Top 4 Youngest Lottery Winners to Have Walked the Earth Leaving Behind Trails of Hard Cash and Pennies!

Top 3 youngest lottery winners

Top 4 Youngest Lottery Winners – Gotta See It To Believe It!

Some people have to wait for a lifetime to win the lottery. Heck, some have to wait a lifetime, and they don’t end up any richer! And since we know that life is unfair, some get to win before they’ve managed to recover from puberty acne.

While most of humanity knows that we’ll never be millionaires (wishful thinking aside) a couple of young people have already accomplished this dream. And by young, we mean very, very, very young. Don’t believe us? Hopefully, the following examples will be convincing enough for you.

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Youngest Lottery Winner #1 – 16-Year-Old Callie Rogers (£1,875,000)

The youngest lottery winners - Callie Rogers

Callie Rogers was just 16 years old when she won the National Lottery jackpot of a whopping £1,875,000 (roughly about $2,846,812) in 2003. Before winning the lottery Callie, who claimed to have had a horrific childhood, including past instances of sexual abuse, was earning around $5.50 an hour. When she won the lottery, she vowed that she would preserve her fortune, she would leash her spending habits; would help her family, take some advice and see an accountant. But as soon as she stepped out with her big fat check, she quickly changed her mind and instantly began spending her cash prize.

By 2011, Callie had become a mother of two, she had undergone two breast implant surgeries, and was also reported to have attempted suicide four times. She had mercilessly spent over $380,000 on cocaine. Today Callie, who claims to be happy without the money, lives in a modest house and is all set to become a nurse. She is dating a new man and is happily supporting her three kids. Kudos to the new man for standing by her and helping her start the journey toward an independent life.

Youngest Lottery Winner #2 – 17-Year-Old Late Stuart Donnelly (£2 Million)

The youngest lottery winners - Stuart Donnelly

Late, yes, that’s right, he died when he was 29. Back in the golden years, when piracy wasn’t a big thing, when movies were great, and when music rocked i.e., in 1997, 17-year-old Stuart Donnelly hit a £25 million jackpot together with 12 other lucky lottery winners. He won £2 million, and because he was too young to toast with champagne, he cracked open Coca-Cola to celebrate his big fortune! Before Stuart struck gold, he was a college student earning £60 a week by working part-time in a small chemist shop.

As soon as he brought home his check, he moved out of his hometown, leaving behind his parents and friends.

After the win, Stuart abandoned everything, even his pharmaceutical course. He took his friends for a vacation in Thailand, bought a £2,000 exclusive seat at Celtic Park to watch his football game, bought a house for his divorced mother for £90,000, and contributed approximately £15,000 to a hospital in Glasgow, where his younger brother was being cured for genetic disorder and finally bought a secluded villa for himself, where he cared for his beloved father and best friend, Daniel.

However, just two years after the big win, Daniel, who was suffering from polio, bid the world goodbye, leaving behind Stuart all alone in his luxurious home. Then in 2003 Stuart, the reclusive millionaire was quoted saying that he had a tough time dealing with being rich and receiving so much unwanted attention… talk about the lottery curse.

On January 6, 2010, the 29-year-old Stuart was found dead in his villa. The autopsy showed no signs of foul play… RIP Stuart Donnelly.

Youngest Lottery Winner #3 – 18-Year-Old Ianthe Fullagar (£7 Million)

The youngest lottery winners - Ianthe Fullagar

In 2008, 18-year-old Ianthe Fullagar got very lucky when she hit the EuroMillions jackpot of approximately £7 Million! As soon as she learned that she had won, she jumped around and screamed so loudly that her pet dog Brock bit her bum! Before winning the jackpot, Ianthe used to work as a part-time waitress at the Brook House Inn for £4.75 an hour. Like most lottery winners, Ianthe had a tough time keeping her winning ticket safe, so lastly she settled to hide it in her bra, holding it close to her heart wherever she went! As of 2012, Ianthe stood as the 38th richest youngster in the UK… it looks like someone finally did something good with their winnings!

Youngest Lottery Winner #4 – 19-Year-Old Michael Carroll ($15.4 Million)

The youngest lottery winners - Michael Carrol

It seems that the UK has its fair share of incredibly young lotto millionaires. Unfortunately, most of them have acted their age, i.e., stupid. Michael Carroll from Norfolk is a perfect example.

Michael was only 19 in 2002 when he won a National Lottery jackpot in the vicinities of 15.4 million US dollars (9 million euros). He happens to be more famous for the fact that he lost millions in a record amount of time than for the tender age at which he became a millionaire.

It took Michael less than a decade to lose the entire sum. He’s been reported to spend insane amounts of drugs and other similar life necessities. Some accounts state that Michael smoked 200 euros worth of crack cocaine per day! The money he didn’t spend on drugs went to the purchase of exotic cars, prostitutes, and gambling.

A few other exciting things happened in Michael’s life through the years. In 2005, he was arrested while catapulting steel balls from his van. Michael was drunk at the time of the deed. The endeavor led Michael to damage 32 cars and shop windows. As a result of the transgression, Michael was served 240 hours of community service.

In 2010, Michael was in a rather poor financial state. He started looking for a job, eventually applying for the position of binman. Interviewed during that period, Michael said that he had whatsoever, no regrets about how he had spent his fortune.

  1. Have heard of American person that has won lottery 7 Times, and another Czech won 21 times. Lucky!

  2. These people are absolutely stupid! If I had the chance to win the lottery my kids would be set for life and so with their grandkids I think it’s wrong how the lottery treat people in the first place! First of all you should only be able to win the lottery one time in your life if it’s a million dollars or more especially and second of all there’s a lot of poor people in this world that could have used just a quarter of a portion of that money! What has happened to our world!


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