lottery winning is always 100% guaranteed as millions will always give away their hard earned cash to the lottery. Did you get that? The lottery NEVER LOSES because they are guaranteed to have millions of people send them their hard earned cash for a false dream. Statistically most people will lose over $14,000 over a 10 year period and only win tiny amounts under $20. The lottery is the BIGGEST SCAM in history. They make billions and pay out almost nothing compared to what they take in. All that money goes to crooked politicians and their crooked institutions like the IRS. Never play the lottery again, you’ve lost enough money already and you will NEVER EVER WIN. Instead put your money into index funds and stocks which have a much better chance of growing slowly over time.

  2. To pick all numbers plus the mega is just one high odds crap shoot.

  3. My grandparents won $1 million dollars in the local lottery before I was born and sadly blew through everything. I’m starting to think because they won I will never win. I have been playing the local lottery here for 10 years and even if buy a ticket for the lowest prize (Which is $250,000) or the highest prize ($1.2 million) I never seem to win.

  4. I’m going to win one day, sooner rather than later

  5. I think only way to increase your chances is to play less popular lottery. To play less frequently and buy more tickets for the game. So if normally you buy 1 ticket for a draw, once a week, change this to 4 tickets for one draw, but only play once a month. This way you will spent same amount, but increase your chances of winning.

  6. “Winning isn’t a piece of cake, but it’s also not that difficult” – LOL, what? In the UK you have odds of 1 in 45,057,474. This number is set, and relates to the number of possible combinations of six numbers. It literally doesn’t matter what numbers you pick, where you buy your tickets, or whether you play the same numbers. Before every draw the odds are still the same as they were before. There is no “trick” to winning the lottery other than buying lots and lots of tickets.

  7. “buy your lottery tickets offline” – Why? It makes no difference where you buy your Lotto ticket. If you’re implying that where you buy it will influence the numbers which are drawn, then you’re a conspiracy theorist.


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