Born Under a Good Omen – The Youngest Lottery Winner on the Planet

The Youngest Lottery Winner on the Planet

From time to time something special happens in the lottery community, there’s no doubt about that. Sometimes it’s a record-breaking jackpot, other times we see some kind of weird “theft” of a winning lottery ticket. But, there are those times when nobody could ever imagine seeing a situation such as the following one. Players of all ages win the lottery. In some countries, there’s a minimum legal age by which a player can actually play the lottery. However, there is this special kind of lottery which does not discriminate against age.

I can start a rather intriguing debate as to whether it’s OK to allow players of this age to be allowed to be proclaimed as the actual winner of a lottery. Without further due, let’s see what’s so interesting about the youngest lottery winner.

The Youngest Lottery Winner – A 3-Year-Old Boy from New Zealand

And believe it or not, it’s NZ$1,000,000 we’re talking about. The toddler from New Zealand is the youngest lottery winner on the planet, without any competition nearby. It’s not like toddlers to win the lottery every fortnight. As far I know there usually are certain rules and regulations regarding who can play the lottery. In most cases, individuals have to be 18 years old or older to be eligible to play the lottery. However, the lottery the 3-year-old toddler won was targeting the parents of the children. In other words, the parents take part in the lottery, but the child will win the prize.

Sounds weird, right? Absolutely! This is the first time I’m stumbling upon something of this kind. And you thought I knew everything about the lottery? I’m just a human. As they say, you learn new things until you die, and I sure look alive!

Bank Run Lottery – Make Your Child Be Born Rich

Since I found the lottery to be rather interesting, I’m going to give you a short description of it. The lottery operator is a bank actually, an investment bank to be more precise. Parents can invest in this trust fund lottery and make their kids rich. Unlike other lotteries that come with weekly or even daily draws, this bank run lottery comes with monthly draws. The more the parents invest in the trust fund, the higher their odds are to win the lottery. In other words, it works like any other lottery, but in a different way.

The parents of our young lottery winner took part in the lottery 3 years prior to the fortunate draw. They put in roughly £140 which is approximately $200. The entry may be higher than what you expected, but it promises a lot of chances to win the NZ$1,000,000 prize, which is a little over $700,000. I wish there was something similar to this investment lottery in the USA. And no, I have no clue how to “play” the stock exchange. I’m all about the lottery, baby! I don’t wear a suit and tie.

There’s No Better Way to Come Back from a Holiday

Imagine this; you’re coming back from a joyful holiday with your family. You had a good time, and all you can think of is restarting your daily routine, work, home, work, home. Not to mention the household chores that we all hate. I do, I guess you hate them as well.

And all of a sudden, you find out that your little boy or girl won $1m! What do you do? You jump, you scream, you touch the ceiling with your bare hands! Careful on the head there, will you?

This is exactly what his parents did. They were running around, thrilled to find out that their boy got a “little” head start in life. I sure wish my parents enrolled me in a lottery of this kind.

Winning the Lottery at a Young Age – Is It Good or Bad?

I’d like to start with my personal opinion. I think that it’s way better to get the jackpot at a young age. The money is worth more in the present than in the future. However, I think this is better only if there’s close supervision. I’ve talked about certain young lottery winners. Adolescents who won the lottery ended up pretty badly. Some of them spent the whole amount of cash by throwing parties, buying gifts. By the age of 30, they’re broke, with no particular set of skills, no experience of the “real world” and how things work.

Now, being born with your own $1m sounds pretty damn good to me. Nonetheless, I hope that his parents will put in a great deal of effort of teaching him to value the money, to live in modesty, yet reaching out for abundance. This is a situation that I’ve not seen before. It’s a totally different situation to be born rich than to get rich.

I wish my parents bought me a winning lottery ticket when I was a little boy. Life would’ve been so different for. But, it’s not a life-changing jackpot. Kids are born rich! Basically, not is changing for them.

Bonus Bonds – Can We Expect Something Similar Elsewhere

I have a good hunch that this is already a reality. However, it can’t happen on the grounds of the USA. Why? Because no little boy can become a potential winner of a lottery run in the US. New Zealand’s Bonus Bonds lottery is rather popular over there. The majority of funds is pooled in the prize fund. Unlike other publicly run lotteries which share a large chunk of the prize budget to fund public projects, the Bonus Bonds gives back almost all back to its players.

You can’t become the new youngest lottery winner, but you sure can become the next jackpot winner and win the lottery you play!

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