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The Top 6 Bitcoin Lotteries for 2018

Technology is probably the thing that’s keeping lottery players on their toes. Every once in a while, something new happens, and this novelty shifts lottery players in a different direction. 2017 proved to be big about Bitcoin lotteries, especially because the Bitcoin attracted a lot of media attention. Once the public found out about the possibility brought forward by this cryptocurrency, lottery players who are savvy in technology and who spot the potential, jumped into playing these newly created games.

On the most fundamental, it’s still a lottery. With a few twists along the way, which to be honest have nothing to do with the lottery, you can become a successful Bitcoin lottery player. You’re probably wondering where should you look for a Bitcoin Lottery? Before you even think of getting some tickets for a Bitcoin lottery, you’re going to need a Bitcoin E-Wallet.

1. YABTCL – Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery – “Transperently Blunt”

Don’t try to memorize the acronym, it took me a while to realize that it actually has meaning, Yet Another BitCoin Lottery. Why do I like YABTCL? Well, the answer is probably a simple simple design, easy to use interface, but more importantly, there’s available information on who’s behind the company. You can actually contact the people who are in charge in case you’re experiencing any difficulties. However, it’s so simple, there’s basically no way anything can go wrong.

It features both a Free Lottery and an Instant Lottery. The outcomes, the results of any draw are entirely random. In case you’re wondering how is this possible, you can check out the mechanics behind the RNG. You will have to sign up before you start playing. As usual, there’s no need to worry when you play Bitcoin lotteries about your privacy. These lotteries exist because of it.

Does it have any flaws? Well, maybe the colors could be changed. It looks as if it’s a shady Bitcoin lottery. I’d like to see some blue on a white background. Other than this, I have no other remarks. I could play as long as I have satoshies on my account.

2. Faucet Hub’s Turbo Bitcoin Lottery – My Personal Favorite Free Bitcoin Lottery

Faucet Hub is more than a lottery operator. It doesn’t take an expert on Bitcoin to spot the features it brings to the table. Personally, I was stunned by the sheer capabilities. However, to get back on point, bitcoin lottery.

I don’t know if you remember, but I’ve talked about free lotteries. The Turbo Lottery is free to play. You’re probably wondering, where does the money come from? Pardon me, where do the Bitcoins come from? Well, you will see some ads. In other words, the people who are paying for the ads fund your Bitcoin Lottery budget.

This kind of sits are called Bitcoin Faucets. You might be required to fill in captcha to play, but it’s worth the struggle. After all, you’re getting free lottery tickets. And I’ve said it countless times, nothing beats free lottery tickets. To be straight with you, I hope the Turbo Lottery becomes available for real Bitcoin play. In other words, I hope there will be a separate lottery powered by Faucet Hub, free from ads. I am more than willing to make a deposit and play here.

3. Crypto-Games

Crypto-Games is a one stop destination for Bitcoin adrenaline seekers of all kinds, including lottery and casino players. Its slogan is “Catch the Winnig Spirit”, which to be honest, sounds exactly like Crypto-Games!

To access the lottery section of Crypto-Games click on the button that says Lotto. Next, you should click on the Bitcoin logo. You will have to register in order to gain access to a player account. Provide your Bitcoin e-wallet address and fill in the necessary fields. Now, as soon as you deposit, you’re all set to enjoy a different kind of lottery, Bitcoin lottery!

Crypto-Games has a high ratings and their existing players seem to enjoy it a lot! At least, that’s what I saw in the chat. Yes! There’s a chat, and people seem to be pretty social. I’ve said it countless times, lottery players are among the most sociable people out there.

A ticket will cost you 10k Satoshi, which is 0.0001 BTC. The first prize takes 80% of the prize pool, the 2nd 15% and the 3rd is 6% only. Crypto-Games lotto is based on RandomPicker.

4. Satoshi Lottery

Named by the person who started it all, Satoshi Nakamoto. Well, that’s the pseudonym by which the “inventor” goes by. I have to be straight with you, this lottery seems to be so popular the website was down for hours. Personally, I haven’t seen anything similar to this. Nevertheless, I had the nerves to wait a few hours, go to bed, and come back tomorrow, to check out the website. I noticed a trend. The simpler the layout, the more trustworthy the operator is, or maybe I’m dreaming.

In my personal opinion, the lottery is not out of the ordinary, it’s not special, and the key to its success lies in its name. It also boasts a simple website design, which is great! Players do not need to dig deep to actually start playing, or buy tickets for the upcoming draw. When’s the draw? Simply check out the website. There’s a BIG timer in the middle of the page. Basically, you can’t miss it!

It had a lot of downtime in 2017, due to certain changes in the regulations. Apparently, it had to adhere to a range of rules, that were changed unfortunately. If Satoshi Lottery is live in 2018, it’s definitely going to be at the top of my priority list.

5. Luckyb.IT

Unlike the below listed 10xBTC, Luckyb.IT is a completely trustworthy lottery because it is probably fair. This means that any outcome  can be double checked by the player. Provability is the key feature, the main reason why bitcoin lotteries and other similar entities like bitcoin casinos exist. Software developers have found a way to give the lottery player the chance to affect the outcome. Moreover, the Luckyb.IT site boasts a user-friendly design, showing only what’s important for the gameplay.

All past draws are on display, including the winner, the prize, and the “draw”. It’s weird, it’s not a Lotto, but it still is exciting. A ball falls down, bumping into what seems to be an analogy of nails, and depending on where the ball stops, you can win or lose. The top prize is 999x your bet, whereas the minimum you can get is 0.2x the bet amount. You see, instead of buying more “tickets” with the same “numbers” you simply increase the bet amount. Sounds simple, right? It is! I recommend this particular bitcoin lottery alongside YABTCL!

6. 10xBTC (Top Lottery, But It’s a Shady Site)

This is probably the Bitcoin lottery that looks like a lottery, in regards to the website design. However, there’s something fishy about them, that makes it borderline shady. I’m not saying it is, but the lack of interaction on social media, when you once praised yourself as an active, and interactive operator, looks, almost is suspicious.

I also don’t like the overly aggressive approach 10xBTC has about its welcome bonus. Sure, playing with the extra 100% on top of your deposit sounds nice, but why the spam? In spite of this, it looks like a great site. I went deeper, checked a lot of reviews, and I cannot say I’m impressed. A lot of players claim it is a scam site. Why? Apparently, there was a change in ownership. The owner who was “legit” is long gone. However, there are also people who have had positive experiences at 10xBTC. Regardless of how promising they sound, I think you should be reluctant of joining 10xBTC.

In all honesty, I wish somebody else takes over control of 10xBTC. It’s sad to see such a well-designed site go to waste.

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