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Numbers to Pick: 6/45
Days of Draw: Wed., Sun.
Average Price: 4 Sol ($1.19)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8,145,060

Tinka Exposed — Why Is It Peru’s Most Popular Lottery Game?

Tinka Exposed

Tinka Review

If you want to know which lottery people in Peru enjoy the most, you’re in for a treat. The name is La Tinka, the prizes are big, and the odds are high. What more could you ask for? While the gameplay of La Tinka isn’t the most exciting on the face of the planet, this lottery still has a number of cool characteristics you’re about to get acquainted with.

La Tinka: Introduction

According to experts, Tinka Intralot is currently the most popular game in Peru. The very low ticket price and the massive jackpots that accumulate with time are two of the reasons why this lottery in the Intralot portfolio has generated so much buzz.

La Tinka became the first televised lottery with notary certification in the country. Over time, it produced some solid jackpots and even a bit of controversy when one of the biggest prizes in the history of the country went unclaimed (more about that later).

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How to Play Tinka

There are no twists and turns regarding getting your Tinka ticket. The gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward.

The Tinka numbers are 45. You have to choose six numbers and match all of them for the respective drawing for a chance to claim the jackpot. Single entry into the game costs four Sol (slightly over one US dollar), and there are two drawings per week – on Wednesday and Sunday.

If you want to improve your odds of claiming a prize, you can opt for more than six numbers. In that case, you will be playing a Tinka system.

A system gives you better odds of winning and also a chance to claim multiple prizes. This is why system entry tickets cost more than the standard bet. A system of seven, for example, will cost you 28 Sol. If you opt for a system of nine, you should be prepared to spend 336 Sol on the purchase and so on.

The biggest system entry consists of 13 numbers, and the cost you should be prepared to pay is 6,864 Sol.

La Tinka also allows you to create a set of numbers and enter it in multiple drawings. The maximum option is entering the same bet in up to 26 consecutive Tinka drawings.

Tinka Prizes and Odds

The biggest Tinka prize is the jackpot. To win, you have to match all six numbers for the respective drawing. The odds of this happening are 1 in 8,145,060. La Tinka has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 1.5 million Sol. If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one.

Tinka’s biggest jackpot pool reached 21 million Sols (nearly 6.3 million US dollars) in October 2013. To the present day, this is the biggest jackpot in the history of the game. Two lucky people got the numbers correct and split the 114th jackpot handed out in the history of Tinka.

The previous biggest jackpot was the mere 14 million Sol. It accumulated in 2011.

Apart from these massive jackpots, there has been one more interesting story revolving around the top Tinka prize.

In 2018, a 12-million-Sol jackpot fell. Everybody was excited to find out who the lucky person was. Nearly six months passed and nobody came forward to claim the amount. Intralot made several announcements, prompting the winner to come forward. This turned into a huge media story that got broad coverage throughout Peru.

The deadline eventually passed, and nobody came forward. As a result, the sum of 12 million Sol went to the Peruvian Institute of Sports.

Apart from the jackpot, La Tinka has several other prize tiers.

Those who match five numbers and the Boliyapa (an additional number drawn) will win 50,000 Sol. Five correct numbers produce a prize of 5,000 Sol. For four correct numbers and the additional one, the prize is going to be 500 Sol. The lowest prize is five Sols for those who match three numbers. Those who match two numbers and an additional one will get a free ticket for a future drawing.

Can You Play Tinka Online?

La Tinka is an online lottery, and you can play via the Intralot official website and TheLotter.

To get La Tinka online tickets, you will need to register. This is where the opportunity typically ends for international players because they’ll be asked for a national ID number. Intralot’s Tinka, however, is different.

You can register with a passport or an ID card that is issued in a country other than Peru. Thus, there are no limitations when it comes to the nationality or the location of people who can give Tinka a try. If you’re interested in this opportunity, you’ll simply need to go ahead and create your Tinka online profile.

Some Information for Tinka Winners

Players have six months to come forward and claim their Tinka prize. As you’ve seen already in the example above, those who miss the deadline will regret it for the rest of their lives!

Players have the chance to claim their prize online. If this option is selected, the respective amount will be credited to the player’s account balance. Alternatively, through the online account, a player can access the ticket and print it out to claim the prize at an authorized Intralot retail venue.

Tickets that win more than 5,000 Sol can be cashed out on the first workday following the drawing date. The winning ticket and a form of ID will have to be presented at an Intralot venue. For sums of up to one million Sol, players will need to visit Authorized Intralot Stores (more information about those is available on the Intralot official website).

For a jackpot that is bigger than one million Sol, a player will have to visit the Intralot headquarters and make a claim in person.

In Peru, lottery prizes are subjected to a 10 percent income tax that will be deducted before the respective amount is paid out.

If you’re still unsure about this lottery, here’s a summary of its best characteristics:

Why You Should Play Tinka


It is an official lottery that is organized by a national entity

There are two drawings per week

A well-developed online platform exists to simplify the process of buying tickets

People who are not Peru citizens can also buy

Tinka has a minimum guaranteed jackpot

If there’s no winner, the jackpot will roll over toward the next drawing

Prizes can be claimed both online and offline

On the downside:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Tinka


There are no add-ons or bonuses that provide additional prizes

A personal income tax will apply to the sums won through Tinka

The lower prize tiers are not that exciting

Is Tinka Legit?

Playing Tinka online is the only way to get your tickets. This is an entirely digital Intralot lottery. The method of acquiring tickets and simplicity contributes to the big number of people who play Tinka every single week.

The next big question is whether Tinka online is a scam. After all, many digital lotteries are set up by shady entities and people have no assurance that they’re participating in something 100 percent legitimate. This isn’t the case with Peru’s Tinka.

The lottery is regulated, and there are national laws that determine how such games are going to be operated.

Intralot is a private company that operates lottery and sports betting games. Its portfolio features some popular lotteries and instant games like Gana Diario, Kabala, Rapitinkas, Kineloand Ganagol (a sports betting opportunity).

The organization has an agreement with the charity societies of Huancayo and Jaen to provide funds to benefit initiatives in numerous municipalities. Thus, when you’re playing La Tinka and other Intralot lotteries, you’re making a small contribution to the betterment of life in Peru. Isn’t this inspiring?

La Tinka is entirely legitimate, and no known scams or fraud schemes are using the name of the official lottery. To make sure that you’re playing the real thing, head to the Intralot website and follow the link there. It will take you to the official portal that enables La Tinka online ticket purchases.

La Tinka is a cool game that is insanely popular in Peru. The fact that online ticket purchases are possible adds to the convenience and reputation of the game. While there aren’t exciting add-ons or bonus games, Intralot’s Tinka is still worth testing out.

Is Tinka legitimate? Absolutely! Should you give it a try? The answer depends entirely on your preferences, the amounts you’re willing to spend on lottery tickets and the sum you eventually wish to get out of your lottery experience.

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