The World Lottery and How It’s Going to Change the World As We Know It. Dream Big!

World Lottery

Imagine There are No Countries

Imagine a lottery in which you could enter multiple jackpots throughout the world and all of those jackpots would be well into the hundreds of millions with a few occurrences where winnings even reached the billion-dollar threshold. Imagine ordinary, everyday people making their way onto the Forbes list simply by winning the lottery.

What a wonderful world that would be for us lottery addicts eh? I don’t think there’s a question of if there will ever be a world lottery, I think the question more corresponds with when there will be one. There’s far too much for everybody to gain – from governments to charities to lottery players – for this thing not to happen.

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Now I understand there will be an overwhelming amount of regulatory issues that have to go with the creation of a world lottery. It would create a tremendous amount of arguments about who’s going to be in charge, where the money would be allocated, and how exactly the world would police a system like this.

Well, that’s what I’m here to do for you. This is how the world lottery would look:

Who’s in Charge of this World Lottery?

This issue, as well as the allocation of the money, are going to be the biggest roadblocks to the potential success of a world lottery. Finding out where to even get started for something like this would seem to be quite a tedious task.

So where do we get started? Well, why not the United Nations? There are over 193 nations that are a part of the United Nations, meaning that’d be a great start to anything related to a world lottery. There isn’t another organization in the world that includes as many nations united in one goal of international cooperation (that was an awful excuse for a pun, I know).

So that’s where we start, with the governing of the United Nations. The members of the United Nations would elect a board to oversee everything that comes with the lottery. It would be imperative that every single country involved in the lottery would also be involved in the voting process associated with it – to avoid arguments about who’s in charge as much as possible – so each country would have at least one person accounted for. From there, those members would vote on a panel of 15 guys – or women of course – to oversee the overall group.

This system could even be created as a branch of the United Nations and doesn’t necessarily have to be an entity of its own. Since the United Nations already has a well-standing and well-run system regarding how they handle international affairs, creating a new and separate branch of the United Nations to run the lottery system may be the easiest and safest route to go down.

So now we have that settled. Here is what we’re looking at:

– 193 nations, each with one voting member that is a part of the lottery
– 15 of those 193 members would be elected as the ‘Board of Directors’
*They would be in charge of hiring and bringing on the necessary people to make this lottery entirely feasible in every country

So How Does This World Lottery Look?

Well, now that we have the governmental body figured out, let’s take a look at exactly how the lottery would look for lottery players. Players would have the ability to play any and every lottery game available from anywhere in the world.

In the beginning, it would probably be best not to create more than a couple of games for the board to oversee themselves. The first would be a significant jackpot lottery called the World Lottery. How original right? This lottery would be available to anybody, anywhere in the world and the price of the ticket would be two US dollars. I say US dollars only because it is known as the most widely used currency when it comes to international trading. Jackpots would start at $100 million, and drawings would take place twice a week. The jackpot, which would undoubtedly reach into the high hundreds of millions in a matter of no time, would be taxed at only 15%. That tax would go back into the budget of the United Nations to be used for purposes associated with the bettering of the world.

The second game we would have in this system is a daily game similar to Keno that would have multiple drawing periods throughout the day. The game would be regulated entirely online, and lotto players would have the opportunity to play continually daily so long as they have access to the internet. Drawings for this would be taking place every two hours on a 24/7 basis.

There would be quite a bit to iron out as far as exactly what the payouts and structure would be, but right now I want to lay the basis for the two games that would be taking place. It would be agreed upon by all participating countries and states that the significant jackpot lottery and the daily game would be tax-free from the countries and states themselves, meaning the only taxes would be from the world lottery governmental body.

For those of you saying this has no chance of ever happening because of government and tax regulations on things like this, I understand many of these will have to overcome a lot of regulations that are already in place. That will certainly be a hurdle that will have to be cleared at some point in time but right now we are assuming that it has been worked out one way or another.

As far as all the other games throughout the world. Lottery players would have the ability to play in any lottery game across the globe. They would be taxed for those games at whatever rate the country they are living in taxes lottery winnings. There would be a governing body created by the United Nations that would settle any disputes between international players and the international governments themselves.

So another simple breakdown of what we’re looking at here:

– Players can play any lottery game in the world so long as the state or country agrees to allow other players to enter it
– There would be two new games created – The World Lottery Jackpot & a daily game

Where Will This World Lottery Money Go?

So we got everything figured out about who will govern the lottery and how it will work, but where will all this money go? Well, the easy answer to that is the United Nations. The potential money that we are talking about gaining from this thing is in the tens of billions per year.

A major purpose of this world lottery would be the ability to create a tremendous flow of money that can be used to improve the world. Imagine what that type of money could do to help struggling countries or to aid countries that are in disarray after a natural disaster. What if, at the drop of a hat, the United Nations could send a billion dollars and tons of personnel to aid places like Haiti after the tsunami there or Japan after the deadly earthquake there?

The money produced by this type of thing could be astronomical, and the aid that this money would create would drastically improve the chances that countries could rebuild quickly after natural disasters destroy their way of life. The possibilities indeed are endless for how much this type of thing could expand the humanitarian efforts of the United Nations.

The number one goal of the United Nations humanitarian initiative is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Imagine what billions of dollars a year could do to help that effort. Everything from the fight to kill cancer to finding a cure for AIDS could be drastically improved throughout the world.

Most of you may be thinking that this type of thing is slightly farfetched, that this type of thing would never work because the money in it is just too great. But with so much to gain I truly believe the time will come when there will be no choice. As the global web and international communications continue to increase and become easier throughout the world, this is just the next stepping block to improving the world as we know it.

I know you’re reading this thinking that you’re just here to read about what this world lottery would mean for you. Well, it would mean thousands of more chances for you to win enormous lotteries that were never imaginable before this system came about. The possibilities for this thing and the impact that it would have on the habits of lottery players worldwide would be astronomical.

With improved jackpots for lottery players and the help of humanitarian efforts throughout the world, this thing is a win-win for everybody. While there are inevitably going to be a great number of issues when dealing with money totaling this amount, the opportunities gained through something like this far outweigh the disadvantages associated with it. Make it happen United Nations! Bring us the World Lottery!

  1. Yes, it will happen sooner than later. will take that assignment. We need better accountability for disaster prevention and quick reaction responses for natural disasters and its long overdue. Deepstate isn’t going to like this any 😉


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