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TheLotteryCentre Exposed — Beware of the In-House Game!

TheLotteryCentre Exposed

TheLotteryCentre Review

Would an online lottery provider offering an in-house game for €10,000 be enough to get you to give them your email address? The team took a look at today and it doesn’t seem to matter what lottery you purchase on their site, you’re in on that draw. I can’t even imagine the odds of winning and for me; I’m into playing lotteries for that mega jackpot. If this site seems familiar, the folks who own it also have

Games at

The Lottery Centre offers players 18 international lotteries ranging from three of the big down under (that’s Australia) draws to the usual Euro Millions and US Powerball. Players can choose 1 ticket for 1 game or more – up to 10 games. There are no discounts for playing more. All entries include an automatic bonus into an in-house game for €10,000.

Is 24Lottos a scam in Canada?

The Lottery Centre’s Syndicates

Some of the lotteries offered here have syndicates with various terms, though two things seem consistent. Firstly, players buy in for 4 weeks. Secondly, there is no information on how many shares are actually in the syndicates. Some of the syndicates have bonus tickets for other draws, but only if the jackpot prize is won. All of the syndicates offer that automatic entry into the in-house game for €10,000.

What’s with the In-House Game

It all starts when you go to’s site. A window pops up right from the start, asking you to input your name and email address – and agree to receive “email communications” from The Lottery Centre. The in-house game takes place on the 31st of December and could be travel or merchandise though they do so say you can take it in cash. There is an inference that there might be more than one prize, but no additional information.

Where’s My Money?

According to, they don’t take any commission on winnings, but they can take any “reasonable costs”. I’m also still trying to get my head around the use of the term “any recovery may take a significant period of time”. The team figured it means you might be waiting and waiting for your winnings.

Customer Service at TheLotteryCentre

Their call center is in Vancouver, Canada, their processing center is in the Netherlands and their corporate office is in the Isle of Man. There is a snail mail address for the Isle of Man and several email addresses. There is a heap of toll-free and other telephone numbers for all kinds of countries. But if you’re not using a toll-free number, all calls are for Vancouver. is owned by International Multi-Media Entertainments Limited.

Good Causes at

Under the menu “Good Causes”, the Lottery Centre says their “plans have been announced for further development” of their sponsored Akili School Project in Nairobi Kenya. This is back in 2013 with no further information. Then they list some of the projects that the actual lotteries support under the guise of what your money is doing. I’m not sure why they wasted the time and space on this.

Why You Should Register with TheLottery Centre


No Commission

18 International Lotteries

Free In-House Draw

Why You Shouldn’t Register with TheLottery Centre


Agreeing to Receive Emails

What are Reasonable Costs of Winnings?

When Will I Get My Winnings?

Would you mind rating

Is TheLotteryCentre Legit?

At face value, no alarm bells ring to stop you from playing here, but there was something familiar with the list of telephone numbers. It took a while and the telephone numbers are not the same, but the list itself of where they have toll-free and other numbers is a duplicate for – with the only number for international dialing in Vancouver.

We’re giving this one a thumbs down simply because of the threat of having to agree to receive email communications. That and the fact we might be waiting on end for our mega jackpot!

  1. Dealing with my late Fathers affairs and found this bunch of thieving B’stards taking money out of my Father’s account for months and months. Now doing my research………

  2. true Scammers, I agree. For someone whos been playing with them for 17 years, I have yet to win a measly $100. Stay clear of these Nincumpoops of shameless Scammers.

    How do we stop this company from sucking large amounts of money from our elderly folk.. my elderly father in NZ has sent thousands unbeknown to the family. The wording is to suck in the small punter more and more..

  4. The lottery Centre is apparently an international company that has fast-talking professional liars, who wheedle the unsuspecting punter into parting with their money. The only person who tells the truth is the young woman who takes your card number and accepts your permission to deduct the fee from it. She warns that it is a game of change. The lying, glib, thieving salesman has obviously been schooled at the nefarious art of persuasion. They are shameless bastards, who know they are too far away to get well deserved retribution from their conned ‘clients’. It’s all utter confidence tricks and they deserver to be jailed. I’ve been done for about $110,000: my late in life savings and my backstop. Damn them all! Angry ‘customer’. Tasmania

  5. Be warned! This companies modus operandi seems to be praying upon the old and vulnerable.

    Having recently checked my father’s bank statements I discovered that this company had taken payments amounting to over £2000 over a period of nine months! They cold-call and convince the unsuspecting victim to enter a lottery in a foreign country, they then debit the card for hundreds of pounds! In one payment they took £509.25, and the month prior £430.38. Seven payments were taken in total.

    If you see TLC 800 600 10400 and you’re wondering what it is, it is this company.


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